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Picture of Jeanette
I have a house that i rent out and the people had 2 dogs and now they have moved and i need to rent the house again but i can't get the dog scent out of the carpet.Help please. Thanks
Posts: 1409 | Location: Conway, S.C. HORRY | Registered: Sep 24, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of JasminesMom
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I would hire the pro's to do a deep cleaning to get the smell out, if the urine got down to the sub floor you may have to remove the carpet & padding. Have you tried Nature's Miracle? That works really well removing odors.
Posts: 1469 | Location: Saugerties, New York | Registered: Apr 18, 2003Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of junk collector
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I will echo the above reply. Professional cleaning is the best way to go. Also, consider what was put down as pet/damage deposit. You shouldn't be stuck with a big bill from pets.
Posts: 3479 | Registered: Aug 06, 2007Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of real estate lady
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Suggest replacing the carpet. Carpet cleaners cannot get down to urine in the padding. What's under the carpet? If wood, urine/etc. can rot out wood under carpet. Might want to check it out.

I go through this all the time in my business. You don't have to rent to families" with pets." If you do, collect $250. non-refundable pet deposit per pet and limit number of dogs or cats. Have a heart to heart talk with potential renter re house broken pet.

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Picture of conrad
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What do you refer to as Dog Scent?

Is it the unhousebroken smells of dog's urine/feces indoors? All over or just one room or area? I agree with replacing the carpet and pad, (and treating the under floor area with Nature's Miracle, prior to recarpeting) Any future renters of mine would have to leave a much larger damage deposit than 250 per pet. (so there is Enough to replace the carpet pad again, if necessary) Put the deposit in an interest bearing account for them so there should be no problem, they get it all back if no damage is done.

An inexpensive Black Light, used in the dark, can often show/glow the soiled areas. Whether they are in one or two rooms or throughout the home, might be good information to have.

Some dogs, (hounds often) or others without regular grooming and shampooing can get to a smelly stage that they leave just a doggy odor in the carpet. (Certain breeds can be worse than others) In that case, a good truck mounted steam cleaner may be able to correct the odor issue.
Posts: 9678 | Location: Plains & Mountains | Registered: Jun 08, 2003Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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