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  dog yard, stone?
dog yard, stone? Sign In/Join 
We are thinking about buying a home that has all stone for the backyard (there are a lot of trees). I know we will have to remove some stone and put in grass for the dog to roll in but I don't know how much.

Do any of you have stone yards.... or know of someone who does? How does the dog like it?
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Really depends on the dog? Many can be comfortable with just an area of cedar mulch. Our older dogs often love to lay in the sun on the concrete. Will you be walking it regularly?

We once had a blind neighbor with a German Shepherd seeing eye dog. It was trained to "go" in an area that was wood bordered, 6 foot by 10 foot. Several inches of pea gravel on top of several inches of rock. They picked up the solid waste and the rest washed down through the rock.

Another neighbor had an all flagstone yard with a pool and raised beds. They adopted one of our foster dogs (it was 5 at the time), and it did fine with just a small area of mulch to "go" on.
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No, metwo, I haven't. But I think that most dogs can adjust to almost any living situation as long as they are with the people they love and are loved in return by those people.

However, all stone sounds uncomfortable to me from the perspective of a dog ~ stones aren't that kind to the paws of dogs ~ especially ones of the "decorative" variety. So would you be willing to remove some and replace with some turf and mulch (and keep up the same) to make this place a better fit for all of you if you decide that this home is the one for you?

Maybe you could make it a win-win situation all around. Keep us up-dated on what you decide. Cool
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we have a pit bull and a min pin and they seem to be fine with the all stone yard .....
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How hot does it get where you live? Down here, the streets get too hot to take dogs for long walks without letting them relieve their hot paws by trotting along in someone's grass. I'd hate to have a yard that was too hot for my dog's comfort in the summer.
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This old thread was brought up by a spammer. But since it is here I thought I would give you an update.

We bought the house and were in it about 3 weeks before we came north. Got the fenced installed. It was already on 2 sides of the yard so it went fast. He doesn't seem to mind the stone except.....he tried to lay down and could not get comfortable. We have decided on a 5 foot strip the length of the house. May not use grass... Just something he can roll on.
Posts: 7052 | Location: North MN & Northern AR | Registered: Oct 01, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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