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  Peppers sunglasses???
Peppers sunglasses??? Sign In/Join 
Picture of CA Lori
I just now saw the ad here. How ironic. I just bought a pair yesterday at REI. Not sure I'm going to like them. Anyone here use them?

I went to the America's Cup race on Sunday and lost my 25+ years-old Suncloud sunglasses. I'm just sick about that loss. They were the most perfect sunglasses that I have ever owned . . . or spent that much money on (I was working at the time)! I've called the Embarcadero Ferry Building's Lost and Found twice, but of course nobody has turned them in. I'm pretty sure that's where I lost them because, at the end of the day, I was in the women's restroom stall putting on and zipping up all the lightweight layers I had brought with me for the day (SF can be quite cold in the summer). The temperature dropped considerably when the sun went down, but for most of the day, it was a wonderfully warm and sunny day in SF and the venue was perfect. SF did themselves proud!
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I don't have Peppers, my girlfriend does and loves them. I have a much loved and expensive pair, they look too sporty for me to wear now, I do save them for cycling only.
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Picture of CA Lori
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Good to hear. I drove with mine today and they just might work out for me. At least the arms don't block my peripheral vision like most of the fashionable glasses they sell today. But I wish they were darker AND mirrored. Now I can't be looking at people without them knowing that I'm looking at them. LOL LOL

Asked DD what she wears. OMG, she said Maui Jim's, which are over $100. No way will I pay that!
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Picture of Lurah
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I've misplaced my eyewear somewhere here at home. Been a long 5 days already. Both DH & I doubled checked the trash before it got picked up today and none to be found there thank goodness.
I know they'll turn up in the last place I look.
I'll go forever wondering why they were there, too.
Thank goodness I've saved my past 3 pairs of Rx eyewear and it's almost time to get another eye check so I can get new ones again.

I've never lost sunglasses, yet. Once went to San Diego in the middle of winter without them. You can get by leaving winter coats at home but not sunglasses!

That trip the airline called to say our flight was being bumped up ahead of schedule, in our haste I had no time to stop at the optical to have my temple repaired. Worse yet my husband forgot to load my suitcase. Luckily we live 4 miles from the airport and had enough time to retrieve it, even with the altered schedule!
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