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  Vitamin K foods and Coumadin
Vitamin K foods and Coumadin Sign In/Join 
Picture of nettiejay
Does anyone here have experience with working out Coumadin (warfarin) treatment and an eating plan?
DH started treatment Friday. The medical team is acting like it's easy... No need to give up anything, they say, just "be consistent". But his K intake has never been "consistent". Four or five days out of seven, he eats almost no K-containing vegs; other days, when I cook the ones he likes, e.g. Brussels sprouts, creamed spinach, or asparagus, he eats a lot of them. How on earth can we keep his day-to-day amounts "consistent" when there was no consistency in the first place?
We're so discouraged right now. Between this and his diabetes, it seems it would be easier to just give up eating altogether. Frown
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Picture of junk collector
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DH has been told the same thing, and it does come down to consistency, which to my understanding means stay on a regular schedule with it. Three times a week, twice a week, etc with the greens.

If he is taking a vitamin supplement, be sure it does not have K. Also, as he does have diabetes, make use of any nutrition counseling available with a certified/ licensed health care professional.
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Picture of ga.karen
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My first MIL was on Coumadin and she didn't alter her eating habits at all. But she had never had the same type of veggies 2 days in a row anyway.
Just don't fix them every day like JC them out.

And in the past, I've had the opposite problem, I had to have vit. K shots to stop bleeding! Those things HURT/BURN inside!

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Picture of Charming
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Sometimes DH will go too heavy on the high K veggies and they will adjust his dose until the next time he has his blood work done.

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Picture of Linderhof
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I was on coumadin for about 3 weeks each time I had my knee surgery and I wasn't given any instruction about diet. Perhaps because it was only temporary. And they took my blood twice a week and then the docs office would call and the dose would go up or down depending upon how thin or thick it was.

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I was able to find a chart of the amount of K in different things. (Sorry, I don't know how to post a link). He may have to really limit his consumption of the things he likes.

Have you considered asking your doctor if different blood thinner might be used?
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Picture of mainecoon1995
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I always say to eat like you normally eat, but don't increase your amount of high K foods.

One thing, as a nurse, I would like to tell all you coumadin users. Please watch if you are put on antibiotics. Things like Levaquin and Cipro will really raise your may normally run 2 or 3, but if you are taking an antibiotic, you may go up to 8 and more.
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Picture of Becky56
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My DH was put on Coumadin when he started A-fib medication. Once it was well controlled, he came off the Coumadin and now has a baby aspirin every other day. Like the others said, just have a serving once or twice a week. That's not a problem with DH as the veggies he must watch out for are his least favorites.
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Picture of nettiejay
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Thanks to everyone for helping me sort this out. You've helped a great deal.
It's a somewhat complicated medical situation I won't detail here, but you've helped me come to some sensible diet decisions that will be temporary for now. After a given time period, I'll gradually work his favorite veggies back into our eating plan in smaller amounts.
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