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  Cat spraying
Cat spraying Sign In/Join 
Does anyone have any advice on getting a cat to stop spraying?

I have 4 cats. 2 are brothers and are 8 years old. The other 2 are brother and sister and are 18 months old. All were fixed by the age of 4-5 months. They are indoor cats. One of them is marking vertical surfaces. Some are areas where they eat, some are random areas. I think it's the girl because I saw her pee in an area that use to have a litter box. However, she didn't sprY, just pee. Also, I can't rule out one of the older cats (who hates the new cats). I started using Feliway about 4 days ago. Tonight I found pee less than a foot from the plug-in.

I ordered a black light to see if there are spots I've missed cleaning with Nature's Miracle. I'm really not sure how long this has been going on.. Just noticed it about a week ago.

Any advice???
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I don't own a cat, but my understanding is that when someone starts going somewhere else, it could be a sign of urinary issues. By all means check with the black light, but what does the vet say?
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I was going to say the same thing as junk...I had a cat that started spraying and it turned out he had a bladder infection. He also did it later in life when he turned diabetic.


~*Never trade the thrills of living for the security of existence*~
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Took all 4 cats to the vet today. All are healthy. No UTIs to be found. The vet suggested to start seperating the one I think is the offender and giving him some space where he can be "safe". I have spent a small fortune on feliway, deterent sprays and mats that have points on them that cats don't like to step on ( I caught one of them sleeping on it!! That worked well). So tonight I have the two little ones back in a room where they slept at night for several months. We'll see how that goes. I really wish I knew exactly who the offender was. I can't completely rule out the girl. This is very frustrating.
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Originally posted by Daphne:
......I have 4 cats. ... I think it's the girl because I saw her pee in an area that use to have a litter box. ....

Put a cat box back in that spot.

How many cat boxes do you have? With 4 cats you need at least 5 boxes. They don't have to be in every room but they do need to be on every level of the house or at opposite ends of the house.

All 5 boxes need to be scooped at least daily. If you aren't using scoopable litter you need to change the litter often.
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Good to hear that they all have clean bills of health. As mentioned above, check the number of boxes and locations. Having done my share of cat sitting, I know that the number of boxes available makes a big difference.
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I have 5 boxes, in 4 different areas. I had to move the one because I have company coming that will be using the basement bath and bedroom. The girl hasn't tried to use that area again.

No new spraying today, but they have all been sleeping from the shots they got yesterday. Wiped them out!!!
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I've had a similar problem with my littlest girl. One year old runt who was from a semi feral litter. She adapted quite nicely to indoor life and all was fine till one of the other girls began some kind of domin@nce thing and began st@lking and intimid@ting her a month or so ago. Poor little thing began pee-ing everywhere but the litter box.

What has worked so far....been a week now, is separating them . Little Emily now stays in a study off our master when Bobbie has free run of the house. Afternoons we shut off the master area and Emily has free run of the whole area. She has her own private litter box and doesn't share. We sometimes let her buddy Sadie in to play with her.

You might have to figure out who is spraying and try something similar. Good luck!
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Thank you for all the suggestions. I am trying the separation thing...except DH not convinced it's a good FYI, do not buy a black light unless you want to see every spill that has ever happened in your house. Also, invest in Nature's Miracle Just for Cats. Their profit should be going up this quarter.
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Well, it's the girl marking. I checked the bathroom this morning when I let her and her brother out, and there was pee. I can't figure out her motivation. She gets picked on a little, but not bullied. She gets away during the day where no one bothers her. She's not afraid of the other cats. Not sure what the problem is. Will start keeping her alone at night.
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I've had the same problem with my cats but someone is pooping just next to the litter box or other places. And having 5 cats it is hard to determine who is doing it. But I did see the one cat do it and took him to the vet. Said his Amylase level was 1839 (suppose to be 100-1200) So put him on special (expensive food). Called back the next day to see how he was. Two mos. later, still no improvement on the expensive food. Asked when they would do another lab work to see how the special food was working. Said at 6 mos.
I moved and told the new vet about this cat (had taken another cat in for trying to pee every 1/2 hr. This cat had stones and needed surgery. $900 later he also needs special food) Anyway, this new vet thinks the pooping outside the litter box cat has just become a habit. Once in awhile I do see him poop in the litter box and I try to praise him so now I'm wondering if it isn't other cat/cats doing this also. I have 5 cats and 6 litter boxes that get cleaned out atleast 5 or 6 times a day.
Some days I just want to open the front door and tell them all to get out! LOL!

I don't mind coming to work. But that 8 hr. wait to go home is a drag.
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Indy, I hear ya!... It's a good thing my litter sprayer is so cute!!.

Here's an update on the situation. My house looks like a giant bo.oby trap. I have Ssscaat spray cans (sprays a shot of air) in different corners. I have a static mat on my cedar chest. Bottles and gallon jugs in front of other walls to block her direct spraying capability. She seems to be doing better. I've found a couple of sprays in the last few days, but nothing like it was. I have quit separating her at night because she cried and cried to get out. I have cleaned using Nature's Miracle like a wild woman, but it seems to be paying off. I also have Feliway plugged in around the house. I can't say if it's helping or not. She has sprayed on places less than a foot away from it before.

I at least think we are headed in the right direction.

Funny story about the Ssscatt spray cans...My sprayer won't go near them. Another one of my cats runs when he sees it. However, my other big lug sets the spray off multiple times a day. He is such a dingbat. Doesn't learn a thing. It will spray him and he will go right back to look at it like "what the heck is this" and get sprayed again. Hilarious!

This message has been edited. Last edited by: Daphne,
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