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  OT, I have a rat in my backyard!
OT, I have a rat in my backyard! Sign In/Join 
Picture of CA Lori
I've lived here almost 18 years and this is a first. He's been in the same corner of my yard for the last 3 mornings around 6 am. How can I get rid of him. A friend suggested that I get some Decon. I don't have any pets to worry about. Any suggestions?
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Picture of conrad
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Are you sure it is not an Opossum? They have a long hairless tail, sharp nose and teeth and thus they can look similar, although a bit larger than most rats. They also tend to have a repeating circuit they travel looking for food from dark till dawn.

A Havahart live trap might be the safest for you to use. Even if you don't have pets, neighbors may have a wandering cat that could get poisoned as well as many wild animals/birds that would be tempted to eat the Decon or the dead/poisoned animal.
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Picture of Lurah
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Trap it if you can. But then I don't know if you dispose of it d e a d or alive.
I grew up on a farm where we could exterminate anything threatening our livelihood and that we did. Smoke b o m b s down gopher holes, s h o t g u n for jack rabbits, poison corn for moles, traps for possum, groundhogs, etc. Hunters with permission during season to take out the deer & pheasants.
Always and still today, electric fence around the sweet corn field and my dad out there with a f i r e a r m.
Setting foot in our yard is the kiss of de-th for all varmits! After trapping there's a short ride to the farm and.....
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Picture of Lurah
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The moderators have started up again. Sorry about all the code words in previous response.
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Picture of zone9alady
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If it is a big rat then indeed put out a big rat trap. Don't forget to tie it to something or it will just scamper away with it. That happened to us when we lived in the city. The trap just disappeared!??? :O DH stapled a wire to it and connected it to heavy piece of wood. Peanut butter is a good bait. Get one of these cheap ones you can just throw away with the rat without touching it.

Here, we are surrounded by critters. The hawks, owls, bobcats and snakes eat the mice, rats and squirrels. Nature keeps the balance around here.

Life is a great big canvas...throw all the paint on it you can.
Danny Kaye

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