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  Memories made from our Mothers
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Picture of Spanish Revival
My Mother and Father had 7 children, Mom cooked every single night, never a day off really. My Father always said the best restaurant in town was "home". So, although we didn't have a dishwasher, and my mother cooked for 9 people every single day, she always made delicious meals! And, to this day it still boggles my mind that she made salad every night, homemade dressing (couldn't afford bottled), and put it on separate individual plates! I always thought that just made more work for her to clean up after. She never bought packaged anything... again going back to not being able to afford it, everything was from scratch. I don't know how she did it... cooking, laundry, making beds, (she didn't require any of us to do our laundry or make our beds Frown ) I'm so fortunate that my Mom is still with me and I can now spoil her. What special memories do you have of your Mother?, I'd really love to hear.
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Picture of Indexlady
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My mom did the same, but she didn't work out of the home for 40+ hrs a week, plus commute time.

She and my dad loved international flavors, so frequently foods from other countries showed up at the table.

And, there was no such thing as cooking for adults and separate foods for children. We kids ate adult food.

She, of course, did spoil me with snacks as I was the younger. While my older sister was in school and Dad was at work, Mom would give me shrimp with cocktail sauce and other delicacies that she enjoyed--but would have been too expensive if the whole family were there.

Pleasant memories many children today don't get because Mom needs to work.
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Picture of Lurah
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Mom memories - what fond stories we'll hear here.

My mom is still alive, and she prepares a full meal for her and Dad every day, but just one.
Breakfast they have toast or coffee cake, etc.
The other meal they help themselves to a variety of fresh fruit, sandwiches or soup from the fridge.

Best thing I learned from Mom was about the Family Table concept. We all had to be home for dinner every night. There were always 5-6 dishes of food offered. The table was pleasantly set.

She was the first woman in the neighborhood to have a dishwasher - 1959 or so, a huge portable top loading device, (even before she had a modern kitchen installed with built in sink, countertops, cupboards and cabinets hung on the walls!) Before that everything was freestanding.

When she entertained or had guests as extras at our family table, there was little to distinguish it from a family meal - they were all special, well balanced in every way and luscious.

Her mother was a horrid cook, saved everything & never cleaned! To this day I have no idea where Mom acquired her tremendous skills.

We always had a housekeeper, Mom had no clutter and can part with anything, so the house was neat as a pin.

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Picture of lady of shallot
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Since I was born and grew up during the depression and WW2, my memories are from another era maybe than those of some.

There were no fast food places . . . well there was the "white Castle" but that was downtown.

We usually did not have a car. Mom walked to the grocery store and selected the groceries and Dad picked them up in his company truck. It was unheard of for us to eat out. We always ate in the d.r. and always had a tablecloth on the table. Dad always served our plates from a platter set at his place (the head) of the table. Even when we were having fried eggs.

We were made to eat the food on our plates and I hated vegetables, so often had to sit on long after others left, till my Mother told me I could get down.

I remember dessert every night. We always had fish on Friday. (or anyway, not meat) but were not Cat olic. I can't judge if Mom was a good cook or not as never ate anyone else's cooking (we never got invited out for dinner or actually for anything except maybe weddings) Mom did make a wonderful dessert she called lemon snow. She made wonderful pasta salad (though this came later)

She made salmon croquettes which were very good and allowed me to pick the bones and stuff off (canned salmon) which I loved to do.
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Picture of Spanish Revival
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I always say our parents are a product of their youth and upbringing. We, as their children can't know what they've gone through, their own childhood. It's good to read we have pleasant memories of one of the most important people in our lives!
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Picture of lady of shallot
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I always say our parents are a product of their youth and upbringing

Well that is true of children too! My parents actually both had more advantageous childhoods than their children. Dad was the youngest of 12 and his siblings helped him through college. Till he left before his senior year a/c he and Mom eloped.

Mom also was in nurses training till she left a/c hated it. None of us were encouraged to attend college or really encouraged or advised at all. The depression and the war really impacted our family.
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LOS may I ask please...what does a/c mean? You use it a lot and I can't figure it out. Thank you.
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AC Fan-- short term for because.
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Picture of lady of shallot
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Yes, Mama spoon is correct. This is a term from my working days before we had computers and computer terms.
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Picture of joyluck
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We are all "a product of our youth and upbringing" altho our parents lived in a different era so many things were different for them.

My parents spent their formative years on farms and lived thru the depression in the 30's as adults so were frugal and grew a huge garden. My DM never had a freezer until after they retired in the 70's so she canned all food items she could get her hands on. The jars of colorful produce were stored on shelves in a cold room in the basement and I loved when she would send me down for a jar of jam or fruit. I could pick whatever I liked and would spend many minutes making my choice.

My DM was a perfectionist at housekeeping tasks and a very good cook and did everything herself in the house - cooked 3 meals daily from scratch, washed dishes by hand until my sis and I were old enough when we had to do it, picked up the house daily and cleaned thoroughly on a schedule, did laundry once a week with a wringer washer, hung clothes on the line, and ironed *everything* including terry towels! Our house was always immaculate. She also gardened extensively and the entire family frequently went on fruit picking excursions. She *never* paid anyone to do any household cleaning or other jobs. When I returned home to live for a short while before I married she happily ironed all my clothes and made my lunch for work.

The large cookie jar on the kitchen counter was always full and I ate a lot of them! She must have made cookies several times a week, homemade pie was a regular dessert, and homemade cake and bread was standard fare.

She shopped at a 'corner store' with a butcher shop 2 blocks from our house until the late 50's when she finally got a driver's license and a new supermarket opened a couple of miles away. She loved that supermarket altho never did buy prepared foods.

I never did laundry at home altho was expected to make my bed. I didn't always do it tho, to her horror. I was a rebellious child so wouldn't conform to her rules. There were many household tasks I only learned after leaving home for school at age 15 as she didn't encourage it. Learned to do laundry quickly as she instilled the desire for daily clean clothes. I couldn't cook much when I married but luckily DH could. As a result I taught all our children how to do laundry, cleaning, and basic cooking long before they left home.

My DM was an extraordinary 'housewife' and was always pleased that my house was clean and proper meals cooked when they visited. Little did she know I was not as fussy when they were not around! However I worked full time and she only worked part-time after we were grown. Somewhat a different scenario IMO and I've never tried to be a perfectionist in very many areas. I've always liked the saying "a house should be clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy".


"I have always had an aversion to the concepts of in style and out of style." ~Rose Tarlow

Inspirational pics:
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Picture of Spanish Revival
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joyluck, I truly enjoyed reading the history of your Mother, it was as though I was reading a story out of my favorite magazine! Thank-You for sharing!
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Thank you mamaspoon and LOS.
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Picture of CJO
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My mother was always a lady, and made a very nice home for our family. She never bothered anyone nor asked anyone for anything. She and my father as well, were sweet people.
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