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Any funny stories out there?

I know an annoying lady now who smothers everyone with her domineering behavior that masquerades as hospitality. Oh boy, it is kind of funny. I'll try to convince myself of that even if I can't stand the Lilly Beth Show. She talks 50 to 70 percent of the time over a teacher in a home. She even takes over the teachers job. She's not the teacher. She has the gathering in her home for a group with which she is equal. The poor lady contributes, fattening food, her home, etc., not trying to dismiss that but she has us trapped in her web. There's a price to pay. Others can't contribute to the lesson with freedom. She is on center stage. She gets teary eyed on a regular basis, every lesson. Sheesh

Do you have funny stories?

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Picture of Froo Froo
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Can't think of a personal story to share. There will always be both guests and hosts that lack in social graces. Some offenses could be...

The pretentious host/hostess who puts on airs.
The loud mouth who yearns to be the center of attention.
The unattentive host/hostess.
The perpetual gossip.
The know-it-all who tries to impress.
The overly dressed or under dressed attendee.
The habitual interrupter.
The foul mouthed or inappropriate jokester.
The inebriate host/hostess or guest.
The consistently late.
Those who fail to thank the host/hostess.
Those who do not RSVP when the invitation clearly requests it.
The married flirt or singles who hit on married persons.
The double dipper.
The finger licker.

Though I know I didn't cover all the social offenses, you get the point. A wise host/hostess attempts to invite a "healthy" mix of guests who are likely to contribute to an enjoyable occassion for all.
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Froo Froo - I know the same people you do!!!

A bit different, but...DH and I eat at the same pizza place just about every Sunday after church. A group of 4-8 generally come in every Sunday too. One lady, "dressed to the nines," always takes charge of putting tables together if needed. She gets the flatware and napkins arranged at each place. Then she tells each person where they are to sit. If someone (generally one of the men because they are not as well trained as the women *eyeroll*) starts to sit in the wrong chair, she lets them know.

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Sherry, that lady sounds like the woman I will speak of.

She and I are Mah Jongg players and used to play at a public venue. Instead of doing what the other players did (which is to prepare the tables on an as need basis) she would bustle in and set everything up, despite not knowing how many setups would be needed.

She also is always correcting everything mostly things that are just little errors (like if you accidently knock some tiles over she will tell you the "right" way you should have done whatever action it is.) She is too intrusive into the lives of others and while some might see her as being generous and giving she is really doing things for people that the people don't want done! And I have just realized that she really is not interested in the person, only what she wants to do for them. an interesting psychological study!
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Leafly, what kind of meetings are these that are dominated by one person? When I went to college as a much older student there was a really old man who was auditing some courses of mine.

He was a real pita. In a music class he just kept saying "how could Beethoven write that beautiful music when he was deaf?" As you probably know when you audit a class you just listen, you do not take up any of the classes time or the teachers time. Thankfully we had a Greek (subject) teacher who put him in place very fast.

Are all the meetings at her home? Can you not take turns having them at each other's home? The next time she interrupts the teacher couldn't you speak up and say (in a pleasant tone) "oh, Lily Beth, I would really like to hear what Mr. Smith was about to say" Just continue doing that and I bet others will too.

This doesn't sound funny to me it sounds sad and annoying.
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Picture of lady of shallot
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Ours is a unique situation that can't all be explained.

Actually you did, quite adequately. Chin up till you no longer have this annoyance!
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