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i belong to a newly formed quilt guild and we have taken on the project of making quilts for chemo patients at a local cancer center I am in the search for orphan blocks that we could turn into beautiful quilts for these chemo patients they see about 1000 patients a year and we took 40 quilts the first round in dec and they are all gone and we are trying to get quilts to them about every other month but we need other peoples help with this the response that we have gotten from the nurses doctors and patients are just overwhelming any help would be appreciated. If you send me your email i will put you in a group to see the pictures as the quilts are finished and see what a difference this has made in someones life;

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Welcome Linda, I see this is your 1st post.
Most of us on the HGTV board use alias, if you'd like to change from your real name...totally up to you.
I probly have some blocks I could send you. I'll send you a PM
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Hello, Linda. Nice to meet you.

I'm kinda the skeptic in the group and guess I'm a little taken aback that you would join the board and ask for something right away. Most folks join here because they want to learn and share or like the camaraderie. And give us a little time to become acquainted.

You will find the Ladies of this board are very generous and will gladly help out for most causes. There are several on going charity activities on here. And about two months ago one of our quilters began her own charity activity, asking for our assistance.

Your activity sounds like a good cause but I think we'd all feel a little more comfortable if we knew more about you, and it. And I'm sure we'd be more than glad to help if we felt you wanted to become one of us and weren't just looking for something to be given.

Remember, I said I'm the cautious one.

Wishing you good luck in your efforts and G*d's blessing on your new guild for their efforts and considerateness.
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Well said Paus, I'm with you.

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Here is the groups blog

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Those are some really pretty quilts! Do you have sizes of blocks you prefer?

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Just an idea or two - maybe it will help you increase your block numbers:

Are there any Girl Scout, Girls' Club, or Home Ec classes in your area who could help? Sometimes the kids need community projects for school credit. I know school's almost out for the year, but there's always next year.

Try local churches and senior centers, too. That's where more charity quilting is happening in my area.

My guild has days when they call in as many of the members (even non-members) as they can. Then they all sew blocks & quilts that have been pre-cut. Goes fast when all you have to do is stitch.
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Also if there's a prison in the area, the prisoners love to learn simple sewing techniques. They can also tie quilts. Home schoolers were my first thought. Also some sororities love to learn to sew. Nursing homes and senior citizen centers can be great sources. Bet some senior citizens have a stash they'd love to give away. My father loved the small pillow he got at chemo. The center kept blankets in their warmers to give to patients but it was the cute pillow that made him smile and helped his neck and arm.
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Thanx so much for getting that blog site, Kiwi Jane. Were you able to contact Linda to get that?

And again, the Ladies on this board come through. Those are some really great resources for getting blocks or quilts.
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