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  Dog does not like her new water dish
Dog does not like her new water dish Sign In/Join 
Picture of junk collector
We live in an arid climate so the dogs not only drink a lot of water, but we lose some of what's in the bowl to evaporation. I purchase a one gallon water cooler style bowl (not as big as it sounds) so that we aren't refilling twice a day.

Last night our sheltie mix is in the yard licking the (dripping) water pipe that waters the garden. We just thought she was being weird but realized later that she won't touch the water in the new bowl. I put water in a dish and she was happy for it, sooooooo why will she drink from the regular bowl but not the new dish?

New dish is in exactly the same spot, is not substantially different in size, but does have a clear jug attached. Just like a water cooler at the office.

Do I take up the regular bowl and let her figure it out? She was begging to go outside last night because she thought the pipe was the only water available to her. Frown

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My dog won't drink from a plastic bowl. She also doesn't want to drink from the exact same metal bowl that I have at the office--she goes with me to the office after 5 when no one is there. She drinks from the metal bowl at home. She also wants me to rinse out her bowl each time she drinks--she's a mastiff and drools a lot. Is she spoiled yes. But would I want to drink drool, No!
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Picture of junk collector
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They've had plastic and metal bowls. Maybe it's a visual thing? She's not tall and the jug stands up a bit. Pommy doesn't care at all.

I poured water in just to show her it's the same. No dice.
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junk collector, Is it plastic? Some plastic containers have an off-putting scent that we as humans might not even notice. If it was me, I'd switch again.... Cool
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Picture of zone9alady
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I can't figure it out either. I have two German Shepherds. The older one is 4 years old and NEVER wants to drink out of his stainless steel water bowl. I have one of the raised sets with a food bowl and a water bowl. He has no problem eating his food but will not drink from the water bowl. It gets washed and dried and refilled everyday but he's just not interested. I have to give him running water from the faucet.

Life is a great big canvas...throw all the paint on it you can.
Danny Kaye
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Picture of conrad
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Sometimes a past "bad experience" with a similar object can cause a phobia or strong avoidance reaction. One foster dog, hated stainless, due to the fact that she once tried to get to some food off a counter, the ss bowl hit the floor and made a loud racket. This scared her and she never went near stainless again.

Perhaps the new water dispenser looks suspect to the dog, like it might fall/tip over or it makes gurgling sounds as it refills the bowl?
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Drinking water is obviously a very tricky, dangerous thing for our doggies.Smile One of my dogs started off life at my mother's where she "learned" that you have to sneak up on the toilet to drink from it. (Actually, she wasn't allowed on the carpet which prevented her from getting to the toilet from the hall.) This phobia eventually led to the poor girl having to sneak up on every source of drinking water. It was sad in a way....
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Picture of junk collector
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Well it's nice to know that my weirdo isn't so weird after all...

The jug is staying put. Pommy always seems to get the short end of the stick and ends up with an empty bowl and DH never checks it. This afternoon's walk was a hot one and when we got home both dogs took sips from it, so I'm hopeful.

We've not had too many "fear" issues from this one - at least not when it comes to food bowls!
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Picture of Kathy_in_wlsv
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our cats tend to either want to drink directy from the faucet or from an older Corning ware casserole dish. for several years they used an old frying pan that had lost the handle, but it developed a leak.

I tried several water bowls and finally realized they wouldn't drink from anything but the cornng ware. it MUST have to do with the smell.

Life is GOOD!!
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Picture of WWanda
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Sometimes animals are just weird Smile
My cat won't drink out of her stainless steel bowl, but will go outside and drink out of a puddle on the basketball net stand!

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Picture of Timetosew
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Our dog will only drink water from an old Corning ware casserole dish or very clean stainless steel bowl now though when we first got him, he would drink from anything. Our cat, Princess, will only drink from her Sees' Chocolate mug. I can put bowls of water out for her and she ignores them and goes to her large mug. Also the mug must be on the end table near my Lazy Boy!

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the size of the bowl and how high it sits from the ground makes it harder or easier for the dog to lap the water ......stick to the format that works ...
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