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  Need help with the memory quilt I'm making
Need help with the memory quilt I'm making Sign In/Join 
Picture of nlk
Well, I've got the top to the quilt made from her dad's shirts (except for a small border around it). I put the blocks on point & so I used his hankies for each of the small corner triangles. I went ahead & fused them to some light muslin with some light fusible. The corners are somewhat stiff so I was wondering if they are going to stay stiff like that after I finish & wash the quilt? Will that be weird to have stiffer corners than the rest of the quilt? They aren't so stiff that they could stand on their own if they had legs, but not soft like the rest of the quilt top. Just wondering if I should re-do those corners & make them with hankies & not fusing them. I just got to thinking that even though the hankies are know how hankies go through a TON of washings & still last a long, long time. Please, I need some suggestions on this.


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Picture of Bozie
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For what it's worth - I think the fabric in the corners will be different from the other fabrics whether or not it is fused.

If you want to see/feel how they would compare after washing how about making a sample - maybe just a square in a square block - using some on the fused hankie fabric and some shirt scrape. Make it into a small test quilt with simple quilting - maybe just an X across it. Just stay stitch around the outside, no need to bind. Then toss that in with your next load of wash and see how it looks and feels after it has been washed.

Personally for just those four corners I think I'd be tempted to cut squares of hankie fabric as if I were going to make HST's but then just fold and not cut on the diagonal. That would make a double layer so any seam allowances that are pressed toward that patch won't show as much and the texture of the batting will be less likely to show thru. And it will still have the look and feel of the dad's hankies that your friend wanted to be part of the quilt.

Hope that makes sense. I'm kinda slow waking up this morning..........


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Picture of Lisa - TX
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My idea is slightly different than Martha's, but still using the hankies in the corner. You could use the hankies on top of a muslin and leave that as a back supporting layer, but not use a fusible. If you stitch around the edge to hold it in place, the layers won't shift.

Good luck and please share more pictures. I'm sure it will be a very special quilt.
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Picture of wildcatmom
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Another thought, would a different interfacing help? In planning for some t-shirt quilts, I've been auditioning different products, & there are wovens, non-woven,& knits all in different weights.
Or as both Lisa and Bozie suggested, maybe you don't have to have a fusible at all.

~karen Wave
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Picture of nlk
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I am going to rip out those corners & double up the hankies like Bozie suggested. I will be quilting in those corners so that will hold them together.

Have I told this board lately that I LOVE Y'ALL?


Posts: 7921 | Location: Texas / Zone 9 | Registered: Sep 18, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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