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  Sardines for dog's skin and coat?
Sardines for dog's skin and coat? Sign In/Join 
I've recently heard that sardines packed in water are good for dry skin issues with dogs. has anyone tried this and did you have success with them?
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No, grammatina, I haven't heard that and think that I would definitely check with the vet before trying it BUT, hopefully, there might be some others that have had experience with dogs/sardines that can relay their experiences with it whether good or bad.... Cool
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Picture of conrad
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I believe that Sardines are a very oily fish, whether packed in oil or water. Additional healthy oil in the diet can often help with dry skin, but be aware oils do add calories also. (especially notable on a small breed dog) Are you presently feeding a good quality dog food?

Not heard of adding sardines either, but I add a tablespoon of olive or coconut oil to our 2 retriever's afternoon meal portions. Spending so much time in the dry, mountain air, it seems to help their skin and coat combat dryness. And of course they love the addition.
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Most all fish have benefits for humans as well as dogs. You've read about them I am sure. I am not sure I would use sardines though. First is the strong smell. Wonder how long it lasts? Second is the amount of sodium since it is canned. I don't know how much salt a dog should have or how much is in a tin so it would have to be checked out.

If I were just concerned about the skin I would use oil, as Conrad said. In the past I have used whatever is on hand, usually canola oil. My current dog has no problem with skin so I don't use it now.
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There are oil formulas for dogs available in pet stores, but those tend to be pricey - salmon oil, etc. We were buying it but it was cheaper just to switch to regular extra V olive oil. Dogs like it and I just stock up on store brands during sales or buy in bulk at Costco.

We use oils for skin and coat (very dry climate) because when we adopted the dogs, each had such horrible issues. Everyone who meets my pups comments on their coats.

There are also premium foods out there now with omega oils/fatty acids. I too would be careful with a canned product as metwo suggests.

Talk to your vet and ask what sort of supplements your dog needs in his diet.

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Water packed sardines were noted on a few webpages for the great dosage of the healthy Omega 3s.
Freshness can be an issue after opening a can. If you have a small or tiny dog, you may want to either share the smaller can (appropriate serving for you and the dog)Wink or immediately freeze the rest, and thaw a serving daily.
Because they are a small fish or immature large fish, they are not apt to have the accumulated mercury that some other larger fish may have. And if you feed it, they may also smell fishy.
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When we adopted our present dog she had very dry skin, and had lost a lot of her hair. We put her on a good dog food and give her a fish oil caplet and give her a bowl of oatmeal with a raw egg and some milk every day. we also give her a allergy pill every day per vets suggestion. As long as she is getting the allergy pill every day she has stopped scrathing herself raw and she is not whezzing all the time her coat is now full for her bred and shinning. She looks 100% better than when we first got her. We still give her oatmeal and egg and milk every day.

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Handie Ann
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