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Picture of Waverider ;)
We were talking about traveling at work for some reason. A co-worker was on-line just looking at trips advertised on some website. I forgot which. Then my co-worker asked another about Costa Rica. Then, another co-worker mentioned that she went on 12 cruises!!! Obviously she likes them a lot. I have never been on a cruise and am not even that interested in going on one this year. Are they that great?? What am I missing, besides tons of FOOD???
I was thinking I would like to travel somewhere this summer, but am not sure where to go! What's your favorite vacay?
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Picture of Linderhof
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Mine is England, hands down. But the countryside -- not really London.

As to cruises, we've been on a few and what I like about them is . . . you're treated like the "upstairs" at Downton Abbey -- no bed to make, no room to clean, you do what you want during the day, you have wonderful meals SERVED to you (for we always eat in the main dining room which has table service rather than upstairs in the buffet) --and for the length of vacation, you UNPACK only once -- and then you get to visit neat places when the ship docks -- you can stay on board or go on tours or on your own. The food is fantastic -- really good quality and considering how many they're feeding, that is truly a feat! And foods that you don't get except in the snazziest restaurants (lobster, escargot, etc.)

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Picture of Grapefruit
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We go to Hilton Head, SC every June and Bar Harbor, ME every September. We also go on another trip in the summer.

Some of our favorite places to visit are: Chicago, Boston, London, San Diego, Toronto, Quebec City, Ottawa...

We also like to go on day trips within PA. We have been on numerous cruises. I am only lukewarm about them unless they visit great ports! I used to enjoy a cruise to Bermuda when it docked in Hamilton. I am not sure that they do that any more. I will not go on any cruise to Mexico or the Carribean.....that is just not for me.

I really love New England and could go there every year.
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Picture of Arkansas #1
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I really like to go to Seattle every summer I get to visit with baby boy and his family.She is a great cook and a precious dil.I also enjoy the sea food and chowders Love seeing the grands too.

Use it up,wear it out,make do or do without.Mama said!!!
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Picture of junk collector
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We were in Sedona AZ last summer and really enjoyed it. Generally speaking, seeing parts of the west is our favorite way to vacay.

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I like to go to different places, but we went to San Diego last fall and really loved it. We are considering another trip there. The weather is always nice.
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Picture of Florida Farm Girl
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I think my favorite travels were to Alaska in 2008 when we made a 4 month long RV trip to there. I'd love to go back. Mostly, my favorite place to visit is someplace I haven't been yet. Don't care much for visiting big cities. Much rather be in the wilds and countryside. I'd love to go back to England and France and see the countryside. Australia, New Zealand and Africa have always been on the list.

Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.
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Picture of Lurah
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Always enjoy a new destination, especially like historic restorations in the US and Europe and staying in a vacation rental for the whole time we are away from home.

All time favorite family vacation was to Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn.

Most memorable trip was a day trip with lots of stops & a wide array of experiences when our kids were toddlers. It covered a large area in our quadrant of state. Last stop was KFC picnic at brand new treasure filled park playground!
Posts: 2760 | Location: Midwest | Registered: Nov 29, 2007Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Seaborne
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Though I've made several trips to Europe, cruised across the Pacific, on the Atlantic, the Caribbean - and gone to South Africa for a photo safari and to Cape Town and Robben Island - and I visit my family home, an island in the Adriatic, quite often - and plan to go in the Fall, my favorite vacation was the two-month 14,000+ mile driving tour of the U. S. that we took when we first retired.

Though we lived in the East when we were first married for several years and we had made other trips to Florida, New York City, Chicago, and all the major sites on the West Coast, this trip was followed the periphery of the U.S. We traveled from Seattle along the Northern perimeter all across the U.S. to New England - up to Maine - and then all the way down the Eastern Seaboard - staying in most of the major cities along the way. Then, when we got to Florida, we stayed with our son for a week - before continuing along the Southern route through all the states along the Gulf Coast - Texas of course - and New Orleans (before Katrina) - then continuing through New Mexico - all the way up to Taos - then to the Grand Canyon - Boulder Dam - Las Vegas and home.

It was a grand trip. We only made reservations for the biggest cities - otherwise, we took our chances and ate road food - trying to avoid the major chains.

The only thing we would change is we would have taken longer. We left mid-September - and returned home before Thanksgiving.

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Picture of aychihuahua
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Not interested in cruises...OK, maybe the river cruises through Europe. One of these days.

Favorite destinations, in no particular order: Santa Fe and Albuquerque; Key West; Outer Banks, NC; San Francisco and Marin, Napa and Sonoma; El Yunque Rainforest, PR; Montreal; Martha's Vineyard; eastern Tennessee.

I do miss NYC and DC where I lived for more than 30 years, but I want to visit more of the Western US and Canada.
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Picture of CA Lori
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I echo Martha's cruise comments! I'm going on my 6th cruise this Fall with my whole family, except grandson who is in the Coast Guard and won't be able to get any time off. Can't wait!
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Picture of KeepYouInStitches
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When DH retired I also quit my job. We were going to travel. It did not happen so I am back working full time and thoroughly enjoying it!

When we take our 1-2 week vacation, we enjoy the western slope in Colorado. Our stops are Lake City and Cedaredge then back home.

My absolute favorite get-a-way is Mt. View Arkansas! I love the scenery and the mountain music. There is absolutely nothing like sitting around the courthouse square listening to GOOD music.

In 2008 StepS sent us on an Alaskan cruise on a Princess ship. I enjoyed it immensely. DH just so-so. I would go again.

2010, 2012, and 2014 I went on Gulf of Mexico Carnival cruise line. Cozumel, Progresso, Bahamas, Key West...with BFFs. I would love to go to Key West and spend more time. But I don't care for another gulf cruise. My BFFs have various income levels and can't all go on excursions. I came to the conclusion that walking around the tourist traps at port did not constitute visiting a foreign country.

With the BFFs, we have been talking about driving trips primarily in Texas, but have also mentioned Hot Springs Arkansas and New Orleans (but not during Mardi Gras). An Amtrak trip has been discussed...among other trips. I would love to take them to Colorado...none of them have been there.

I would love to go to England, Ireland, and Scotland. Heck, I would like to tour Europe. But that is probably not ever going to happen.

I have been to most of the western states...all of the southern states. I would like to go to the rest of the states and be in New England in the fall.
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Picture of joyluck
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My favorite way to travel is an open-ended road trip with a loosely defined destination. With the internet interesting places can be found as you travel and it can be as relaxed or organized as one wishes.

The other easy way to travel is with a tour group or cruise where everything is organized and one only needs to accept and enjoy what is offered.

One of my many favorite destinations is almost anywhere in Europe. We lived there 'back when' and traveled extensively altho there are many places I've not been. We've also lived coast to coast in Canada and traveled many places here so I know that well. Have traveled less in the US.

There are so many variables with travel choices that it's really difficult to give one fav. I love France, Norway, Budapest, the scenery on the coast of Oregon, and Canada has many scenic places and tourists are very welcome! Big Grin

One of my important travel requirements is good food but that can be found almost anywhere. With a bit of help with google one can find interesting places to eat almost anywhere.

How much time do you have and what is your budget? How much time do you want to spend traveling? Or would you like to travel by train or vehicle?


"I have always had an aversion to the concepts of in style and out of style." ~Rose Tarlow

Inspirational pics:
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Picture of Charming
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I love cruising because it is the most relaxing way to vacation. I unpack once and I go to several places I've never visited before and I can learn a little history and culture about each. I then have this info incase in the future I want to go back for a longer period. When I'm on the ship they take care of my cabin, the prepare my meals, they entertain me, and then have the room ready and the bed turned down when I'm ready to turn in at night. On the 12 or so cruises I've been on the food has been good, the dining room portions are a much better size than in most American restaurants (much smaller) so we can try a variety of new dishes. When we want to splurge we can dine "out" in a specialty restaurant.

When we are not in port and we have a sea day then I can lay by the pool reading a trashy novel instead of reports with waiters coming by that will take my beverage order. Big Grin

If I feel the need to exercise the ships have climbing walls, gyms, walking/running tracks and other activities. For those who like a little pampering many ships have spas. I've never made use - but there is always next cruise.

With all the joys of cruising - I do love NYC! Theaters, museums and restaurants. Definitely a tie with cruising in my book for a great girls trip.

The problem with cruising in the summer - the prices tend to be a little higher and more kids. The younger ones are usually well corralled. The teens tend to travel in packs.

Other great places we love to visit - Ashville, NC in the mountains. Lovely scenery and Biltmore estate is amazing. Being from Virginia, you can't go wrong with a visit to Williamsburg, Charlottesville and Washington, DC. Stay in the Fredericksburg area and visit DC, Wmsburg, Petersburg battlefields and Richmond. I think they have started allowing Whitehouse tours again - get tickets from your Senator or Congressman and take the tour. Also visit Congress and pop in on your Senator or Congressman. But I love love love the museums - The Smithsonian will take you a week plus to see all the buildings. The subway in DC is pretty good so you can stay outside the city and ride in each day.

DH and I love California. We have flown out a number of times and taken driving trips mostly sticking close to the coast, but one year we went to Gold Country and were hooked.

Don't forget National parks - but they are so over run in the summer - they are best left for fall and spring.

Last but not least - the beach. I live at the beach so that is no longer high on my list. I love to relax under an umbrella and listen to the waves.

DH and I bought an RV last year and we will be taking longer trips starting this fall. We are hoping to do Route 66. We were hoping to start in Chicago (another a great American city) but we decided to skip the long drive and start in St. *****. I've started keeping a book of different places and events I hear about that sound interesting to add to our travels.

So much to see and do and so little time!

Fun and Info
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Picture of CJO
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Good thread...all very interesting! My all time fave destination was Kauai, HI; have been there three times and would run to the door if I could go again Wink

I have been on one cruise and the best part was the total relaxation, no stress and very peaceful. It was a low end cruise, and the food was just average. We are going to the Carribean on a bit higher lever cruise with a balcony/cabin this time.

I've been on trips ranging from tent camping/bonfire cooking in inclement weather all the way up to a hotel in NYC, right across from Madison Sq. Garden, where we had room service ...Loved all the experiences.
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Picture of cocok
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I have been on several cruises, and I like them. I think a cruise makes travel in certain places easier. I have cruised up and down both coasts of Mexico and enjoyed that. I like Mexico, but I find it a difficult country to travel in, and going back to the ship at night is very welcome. Cruising is also very relaxing to me. It is like being on a moving hotel. Usually the ship cruises at night, and you are in a new place in the morning. No packing and unpacking, and finding transportation to and fro. You wake up, have breakfast, and then get off the ship and explore, and do whatever, and then by evening you are watching that port disappear through the window as you order your dinner.

My favorite place to visit though, is always Paris. Just can't get enough time there.
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Picture of lady of shallot
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Mine is England, hands down. But the countryside -- not really London.

As to cruises, we've been on a few and what I like about them is . . . you're treated like the "upstairs" at Downton Abbey -- no bed to make, no room to clean, you do what you want during the day, you have wonderful meals SERVED to you (for we always eat in the main dining room which has table service rather than upstairs in the buffet) --and for the length of vacation, you UNPACK only once -- and then you get to visit neat places when the ship docks -- you can stay on board or go on tours or on your own. The food is fantastic -- really good quality and considering how many they're feeding, that is truly a feat! And foods that you don't get except in the snazziest restaurants (lobster, escargot, etc.)


ITA, but would like to experience Rome and the rest of Italy to see if I still prefer England which also we have only visited parts of.

I love cruises and when I stop to think about it what I love is being totally at sea where you can not see another bird or boat or ship or anything except the waves the ocean and the sky!

Martha expresses exactly my sentiments about eating (always for me in the d.r.) and the service. In fact on the type of food consumer you are thread, I was thinking of some meals on cruises.

DH won't fly so that really limits our traveling. We both enjoyed our trip by train cross country. We love Quebec. I do not much care for the Caribbean, but would like to see them dance the tango in Buenos Aires.

Don't care much for Costa Rico or Mexico although I always like the people wherever we go. I love NYC and am always thrilled when we go there, but in general don't care much for big cities.
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I've flown to Exuma, Bahamas twice, cruised to Grand Cayman & Cozumel once, and all other vacations have been driving to destinations (NC, WV, FL) I used to like getting to our destination and staying a week but, last year changed me. We took 4 days getting to & from OH to FL, staying in different hotels & sightseeing as we went. I enjoyed taking time to see things along the way instead of zipping by at 70 mph. I'd love to do the same and head west someday soon. I'm a huge planner (not right down to every minute) and I think it'd be fun to just know where we're going, what we would like to do but not make any plans. Just "winging" it.
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We have been on a cruise to Alaska which was divine. The food was wonderful in France and in London on another trip. We also enjoy frequent visits to chicago. We really enjoy locally grown food that is served in season. When quality food is well prepared, it doesn't matter if it's pizza or a 5 course gourmet meal--they can both be fantastic!
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