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  Just how much do you REALLY know about me?
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Just how much do you REALLY know about me? Sign In/Join 
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Purple Butterfly, are you ready to shop at the Grand Opening of Hobby Lobby on August 1? I'll drive.

Caroline W
In the crazy quilt of life, I'm glad you're in my block of friends. ~Author Unknown
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Oh this thread is so great! It must have been going the month I couldn't get on line. Gotta read more of them before I launch. I'll get my diet coke and brownies for breakfast to read some more.

later...well, wadda ya know? I've already efficient! Big Grin


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"It's bad to supress laughter. It goes back down and spreads to your hips."
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sassy, I know and love you!!!

haven't been commenting much lately, my health has went down hill. But was happy to see this post. I miss talking with you!
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Add my name to the ever growing list of those who found this board via Simply Quilts! I joined in the year 2002, not as active as I used to be, but I still read as much as I can. I always go straight to the Sew & Tell post..thank you, Holly, for starting & keeping this going.

I've been married 46 years to the same man (how did I accomplish that, lol Big Grin). My husband and I both grew up in eastern Kentucky and moved to Georgia in 1968. I will always miss the mountains. We have two sons, one lives next door, the other one is six miles away, so I've been lucky to watch my grandchildren grow up. Hannah, my only GD, turned 19 on July 12th. Her brother, Logan, is 13. He was one year old when I found this board. Now I have a 2 year old grandson, Carter that I keep some, not a lot.

I came from a family of nine siblings...only four sisters are left. We had a family "reunion" this past weekend in Kentucky at my oldest sister's hospital bed. She is having hip replacement surgery tomorrow.

My love of quilting started when I was a Junior in HS in eastern Kentucky. I spent the summer months working at a sewing center that made quilts for the needy. I didn't sew, but I separated and sorted fabric.

I don't get to sew as much lately because we travel a lot. Went on a cruise in January, just got back from KY, going to Vegas in September and another cruise in December.

I love how paper piecing looks, but it's so time consuming to me, or I'm just slow, lol! Big Grin I love art quilts. I have the top done on a king size quilt for my son & will finish it sometime this year. I wish I could sew every day, but we are gone too much, lol! Smile

I don't cook much because it's just the two of us...we eat out a lot. I can't drink tea past noon or I'll be up all night. I love water, diet coke and diet Dr. Pepper...had to switch to caffeine free coke.

I love reading about each of you and I love seeing pictures of your projects.

BTW, Sherry, my butt is bigger than yours, lol! Big Grin


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Well, I see that I found this thread really late since it started in April, and see that others must have missed it as well, I hope they find it. I grew up with quilts only, no blankets at my house. My mom was a quilter, she used old drapes, curtains, & clothes. I can find and identify my sisters old skirts, my brothers shirts, my old her quilts. I love that.. It makes me feel close to her. I lost her 37 years ago. Boy has she missed a lot of stuff in quilting that would have blown her mind. All of those little pieces she hand cut.. -- I loved crafts and watching Carol Duval & Simple Quilts.. that lead me here. I started before they made us register. I have 1 daughter & 1 grand daughter, not interested in quilts, other than to say how pretty they are. I lost my hubby 7 years ago, we started out when I was 13 years old, married at 18, and almost made it to our 40th anniversary. I lurk a lot and usually come on weekly, but kind of lost my way since his death.. I am trying to move on. But I am slow. I am 65 Years old and still working. I have enjoyed this board a lot, everyone is always so kind, helpful, and fun. I love the swaps, even when I don't join. Viewing every ones work is wonderful. I love that everyone shares things they make, the craft nights, things they find on other sites. I have been in a lot of swaps in the past, even hosted one. I love that the people are here for you, when you need them. I have met several from this board, a quilt shop hop, and at the Ontario, Ca quilt show Road to California. I hope to get more involved again. I just joined a quilt guild near my home, I started yoga, like camping, would love to find a tiny trailer or popup my little car can pull, read a alot, mostly mild mysteries. Trying to get back into quilting. Drink water, coffee, Pepsi, tea, chocolate, & Dr Pepper, and a little alcohol Smile

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Found this board as a 40th birthday present to myself: I wanted some Quilty friends!! And have found a bunch right here!! Life was slowing down a little as the 2 kids grew up, got drivers licenses, DH retired, etc. AND THEN we opened a Little Caesars & I've been MIA from the board & my LIFE for a few months. I live & breathe pizza & have gained 10 pounds since December, lol. Currently, I'm hiding in the car, on my iphone, trying to catch up on the boards (don't tell DH, he's making dough, lol).
I love making things wih my hands: jewelry & quilts taking top priority. I love handwork, beading, embroidery, making up my own patterns, getting them halfway finished before getting distracted by something new, lol.
My screen name is the first two letters of DH, DS & DD's names 'cuz I was unimaginatively trying to be anonymous (axe murderers online, ya know). Looking back I should've just called myself Sublime goddess or something equivalent, haha

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