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Keurig cups Sign In/Join 
Picture of cksvett
For those of you that have these coffee makers, what ones do you like? DH bought this and bought me Kahlua Original and Gloria Jean's Hazelnut, neither of which I like. Love the Barneys White Santa Christmas coffee which is hazelnut that we get at work, but not this.

Love the dark chocolate hot chocolate... Chris
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Picture of Auntie Reba
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I have to have light roast. I am liking the Donut House Coffee and Hazelnut by Simply Enjoy which may be a Stop and Shop brand. I use their sugar free hazelnut lightner. It's a trial and error thing.
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Picture of KaylaQuilts
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I really enjoy the Green Mountain Breakfast blend not being flavored I can add my own sugar free syrups. I also enjoy the Chai and Snapple peach iced tea.


"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream"
-Edgar Allan Poe-
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Picture of Missmommy
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We like our coffee strong, so Starbucks Sumatra and Verona and Peets French Roast and dark roast
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Picture of PatV82
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I use the company to buy coffee. I set up an Auto account - I edit the types of coffee and delivery date each month - and they send us our coffee. 4 boxes of K cups have free delivery, and I can alter the choices for every delivery. I love the delivery date editing, I can pace the delivery however I choose.
Our favorites are Mahogany, Lake & Lodge, Kahlua, and Mocha Nut Fudge.
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Picture of shey..
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we like the light roast too... our favorites are donut house collection... "Chocolate Glazed Donut".. and the other green mountain coffee.. "English Toffee".. and target's archer farms.. "Caramel Macchiatta".. (ya.. i know it's spelled wrong.. lol)..


my blog..

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Picture of Bunnybcb
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I gave DH a Keurig coffee maker last year but he doesn't use it. We also bought the little inserts that you can put your own coffee in, since the individual k-cups are expensive. The problem seems to be the coffee comes out very weak, even for me, even if the K-cup says "robust" or strong on the top. DH doesn't like really strong coffee, but he sure doesn't like it weak. Since he usually drinks several cups of coffee in the mornings he just makes a pot in our regular coffee maker. I thought he would use the Keurig in the evenings if he wanted a cup, but he's only used it a couple of times. I've used it more than he has. I've never tried the teas, but think I would like them.
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Picture of Texasladybug
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I had the kcup one and didnt like it because to weak. Then we bought the keurig vue and love it it is nice and and hot and you can have regular or strong. gave the kcup away!

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DH drinks half caf, which we get from amazon. I have the insert cup, and I put that in and just run the water thru and have my teabag in my cup.

Ours is in constant use, one of the best things we've bought ourselves.

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Mine is at home. Wish I had brought it with me on this trip. Chris, we are going home for 10 days next week. I got mine just before Thanksgiving, so don't remember what we liked. The only thing I can remember now is Green Mountain Breakfast Blend. DH loves the Swiss Miss Chocolate.
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Picture of royalboomer
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DH has been wanting a Keurig for coffee and some automatic tea maker that has yet to go on sale. NOT spending $250 for a tea maker....I'm such a meanie - won't buy a Keurig either because one cup at a time is not economical for us since we drink too many cups in the morning. Easier for us to just make a 3/4 full pot. Hopefully the price will start coming down on the tea maker at some point - that would be nice.
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Picture of Missmommy
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I forgot to mention, I usually buy the pods at Bed bath and Beyond or online using the 20% off coupons and the free shipping. Amazon also sells them at a good price.
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Picture of lionpride
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My son likes the donut house coffee the best. We get that from Sam's club. Also buy grove square hot chocolate over amazon. Like that almost as much as Swiss miss cocoa if not better, we do use mini marshmallows . Usually in our area Swiss is pretty expensive or they are out of it. Like the earl gray tea and green tea. But I usually just open and close it and use hot water for tea bag. Heats up real quick so nice. The hot apple cider is good if you like that. You can buy a variety pack and try different ones, we did and passed on ones didn't like to others we knew that had same system.
Wanted to come back and add wasn't sure if needed the insert to do own coffee or tea had couple people tell me just open and close like putting k cup in then water would just go in cup. Works well for tea, even did one day for mix packet of cocoa. We did get insert from bed and bath for under 10 dollars so if someone wants to do own coffee or loose tea could. (was a 4 pack of the inserts)

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Picture of LisaP8
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You can get assortments on eBay or Amazon and try out different types. I have the inserts so we usually just buy the coffee we like and use those, but I like a lot of the flavored and darker roasts.

Lisa Smile

"I know how you turn a blanket into a quilt, Mom. You add some love to it." ~ J., 7/08, age 7
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Picture of Marion2
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We used ours for almost a year, then decided we were spending a lot of money on the little cups! Now we have 2 of the inserts to use your own coffee. In case you don't know, Kohls sells the flavored refills so you can use one of those coupons you always get in the mail.
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Picture of Downsouth
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My son bought me a Keurig for Christmas two years ago. I absolutely love it! It isn't a good solution for someone who drinks coffee all throughout the day, as it would get expensive. We buy our coffee at Sams Club.

I don't like strong coffee. I'm a fan of Green Mountain Breakfast Blend. Now we get the Decaf. If they're out of Decaf, we get the Half and Half.

We don't drink coffee during the summer months, and we only drink one cup a day. DH might drink two cups a week. I didn't have any luck with the insert cups and regular coffee.

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Picture of katiemedarlin
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I like Paul Newman's Organic. No bitter aftertaste. Hubby likes the Donut House.

I also use the machine for my tea - put the teabag in the cup and run the hot water through. Easy peasy.

There are seven days in a week and Someday isn't one of them.

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Picture of GAQuilter
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I use the inserts, but I use it mostly for hot tea. I put my teabag in whole, works like a charm!

I felt the coffe was coming out too strong, I think it all depends on how you like your coffee, I like mind on the very mild side, so I put less coffee in the pod than I do for hubby.

We still use out coffee makers for our morning coffe, and the Keurig for coffee later in the day or tea. DD loves to make tea with it.

Not much help I am sure! Big Grin

Group Hug

If you can dream it you can do it. Walt Disney
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Picture of NICUnurse
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I really wanted a Keurig for Christmas but I checked the ingredients on most of the blends and they all have fructose corn syrup so that leaves me out. Starbucks has taken it out of their coffee's so I guess I'll just stay a Starbucks girl. Although it's expensive! So I don't get it very oftenFrown

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Picture of Quiltnanny
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off topic, what did you sew?
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Picture of pegsami
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I got one for Xmas and have been testing how to get the taste I like best. Coffee, please--nothing but coffee. They do have my favorite (Folgers) in inserts, but the first cup is too strong so I add some hot water--then I run it through the same insert for cup #2 and it is perfect. I am going to get more of the little filters so I can use my own coffee--think it might be a bit less expensive--we'll see. Keeping my Bunn for when company comes, but it is so slow--takes all of 3 min!!! LOL

Variety & Contrast means BUY EVERYTHING
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