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  Poor Mocha
Poor Mocha Sign In/Join 
My daughter's male cat had been acting strange for a couple of days. He eschewed his regular food (unheard of for this guy) but still accepted treats. He howled for no apparent reason. And the thing that first got her attention was that he couldn't jump. All of this happene within the past few days. This morning she found him on his litter box trying to go, but nothing was happening. She called the vet and they made an appt for this afternoon. Then she got a call back and was told to bring him in immediately. Sure enough, he has a blockage in his kidneys. This could have killed him in 24 hours. He is being cathaterized until Wednesday. If the blockage is still present they will "turn him into a little girl" as she put it. Good thing my daughter is a helicopter mother. Had that poor little boy been mine, it could well have been too late before I got the message.
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I don't have cats...have had only a couple over my lifetime...but I have heard that male cats have this problem...something about crystals forming in the urine cause the blockage. Makes me cringe just thinking about it.
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one of my neutered male cats had this happen when he was about a year old. i noticed he was in the litter box a long time. mentioned it to my DH who said he had done that a couple of times that day. Took him in to the vet immediately and he had to be "roto rooted". the vet was impressed at how early we caught the signs of blockage. he hasn't had any trouble since. we kept him on a special diet for several uears, but he eats regular food now.

Hope Mocha is doing well!!
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Mocha is fine. At first it appeared that the catheterization had not worked but the vet kept him for another couple of days and he was okay. He went home with drugs that he just loves. So now he's a little junkie!!!
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Sorry to hear about Mocha being sick, but I'm so glad he's feeling better. My little fur-girl had some kind of bladder issue a couple weeks ago, she wouldn't come down from the cabinet where the kitchen sink is. But she's doing fine now. The vet gave her a shot, but she would not take the medicine. Glad Mocha's getting well.
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