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Picture of lady of shallot
DD & her DS spent several days this week visiting friends at their island vacation home (this off long island) There were three 17 year old boys and they were being, well, 17 year old boys.

They called once saying they were crabbing and to get ready for a crab dinner. The hostess immediately googled how to do this and evidently it includes putting crabs in the freezer so she emptied her freezer etc. etc.

The boys arrived home. They had a pail with one 2" crab lying in the bottom of it. They did cook and eat it. I asked DD "didn't they have to pick the crab meat" evidently the shell was so soft they probably ate that too, as there sure would not have been a lot of meat!
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That is funny! My daughter now lives in Virginia and some friends of hers decided they wanted to give a party and have a crawfish boil, so they consulted her about it. They had imagined about a pound of live crawfish per person and when she advised them that you have to figure three pds per woman and five per man, they rethought the whole thing!

Another time my daughter called me to get the recipe for chicken sauce piquant. I started reading off the ingredients and she repeated them after me: I said "One chicken, cut up" and she repeated, "One boneless, skinless chicken breast"...You get the picture. She was trying to use up what she had in the refrigerator!
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SEVERAL years ago, took nephew (maybe 14 at time) on road trip from PA/NJ to sisters mountain place in WV... with 2 Rotties! Picked him up day before we hit the road... fireworks sealed the deal!! We went ot supermarket to buy REQUIRED good snack stuff. I'm not a cereal/breakfast kiinda person, but he picked out what kind he wanted... cereal is EXPENSIVE!!

Sister has a "vintage" set of 4 nesting Pyrex bowls. He used next to LARGEST one and ate entire box of cereal in TWO breakfasts!!
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Picture of KeepYouInStitches
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Oh brother ate out of what we called the "Jethro bowl" in Beverly Hillbillies Jethro Bodine.
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