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Saga of a quilt Sign In/Join 
Picture of paus4quilts
Hi, Everyone. I'm back again.

I've forgotten when I did it but many years ago I did a queen sized quilt for my kids in Alaska. It looked very much like this one, which is a king size. A few years after I made the original one, they bought a king sized bed and so I added a couple more blocks and increased the borders as needed.

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Picture of paus4quilts
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The DDIL decided she wanted the quilt to be more like a comforter so I added another border to give a larger overhang. Being a somewhat lazy quilter, I turned the quilt sideways and added the additional border as needed.

Apparently I didn't take a photo when I did it so I've drawn in the new border to give you an idea of what it looked like.

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Picture of paus4quilts
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Since that time, the kids decided they didn't really like the king sized bed and got another queen size. And, of course the quilt/comforter is now way too large for the bed. And in the meantime, some of the fabric was wearing, badly. Would I fix it while I was there on vacation? And take it back to being a queen size? No biggy I'll just remove the second border.

I figured some of the blocks pulled apart and needed reseamed. Not so. The green fabric on the first border was disintegrating!!!! I was horrified when I saw it. It was not a simple matter of just removing the second border; I had to go back to the basic quilt and start over.

Here's what I came up with. And told the kids this was it; the quilt would have to be sidelined if anything else went wrong. I checked the whole quilt, of course, and only found four minor wears which I repaired easily. Not bad that there was only four wears out of 195 quarter square blocks.

I am soooooo done with this quilt. lolllll

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Picture of glassnquilts
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It is wonderful that your kids love this quilt enough to want to use it all these years. What you have done to it makes it look modern and updated. Nice job.
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Picture of patty j
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Paus, isn't fixing and resewing harder than making from scratch?? Your kids really love their quilt or it wouldn't need so much attention. I love how the colors just move around your quilt. Nice and calming. TFS
where in Alaska do they live??? How much fun to go and visit them.
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Picture of SeeingStars
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Wow! That's a well loved quilt. I like the modern border too. Smile
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Picture of KeepYouInStitches
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Picture of L.L.
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This is a good story!! It shows your commitment (not that you should be committed!! Eek) but holey cow you and this quilt had a real 'relationship'!!! From the start - you were there to bring it to life, you helped it grow, and grow, and then you loved it through the changes and were there to help it heal - and in the end, you have realized you have done all you could and now, it needs to live on it's own........

And this quilt is again, a real beauty!!!!

Great story. Thanks for sharing.
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Picture of nancyc20
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fabulous!!! Big Grin

"It's bad to supress laughter. It goes back down and spreads to your hips."
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Picture of Coco  Cathy
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How comforting for you to know that your kids love and honor something you made for them so much that they can't replace it. It is like that much loved stuff animal from childhood that you can never replace and will always love. Just sometimes needs a lil fix up. Wonderful story.
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I had one that one of the fabrics had disintegrated in a short time. I had used the same fabric in several scrap quilts so was concerned about them. Haven't seen any problems so far.
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Picture of royalboomer
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Love that quilt Smile Reminds me of my youngest son's baby was all hand embroidered with a giant clown and other circus stuff....I replaced the backing 4 times. The only thing holding the front together is my embroidery (he's 38 now) but he still has it. At least he hasn't asked for a new backing in many years Smile
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Picture of City/Sandie
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...lovely quilt ... beautiful story ... wonderful family that has loved it and kept it and wanted it 'fixed'. I'ts filled with love and happiness.

I cannot change 'things', but I can change how I feel about them. Me.

Wounded Warrior Project

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Picture of NICUnurse
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So beautiful!!! It's upsetting that some fabric truly does disintegrate! I saw my niece's quilt I made for her college graduation and I too was horrified"! But mine was a quilt of the month from Jo Ann's. Supposedly cut correctly in the factory-it was not. I will never, ever by another one from them. I've decided to just replace the quilt with a new one. It was such a headache to recut some of the pieces and buy extra fabric. And now for it to wear so poorly!!! A lot to be said about watching what you buy at Jo Ann's.

Your quilt it truly a beauty!!

Posts: 5905 | Location: Arkansas | Registered: Jan 18, 2007Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of AngelaC
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You must love those kids very much!! And they must love that quilt just as much. Great job!! Smile
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Picture of paus4quilts
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Thank you, Everyone. Despite our relationship (lolllll) I do love the quilt. It was a bugger to make because there came a point at which I couldn't find fabric to match what I started with and had to make some string blocks to get the size I wanted/needed.

I am pleased and honored that the kids love the quilt so much. They had it back on the bed the day I finished it. lolllll

The hardest part of putting this back together was that I couldn't take the time to hide the seams and had to zigzag stitch all the raw edges I created.
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Picture of paus4quilts
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Sorry, had a computer interruptus moment. grrrr.

The fabric that disintegrated surprised me because it was another color way of a fabric I used in a tree skirt for the kids. It, too, disintegrated and was made about the same time as the bed quilt. So I was really horrified to see it happening with the quilt. At least it lasted longer and was used more than the tree skirt.

All's well that ends well as they say. Here's hoping this version lasts for another 10 or so years. I also told them I'd make them a new quilt....just in case. lollll

pattyj: the kids live in Anchorage. I just love it there. I used to live there also and really hated having to leave.

Thanx, again, Everyone.
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Picture of cksvett
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You have much more patience than I do! Not sure I would have gone to all that trouble... Chris
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