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  Arthritis/Food type connection
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Picture of MyLifeVacation1
The internet if full of advice. "Eat this to ease arthritis pain", "Don't eat this to ease arthritis pain", yada, yada, yada.

What has been your experience with eliminating certain foods?

Around Memorial Day I bought a pkg. of casing hot dogs -- I hadn't had processed meat in at least six months -- but I love those dogs and splurged for the holiday weekend. I then developed excessive joint pain (already in existence buy milder). Hands, feet and elbows - could barely function. It hurt to even adjust the bed sheet at night.

From my research, I decided to cut out red meat, citrus and nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, green peppers). Chicken, canned tuna, and eggs are my main source of protein. Cutting tomatoes really limits my diet -- no spaghetti, goulash, chili, pizza. No mashed, boiled, fried, chipped, or frenched potatoes.

I did realize though, that I was able to walk immediately without limping after getting out of bed this morning. Hands and fingers ache but not painful. Still taking pain pills (at height of pain cycle, it seemed pills were having no effect).

This reduction could be the result of: end of flare up, change in weather, a result of dietary changes, or some other unknown.

Curious to know if anyone else has taken dietary steps to help alleviate joint/muscle pain. I just assume my malady is arthritis, not fibromy.
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Picture of conrad
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I don't think it is the type of food, it is the additives in processed food and the GMO based insecticides in many grains and other food plants that can often be the issue.

Not so much for muscle pain, as for intestinal irritation, we stopped using any sugar or sugar products (other than small amounts of pure cane sugar), no soy unless it is organic/no GMO, no MSG and no corn of any kind. No prepared tomato sauces with lots of ingredients (only diced tomatoes added to my own recipes and fresh ingredients)
Amazingly all symptoms disappeared in a couple of days.

Pay attention to your body's reaction?. If you do not have an extreme allergy, many times there is a saturation point or "tipping point" where your system says "enough already" and symptoms flare?
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Picture of Froo Froo
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There's a definite correlation I'm sure regarding diet impacting our health. As you've stated, the Web and no doubt book stores are full of dietary advice. Here's a good article on the subject with emphasis on beneficial foods. BTW, sub salmon for tuna which has high Omega 3 and no mercury.

I had ya about cutting out tomatoes in your diet. My DH typically requests that I make him pizza every weekend, but currently he is watching caloric intake and is putting a temporary haunt to pizza. I must mention that I am of Italian ancestors so tomato is in my blood Smileand it is common knowledge that it is rich in licopene that is beneficial. That being said, it is also acidic. As with most foods, moderation is key as is substitution of "trigger foods" for non trigger foods. BTW, DH does experience some joint pain in his hands and knee.

I wish you relief.
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I have had a very mild case of RA and I find that it's the weather not the food that causes me joint pain. I would try to eliminate food 1 at a time and see which ones affect your pain level. I know that people who suffer from gout are sensitive to certain foods, however, but that is an entirely different subject. Froo froo I love lots of tomatoes on salads and even as a side dish, I would hate to have to give them up.
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Picture of lady of shallot
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My hands are very arthritic but I have no pain.

I do have pain in my right hip but only in bed and only when I am lying on it.

I take glucosimin contridin (sp?) for my left knee (one tablet a day) and that seems to alleviate any discomfort I was having.

I do nothing dietary. I have to admit that I am a sceptic about food restrictions. However we also eat rather simply and since DH is not a meat lover that is reduced in our diets.

I don't use sugar in my drinks but do eat goodies.

MLV can't you still have pasta, just with other toppings? Can you eat rice or other starches?
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Picture of CA Lori
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I have RA but haven't found that any foods or weather make it worse. I've never tried eliminating any foods, I've just been taking a low dose (500mg/day) of Naprosyn for about 26 years. I gave up alcohol to avoid any stomach problems. My pain is bearable (head to toe) but the original flare up back in 1987 was something I hope I never have to experience again.

I, too, can't sleep long on my left side before the hip starts hurting enough to make me switch positions. And I also take Cosamin DS because it seems to help my knees. They hurt all the time but rarely enough to make me limp.

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Picture of MyLifeVacation1
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My idea is to eliminate the citrus, red meat and nightshades for a couple of months to see if I feel better. Then, introduce an item at a time for a week or so to see if I have an adverse reaction. I hope tomatoes are not the problem -- they are a major part of my diet. I can do without the potatoes, but do love green peppers.

I experimented last year for two months trying to be gluten free. I did not notice any difference in my pain level.

I discovered a long time ago that I enjoy potato-less potato salad. I just use cukes, onion, celery (grn pepper when I can) and hard boiled eggs and the dressing made from Miracle Whip, mustard, vinegar, sugar and milk. If it needs bulked up for company, I throw in cooked pasta.

I have tried to eliminate the use of corn products, with the exception of fresh corn from the farm market in August and September. Corn oil has been gone for several years.

I am so intent on trying to relieve this pain that I am contemplating a move west -- to the high desert area of Oregon. I remember a few years back when I drove out to Nevada, Utah and Arizona how good I felt. (I'm not moving because of the arthritis, but because the neighborhood is crowded and becoming younger and full of kids -- I need peace and quite!!!).

Maybe there is no relief. Maybe I just have to accept it and live with it. But I gotta try the alternatives first before I give in and accept.
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Picture of CA Lori
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Please let us know if it helps. I don't want to deprive myself if it doesn't!
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Picture of MyLifeVacation1
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Originally posted by CA Lori:
Please let us know if it helps. I don't want to deprive myself if it doesn't!

LOL. Will do.
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