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  Have you had a cat do this?
Have you had a cat do this? Sign In/Join 
Picture of Timetosew
My DH has dialysis three days a week and so I'm not always home to clean up our dog's poop du jour when it happens. Princess, our cat, will cover it up with dried grass, dirt, or whatever she can find. At first, I thought she had trained our 13 year old Golden to do it but the other day I saw her doing it herself. Have you ever had a cat do this?

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Picture of Becky56
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Yes, sort of. My males will try to cover uneaten food, throw up, I found one trying to cover the water bowl with a throw rug this morning.
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Too funny, Timetosew! Big Grin

Haven't seen it happen outside but definately have seen similar behavior with our cats indoors. Most of them are pretty fastidious but occasionally I have seen one or another jump into the box to "cover something" and give the other cat that look ~ "like, come on, show some self-dignity and respect for the rest of us!"

Have to say that a cat doing it for a dog is a new one to me, though.... Cool
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Picture of luvtoflip
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Can't say I've ever seen a cat do this for a dog but somehow I'm not surprised.

I also have a cat who will cover the other cats' "gift" from the litterbox. I don't think Lola learned this from her mother (was found early and taken into vet's office for adoption).
Even though she has watched Callie cover, Lo tries but doesn't always do the best job...bless its heartWink

Heck, I've even tried to show her how to do it.LOL She has improved, but she still seems to scratch the sides of the box, the floor...everywhere but to area that needs to be covered.

Anyway, I'd say that you have a very respectful kitty~Smile

"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened"
Posts: 2867 | Location: Kentucky, USA | Registered: Oct 19, 2005Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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