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  The Long Goodbye for Sammy
The Long Goodbye for Sammy Sign In/Join 
Sammy is our senior cat and has a mass in his insides that is inoperable and getting larger. The vet originally said, one month, but Sammy's doing fairly well and has lasted longer than the month. He's very frail but is still eating and drinking and walking around, still purrs, eyes bright. The vet said Sammy still feels good. We're not even at the day to day, yet, I don't think, but we're watching him.

I asked the vet about love, does love help an animal get better and he said it's out of love that we as owners do everything we can to help our pets get better. As for the power of love itself, he said, yes, it depends on what's wrong with the animal.

You guys have helped me so much in the past with your compassion and empathy when we've gone through this type of situation. I just want to say thank you. We're probably going to be doing it again in the near future.
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Oh, Charcoalsmom, I am so very saddened to hear about Sammy but it sounds like he is still doing relatively well so there is still time to take in all that it happening...

I know worst news ever and it always comes as such a shock; for some reason we all hope that our beloved pets will live as long as we do but, unfortunately, that's not to be. I know you have already been through several losses in the last few years so my heart aches for you to have to deal with yet one more. Frown

I loved that you entitled your thread using the words "the long goodbye" ~ the same as I used for my Beets. When we encounter a swift and sudden death of a pet, it is heart-wrenching; to watch one linger, I think is even harder.

Which is why I started my thread for Beets for encouragement and support for everyone who might have to deal with it. Everyone loves a new kitten or puppy; it's bit harder when that cute new puppy or kitten gets older, and then unfortunately, years later, they can't do the things they used to be able to do and count on us to take care of them.

But, I have to correct a miss-conception or miss-communication of sorts in Beet's theme, someone took an off-hand comment about love to a place I never said; no, love doesn't cure a terminal condition and has nothing to do with whether an animal survives or not. I did say that animals give us unconditional love and teach us about loyalty; and that their last days should be filled with love ~ that's all.

Thank you, CCM, for continuing the discussion ~ it's important for everyone who has a pet today. And, again, I am so sorry that Sammy has the physical condition he has and hope that he and you get a few days of reprieve (hopefully months as in the case of Beets and I) but glad that YOU are the one taking care of him. He couldn't ask for a better person than you to make decisions for him in the months to come.

Sending lots of good thoughts and pr*ayers your way tonight and in the days to come....

Group Hug

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I'm so sorry about Sammy. I know what you're going through,in November 2012, I had my 4 year old cat, Lynx, put down, and it was the hardest decision I've made in a long time. He had bone cancer, and the doctor said he was in a lot of pain, he couldn't walk, every time he tried, he howled with pain. The doctor also said his system was shutting down, he wouldn't eat. There were a lot of reasons why I should do what I did, only two or three why I shouldn't. I did what I thought was best for Lynx. I still miss him, and I always will. But I have pictures to remind me of him, and good memories.
I hope Sammy has many more months with you, and I'll be sending good thoughts and pra*yers your way.
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Picture of Yve*
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Charcoalsmom - I know its been a while, but I'm so sorry to read about your Sammy. Give him plenty of love and enjoy your moments together. Unfortunately, this is the sad reality of having furkids...we out-live them. Just enjoy Sammy, who knows he might surprise you and the dr's. Take good care. (((hugs)))

~The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated - Mahatma Gandhi~

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IR, Irish Kid, and Yve, thank you so much for your kind words.

Yve, it is SO great seeing you again! Please come back more often. I mentioned in another thread how I missed you and how much it meant to me when you'd post the white flickering candle. So happy to see you again.
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Hugs to you and Sammy. We've all been there.
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sorry to hear this, prayers and hugs to you and Sammy

God nevers give you more than you can accept, wish he did not have so much faith in me
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Picture of luvtoflip
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Oh deareast Charcoal~ Been busy all week so catching up on topics. So sorry to hear about Sammy.Frown

And I totally agree that our pets feel our love for them.

If and when the time comes, just want to say that we are here for you. Maybe Sammy will beet the odds...sounds like he has already.

Please keep us updated. My thoughts and prayers are with Sammy and you dear friend.


"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened"
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I'm just now getting settled down enough (in many ways) to read some of these posts. CM, I'm so sorry to hear about Sammy. As others have said, give him all the love you can and spoil spoil spoil! Give him kisses and hugs for me!
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Well, tonight was the night. Sammy had gotten so frail. The vet said it was way past time.

It was a struggle to give him the medicine because the vet could not get a vein. Finally, there was enough of a vein that some of the medicine was able to be injected using an insulin syringe. The second shot of medicine went directly into his stomach.

He is buried in the yard now, his struggles are over. I hope he is at the rainbow bridge with his brother Whitey who died unexpectedly, completely out of the blue, when we were living in the view house. Gosh, that hurt so much, too.
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So very sorry for your loss. It's just so hard to let them go but I'm sure that Sammy felt your love until the end.
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I'm sure Sammy felt your love and if he could, he'd thank you for releasing him to join his brother. Take care and know that others are mourning with you.

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Oh, CCM, my heart is with you ~ it's always so hard to say goodbye. I know that the Rainbow Bridge is just a beautiful poem but, more and more, I have come to believe that it is a real place.

If so, all of us are in for a wonderful reunion and sheer joy when we meet our beloved animals after so much time spent apart. And, you CCM, better be braced because Sammy will be leading the charge when they see you coming....

Group Hug
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CM--I just read the last post. I'm so sorry. It's always very hard to give up a beloved pet. They become like members of the family, don't they? My t's and p's are with you. Hugs!!!
Posts: 1081 | Location: Chadbourn, NC USA | Registered: Jan 06, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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