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  Haystack Turns Two !!!
Haystack Turns Two !!! Sign In/Join 
Just a quick up-date for all of you who have followed Haystack's story from my initial post 2 years ago entitled "Never thought I'd see this day..."

Well, I did, she survived and thrived ~ had a blow-out Birthday party last year this time of year ~ she had (and I will always remember) the "first virtual cat-birthday party ever" ~ she thinks it should go into history re Wike-Whatevers but I've told her, no, Haystack, you DO NOT want that sort of notoriety!

In any event, Haystack is doing fine ~ well, better than fine ~ and wants to say "Hi" to all of her on-line friends ~ Wave Wave Wave

PS. To Thai, as soon as I am old enough, I am running away to Georgia ~ but, of course, it might be still years yet..... Cool
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Happy 2nd Birthday Haystack Smile Thai might be able to come out and play by the time you get to Georgia.....he was bad, bad, bad this past week .... running out the door into the woods by our house .... looked for him nearly 3 hours and had everyone in a panic !! He came out as soon as the sun went down. SCAREDY CAT Smile
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Birthday greetings and salutations from the gang in Chicago (Boo and Sammy) and their Columbus counterparts (Snowball and Speedy)! Zoe, Rocky and Mona, their canine friends want to know where the cake and ice cream are since they would like to gobble them up. They are always up for a road trip so you might see them someday!
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Princess was hoping Haystack would throw another wild birthday party and that she would know about in time to get there. Last year, I didn't tell her about it until after the party was over and she's still in a snit about that. She's sure it was lots of fun. She says if you have a party this year, she wants to be invited.

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Okay, these posts seal the deal ~ I am having another BIG PARTY next year when I turn three! Big Grin

Boo, Sammy, Snowball, Speedy and Princess already have their names on the invitation list and, Princess, since you missed the last one, you get first choice of bannister "Nascatting" or "high flying" via ceiling fans ~ think you will love both of them ~ let me know which one you want and the rest will have to purr their way to the front of the line! Smile

Thai, I am VERY disappointed with you and hope you stay grounded long enough to realize that what you did was UNEXCUSABLE ~ it's okay to give our people a challenge to keep up with us ~ but ONLY IN THE HOUSE!

Never, never, never run out of the house ~ EVER! But at least you were smart enough to head for home when it got dark.... but I am re-thinking running away to Georgia right now. Hope you get your priorities straight ~ do you not know where the food comes from (and who scoops the box)? Okay, 'nuf said!

And Zoe, Rocky and Mona ~ you are always welcome as well. This house has a non-discre*mination policy so there will cake and ice cream galore on the back patio for all of you!

Signed, Haystack ~ an "almost" teenager" ~ watch out for me! Cool
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Vita and Gator say happy birthday too!!
We slept most of the day, except for running and teasing the 2 new foster dogs in our house. We set them straight from the beginning. Cats Rule, dogs Drool!!

God nevers give you more than you can accept, wish he did not have so much faith in me
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Ok, Haystack, Happy Birthday, little one!

From your feline friends in southern CA. (Be good for your mama!)
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Pebbles and Sugar here wishing you a very Happy Second Birthday Haystack! We missed the party last year too, but will definitely be looking forward to next year! Until then, keep having fun and getting into mischief (but not TOO much!) Smile
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Has it been two years? My how fast our little ones grow! "We" slept through last year's party and it's good to know we didn't sleep through another one. Maybe next year?
Happy Birthday Haystack!
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I agree, it can't have been two years!! Two!!

Happy Birthday!
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Aww~ Happy Birthday to Haystack!

BTW, please put Callie and Lola on your invite list.Wink I'm sure they would love to go.

Callie is always up for a party. Lola would be terrifies of everyone but I might be able to talk her into going if there will be food (esp tuna!) ~giggles~


"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened"
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Good news IR! I remembered following your post about Haystack months ago. Glad he's thriving! Smile))

"In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt"
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Happy birthday, Haystack from Cissey, Dulcey, Grey and Cheetah. We'd like to be added to the guest list for the party. It was such fun last year. Cheetah wasn't there, (he's new), but the rest of us were and we really enjoyed ourselves. We're looking forward to your second party!
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