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  Can gravy be frozen?
Can gravy be frozen? Sign In/Join 
Picture of wannaquilt2
I'm assuming it can, but have never tried it. If the gravy contains milk, does the consistency change when defrosted/reheated?

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Picture of Linderhof
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I assume so but I freeze very little except fresh meat and fruits and vegetables.

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Picture of nettiejay
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I don't think it holds up well. Seems that the thickener loses it's power after refrigeration or freezing. It might work to add additional thickener after thawing; just not sure.

I frequently roast pieces of pork or beef for sandwiches and freeze the unthickened drippings to thicken and use for gravy or soup base for later meals. This works very well.

I've never tried to freeze milk gravy, but doubt it holds up any better than the dripping-based ones.
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Picture of KeepYouInStitches
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It won't be the same.

Family story:
My dad expected gravy at "pert near" every meal. It's hard to make gravy for one person so Mama started refrigerating his leftovers. At the next meal she would stir in a bit of milk and reheat it. One day he sat there spooning the gravy (lift a spoonful of gravy, pour back into the bowl...repeat). He said, "Shirley. You used to make decent gravy. I don't know what you're doing but I can't eat this &^$* any more." She never told him what she was doing but did start back to making it fresh each time.

I learned a lot of good useful stuff from Mama! Big Grin
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Picture of lady of shallot
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I have frozen gravy but never then added milk to it. Back in the '70's for a while milk was sold in plastic pouches (there was a plastic pitcher to put the pouches in for serving) These pouches froze very well. Milk tasted fine.

I freeze a lot of leftovers as DH would not like them again next day.
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We freeze left over gravy all the time....just thaw, stir and reheat in the microwave. Family can't tell the difference.

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Picture of ga.karen
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Well, Banquet has some breakfast pot pies out now that have gravy in them. We tried some just to see how they tasted...won't be anything I'll buy under normal conditions...but it was fairly decent.
And one of the pizza companies does a breakfast pizza that uses biscuit dough type crust and has gravy. That was decent too.

I freeze left over mashed potatoes. Just add about a teaspoon of butter & a dash of milk & microwave..stir & microwave till hot. Taste the same as fresh to me. And it's hard to judge how fix mashed potatoes for just 2 people & one meal!

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Picture of Spanish Revival
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I always freeze leftover gravy. I make soup with the leftover carcase and whatever meat is leftover after sandwiches and what not. Anyway, I add the gravy to the soup... oh my, that is verrrrry good!!
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Picture of trish212
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I always thought a little bit can be saved..but spread over a surface. Basically I thought this after remembering frozen dinners from my childhood. It's not as good as fresh...but it can be done. I made one tin of turkey meat and put some gravy over it to provide some moisture when reheating. I'll let you know how it turns out. It's still in the freezer. We're still working on the turkey soup.
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do it all the time(without milk). It freezes beautifully.

Classic Foods
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