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Picture of Lurah
I had to chuckle as I read through the broken crock pot thread. It's been crock pot convention at my house this week. Thurs brought my big newest one home from DD campus home. Sat DS2 delivered all his frat house room belongings back to our garage including a small crock pot and took my old one from pantry to add to his pile. Then DS1, DS2 & I went to clean out a friends kitchen and we had 3 more crock pots to pick from (I brought the small one with crockery lid to replace my cracked chocolate fondue pot) and sons each took one.
This evening my DD called needing to borrow the crock pot again, but I'm needing it as well for weekend. So I went out to the garage and borrowed back my own for a few days from DS pile and delivered to DD.

What other kitchen appliance could be so popular and versatile?
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How funny! Along those lines, some friends and I were saying that we need to have a fondue party this summer and get some use out of our fondue pots...sort of the opposite problem from the crock pot convention.
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Picture of KeepYouInStitches
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But you can't have too many!

Kinda like how many screwdrivers a man has in his toolbox. Wink
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Picture of CA Lori
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I'm just sorry that I got rid of my original orange, round (non-removable liner) Rival. It was kind of small (maybe 3-qts.).

I think it worked better than my MIL's, which I inherited. I didn't think I needed two c/p's and storage was an issue. Mom's was also an orange, round crockpot (model 3350/2), but it had a removable liner, which appealed to me. I didn't like its cheap plastic lid, so I shopped around for a replacement glass lid and found one for a couple of bucks at our local Goodwill store in my area.
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