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  What Turns Dogs Into Killing Machines?
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I witnessed a horrible, brutal attack on one of my dogs yesterday. It seemed that when one dog jumped on her and began biting her, something "clicked" in the other dogs and they began to get involved, just not as bad. These are dogs she is with daily, except for 2 of DD's dogs. The third comes to our house to play all the time. She doesn't like him and he knows it, but he stays away from her and respects her age. The other dogs who were watching and barking, involved but not biting, were her own housemates.

What I witnessed seemed to be a pack mentality, wild animals destroying the weakest, most vulnerable. Entirely different from the way I see them every day.

I don't think I can be nice to DD's dogs ever again. I know I'll look at them differently forever.

Lady is in the hospital. She has multiple bite wounds, and some may require surgery. She also has Addison's disease, so her electrolytes must be closely monitored to make sure she is not going into a crisis.

I need to cry, but I have to hold it together. It's very hard.
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I am so sorry this happened Lady, I pray she will be alright. I dont have any answers as to why dogs can snap, I'm still trying to figure out what makes humans snap. I'm sure others will have the answers your looking for.
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I am so very sorry this happened to you and your furkids. I would be quite upset too. Prayers and Hugs for lady to get better soon. I do not have an answer. A big hug to you, let your tears flow, even if you have to go into the bathroom to let it out.

God nevers give you more than you can accept, wish he did not have so much faith in me
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First let me say you have my T&P for Lady's speedy recovery. And for your anxiety.

If I understand what you said, only DD dogs actually bit her. You own dogs were barking and maybe seemed to be egging it on but did not bite? Maybe that is not as it seems. Did you see the actual incident start? I am just trying to get a clearer px of what happened so maybe we can ease your mind with some theories.
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Awwww, Lady's Mom, I am so very, very sorry for what happened to Lady and I'm sure that you were terrified having to witness it and not being able to stop it immediately. My pra*yers go out to Lady for a full recovery and my thoughts are with you.

I agree that there is such a thing as a "pack mentality" but haven't a clue what sets it off. It does seem to happen more frequently as the numbers increase, however, so I wouldn't blame you if you limited contact between DD's dogs and yours as well as discouraging the other dog from "visiting."

Please keep us up-dated on Lady's progress and recovery. And tell her many people are thinking about her! Cool

PS. Go ahead and cry. It won't change what happened but it will make you feel better and you need to feel better in order to be strong for Lady.

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We came home from the hospital Monday. She is still in pretty bad shape, with a huge scabby wound across her back, and drainage tubes on either side. Additionally, she has multiple wounds on a rear leg, making it very painful to walk, and one just under her tail at the base.

She's taking something for pain several times a day p,us clavamox and an increased dose of prednisone. Goes to her regular doctor tomorrow to remove the drains, I hope.

She is ok with the other house dogs, but gets very nervous around everybody at once, of course.

One of the dogs involved has been here a couple of times, but not inside, and he goes on runs with us every day. Being around the other dogs has not been as bad for me as I feared.
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So glad things are looking better and you are not as anxious around the other dogs as you thought.

Be sure to keep us posted on how Lady is doing.
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I'm so very, very sorry to hear what happened to your precious Lady. She will have many t's and p's coming to her from here. I also don't know what causes dogs to attack but I know it had to have been very scary for you! Pr*yers for a very speedy and full recovery for Lady! Please keep us informed on her healing process.
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Hope things have settled a bit, and healing is happening?

I recall Cesar talking about pack behavior in confined spaces. In the wild wolves are not confined to a small area. The weaker can get away, without feeling the need to fight back in defense, if that is what they must do. The fighting back can lead to escalation of the attack.

And the pack tends to protect only the health of the group itself. A weak, unbalanced or even oddly acting individual can often be singled out and attacked by the alpha wolves, and the others join in. It may just be innate behavior, in other words.
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Yes, she definitely is my weakest link. She was in a wide open area and could have tried to run, but she didn't--she obviously was not expecting to be attacked.

Sadie has tried to jump on her once before when we were all together, and we were able to remove Sadie. She has never shown that kind of aggression toward any other dog.

There are normal fights between my dogs, and they work it out. None have ever gone for the kill within this group.
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cery sorry to hear that dogs can be unpradictable its good to keep that inmind
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