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  Itchy dogs -- update
Itchy dogs -- update Sign In/Join 
Wow, where has the time gone?! So sorry I haven't reported about my boys sooner. We still don't know what was the cause of the itching and shedding, but they are much better. Yeah! #1 The weather changed from soggy wet to fairly dry. #2 Added fish oil capsule daily. #3 Added egg daily. #4 Upgraded to I Ams dry dog food. We were able to eliminate the benadryl capsules. Now, their coats have filled in. Older lab has "bare elbows", but otherwise looks good. The hound never lost as much coat as the other dog, but his has filled back in too. Life is good.....finally.
Thanks, again, so much for all the quick help. Hopefully, we won't have this issue again. But, I'll head for this board immediately if we do. I'll give my 2cents about food while I'm here with a captive audience. I really believe the problem was a cheapie dry dog food that we'd been feeding for quite a while. They probably just developed a resistance to the formula or the company changed the formula. They are fed usually 3 times a day, but always at least 2 times. Chopped raw carrot, shredded cabbage or lettuce, canned dogfood and dry dogfood. Morning feeding gets an egg added and a fish oil capsule. Milk added occasionally. Yogurt when they are acting "off". Raw bananas when they are cheap. I'll add the cooked oats that were recommended to their winter menu. Half a dog biscuit after being outside. Healthy, not overweight, active, and now nice slick coats. Again, life is good. Thanks again. I hope everyone else is as fortunate with their furbabies as I am.
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So glad to hear the pups are feeling better and that you could eliminate benadryl. The oil and egg are great for the coat and food changes can help a great deal.

We let our guys lick the yogurt containers once in a while, plus they get carrots daily, berries when we have some (one only eats blueberries, the other only eats strawberries - go figure). Olive oil on the dried food as well. Gorgeous coats on both.
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I'm currently caring for a rescue who was close to death by starvation. She is now on a regular diet of canned pedigree mixed with lamb and rice dry. I think I'm seeing some improvement, but would like to see changes more quickly.

Parts of her fur look glossy black, but most is dull and brittle, and her bones are poking through. I know I need to add olive oil and raw egg to her food. Anything else?

She is so pitifully thin, but such a sweet, loving girl. She has no idea how close she came to death before animal control picked her up. Now I'm worried that she is hw positive, but I'll do what I can to get her ready for a loving home.
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Has the rescue pup been checked for parasites? Intestinal worms (and of course heart worm) should be checked. She may not be strong enough for HW treatment if positive, but other parasites would need to be eliminated before she could utilize all the nutrition you are giving her.
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I've only had her a few days, no chance to get to the vet. I will probably go ahead and deworm her with safeguard, then have her checked in a week or so.
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Stress can also cause a spotty dull coat. And she has certainly has had a lot of stress in her life. I would only worry about putting some weight on her.

It has been about a week since you posted. Can you give us report on how she is doing?
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