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  does anyone know were I can find a big table?
does anyone know were I can find a big table? Sign In/Join 
Picture of Musiclady
Hi Everyone,
I just finished a quilt I had been put away for awhile and realized this was only the second bed size quilt I had ever made. All my other projects had been wall hangings.

I realized to my dismay that my cutting table, sewing table and ironing board are too small to accomodate a bed size quilt. I would love to find a bigger table etc.

Does anyone know where I can find these things? I was thinking of getting a large piece of wood to place on top of my current cutting table. I have been looking online but haven't been able to find anything.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would really appreciate it.

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Picture of islandtime
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How big is your current cutting table?

I recently purchased the Sullivan hobby table (36"x59.5") and have found it quite useful for large quilts.
Other than that, building your own with plywood might be your only option.


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Picture of StarrySky
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Target usually has folding plastic-top banquet tables in 4' and 6' lengths. Price I've seen (pre-Thanksgiving ads) is in the mid to upper $30's. The tables fold away as skinny as possible and have a handle. I've borrowed one from a neighbor and was impressed with how well it worked out. I would imagine that Wal-Mart might have a similar offering.

Do you have access to a church or civic group that might have folding tables you can use or borrow?

For yard sale tables, I've had DH set up his saw horses & drag out whatever large piece of plywood or lengths of wood he might have on hand between projects.
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Picture of SeeingStars
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My post disappeared, so I'm trying again. Another option would be your LQS classroom. 2 long tables put together are helpful. If you need 3 put together, you'll have trouble reaching the middle one. Or a conference room at work.

A longarm quilter can baste your quilt for you on his/her frame for a small fee.

When I'm adding borders to a large quilt, I put all the dining room leaves in the table and have a 4 by 8-ish surface. It helps to pin the borders when everything is spread out and smooth.

Good luck!
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Picture of nlk
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I went to our local senior citizens center & borrowed some of their very large folding tables that they use for different activities at the center. She let me come in after hours & she stayed about 2 hours after all the seniors have left & I got to use her big room & tables. She didn't charge me a single penny for their use. You might also try a library or even a church with tables that they may use for Sunday School classes or covered dish dinners.


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Picture of pinecone476
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DH made me a "big board" like top to put on my regular ironing board. It is handy as I can now iron lengths of fabric. I have seen hollow core doors used as tables with legs put on them. I'm not sure of cost but the legs just scr ew in so it could be stored under a bed.

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Picture of wildcatmom
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I don't know if DIY appeals to you or not, but this YouTube video is one of my favorites.

There are lots of other videos there if you just put "cheap quilting table" in the search box.

Another hint is if you put your table in a corner, the walls keep the quilt from sliding off the table. You can 'fluff & stuff' a pretty large quilt on a table that isn't huge.

~karen Wave
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Picture of Florida Farm Girl
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I found a wooden dining table (with 4 chairs) on Craig's list for $75. Gave the chairs to my friend. Had another friend make the cutout for my machine to fit down into the table so that I have a large flat sewing surface. It sure helps. I'd still like something to flip up on my left side to help support the weight of the quilt, but I get by.

I've made several twin sized quilts on it. I've made tops for queen plus and a king size. The secret with those is to put them together in sections so that you're handling the whole bulk as little as possible.

One of these days I'll get the larger top made for my ironing board.

Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.
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Picture of EvelynB
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I bought 6' banquet tables from Lowes when they were on sale. Then I got PVC pipes cut to put on the bottom of the legs. Raised them higher and no back aches now. In the past I used tables at my school and at the LQS. This is so much nicer. I love having three to set together.
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Picture of SeeingStars
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I just reread your initial post. How large are your cutting, sewing and ironing areas? I made a ironing surface out of MDF, double layer of batting, canvas and a staple gun. Originally, it was 5.5 ft long by 2 ft. I thought I'd love it super long b/c I could press quilt backs. Even though I'm pretty strong, I began to realize I'd avoid lifting the ironing surface b/c it was so heavy. So I cut it down to 4 ft by 2 ft and left the remnant at 18 in by 2 ft. The remnant is perfect for pressing when I'm piecing and the larger piece is still good for yardage. If you have a permanent place to set up your pressing, it wouldn't matter if it's heavy. But for me, I need to move mine around.

Old sewing cabinets flip open with lots of space to the left of the machine. I've seen them on Craigs List and thrift stores. I keep a folding table (2 by 4 ft) to the left of my vintage cabinet to form an L shaped workspace.
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Picture of Musiclady
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Thanks everyone for you responses - I really appreciate you all getting back to me.
My cutting table is about 60" by 36".

My sewing table is an old dining room table - not sure of the size, but not too big. I would love to have the cut out area where the sewing maching could fit into so I could have a flat sewing surface, but those tables are really expensive.
Seeing Stars - you mentioned making an ironing surface out of MDF. What is MDF? My sewing room is a spare bedroom - maybe about 12'by 16' - not sure exactly.
Thanks again for all you responses. I am going to look into all of them.

regular dining room table - not too big.
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Picture of Musiclady
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oops - ignore the extraneous words at the end of my last post!!
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Picture of quiltbea
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I bought 3 folding banquet tables some years ago from Staples Office Products on sale. They had free delivery since the order was over $75. I paid $30 something for each one on sale. They can be put up for layering and pinning to prep a quilt anytime. You can put them up in your garage for a day.
I keep 2 up at all times in my basement for pinning, and one up in my sewing room as a cutting table.
I put bricks under the feet to raise them to a comfy level for me.

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I have two of the Joanns cutting tables,bought for 50% off with coupons,approx. $60.00 each.I use those tables when I am doing anything bigger than a twin. I use clamps to clamp them together.I do use clamps and binder clips to to clamp all my quilt layers together,pin what I can then move the quilt sandwich to pin the rest of the quilt.It works great.I slid my cutting mat's underneath when I need to trim the sandwich for binding and squaring up. The beauty of these tables are they are on wheels for moving and when folded down they take up 19-1/8''W X 36''D X 35''H.
Here is a picture link.

"In Michigan"
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Picture of patty j
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Sue and I use DH sawhorses and a large piece of plywood set up in the garage for when we need to have a bigger table. I also have bought a large banquet sized table from Sams club a couple of years ago and can't believe how often it has come in handy.
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Picture of SeeingStars
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MDF = medium density fiberboard
It's very smooth with precise edges and no knots like wood. However, since it's made with so much glue, it's very dense.
Posts: 3613 | Location: North Alabama | Registered: Dec 06, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Kim - Strut526
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I go to my local community center.we do,every wednesday with a bunch of quilters..the tables are awesome to use!

Also, think of "" dang near every city has one, or close by. all on line posting. I moderated a local recycle board, just about everything you could think of is posted!
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Picture of KeepYouInStitches
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I have a large (seats 10-12) dining table. Sometimes an edge of the quilt will hang over, but I just make do.

If I wanted to spread it all out flat, in my area I would have several options:
school cafeteria after lunch cleanup
local community center
fire department has tables for their steak dinners
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