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  Just how much do you REALLY know about me?
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Just how much do you REALLY know about me? Sign In/Join 
Picture of sassy needle pusher
We've got lots of new folks on here. Several like me that have been around for a while, but slowed down A LOT over the past few years and are just now getting back into the groove. So, I thought it was a time to invite you all for a tea party here on my post!

I got involved on this board because I was signing up for the dream home and saw that there were message boards - didn't know exactly what that was, so went snooping. Found a group of quilting and needlework folks...there was a sign up ending that day for a secret sister swap. I signed up then and had the best year learning so many of you - and making a few new "cyber-friends" along the way!

I talk a lot; I'm nosey and will invite myself into a conversation if it sounds like fun; I'm as vanilla and traditional as the day is long; I'm more of a quilt admirer than actually getting things done; I prefer embroidery over hand-piecing HANDS DOWN; Coke, please.

You? If you don't speak up, I'll hunt your down and drive you crazy with questions Smile

Sassy NeedlePusher
Posts: 4382 | Registered: Dec 30, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of NYlady
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Well, I've been here since forever, before you had to register and the message boards were "wild and wooly".. Haven't done too much quilting lately just cuz I'm getting old and haven't felt real well, I do, however, check the boards every day, maybe twice a day. Possibly after my grandson starts kindergarten in the fall I'll get back into quilting.. 12 years is a long time to baby sit. I also crochet, embroider and garden if the body lets me. Pepsi.
Posts: 3494 | Location: Staten Island, NY , USA | Registered: Sep 24, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I've been here off and on for a long time. I've seen improvement in a lot of due to the interaction and willing help from others. No one of us knows everything but someone will know what we don't. Neither.
Posts: 2318 | Location: Arkansas Zone 7 | Registered: Aug 18, 2005Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I am a long time lurker and occasional "talker". I do enjoy all the posts and eye candy. I stumbled on the board several years ago and like to see what everyone is up to-must be nosy too. I have attended the mini retreat in Alabama and enjoy visiting with the ladies there and sewing. I have occasionally done swaps and am Sunshine quilting this year.

I sew and quilt when I can. Lately, I have been making up row quilt kits for Project Linus for a friend who has a hard time with the cutting and choosing fabrics-it is fun. My DH also quilts and has been on a roll making preemie quilts lately-he sometimes needs help with his colors and designs but does very precise work.

I will take a Diet coke rather than tea, please.

Posts: 691 | Location: East Tennessee | Registered: Feb 24, 2005Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of KeepYouInStitches
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Are you sure you want to know about ME?! LOL

I've been here quite a few years myself but not before registration. Unfortunately my quilting is off and on. I'm off now because I have developed a personal relationship with my Kindle. However, I have vowed that as soon as I get my bedroom and closet organized to suit me that I will dig out my headphones and get back to the quilting frame.

I prefer (in this order pretty much):
hand piecing
machine piecing
hand applique
machine applique
paper piecing
it resides on the "other" list! Frown

I prefer hand quilting over machine quilting but have learned that there is a definite time and need for machine quilting.

I too talk a lot and type a lot. Many times I've gone back and edited what I typed just to make it shorter and more concise...gets about as clear as mud.

DS helped me with my screen name while trying to create a yahoo e-mail account. He came up with Keep You In Stitches because of my sewing and quilting and in his words, "...and because you think that you're funny." Smile

Yes...I have a pair of red cow"girl" boots. And YES! I do wear them!

I also have a big hat thanks to Florida Farm Girl. And yes...I have worn it too. In case you are butt is big with or without the hat. Wink

Oh...drinks: water, unsweet decaf iced tea, chocolate milk, fountain diet Dr. Pepper.

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Picture of SeeingStars
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... and Sherry has a large hat too.
Posts: 3670 | Location: North Alabama | Registered: Dec 06, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of mcpatches
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Sassy, I know you have a great sense of humor, have the cutest southern accent, are as sassy as your name, a heart as big as Texas and you like coke. Know a few other things like about Rosemary and Betsey and Mama. In fact, haven't found anything I did't like about you!

I'm a lifelong midwestern-er, took a disability retirement in 2010, don't like housework, do like quilting and trying to finish up all my UFO's (while I inevitably start new ones). Can say sewing and quilting have become my "job". When I worked, I had pepsi every morning instead of coffee and thin coke tastes like cough syrup. Can't eat Cincinnati's famous Skyline Chile (it doesn't like my digestive system), but will eat pretty much anything else that doesn't have fur (like anchovies or okra). Also a life-long (or remainder of my life) chemo patient. Don't dwell on it, but its a fact of life. Married for a looooong time, mother of one very large son (6"4" and 250 lbs), while I'm 5"5 and weigh a little more than half of him.

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Picture of sassy needle pusher
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KYIS, your fountain diet DP - when we eat someplace that has a bar (and especially if we're there with folks who are partaking) I love a good cherry coke! But, not that mess they pre-fab at the bottling plant.

Sassy NeedlePusher
Posts: 4382 | Registered: Dec 30, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of sassy needle pusher
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McP, Rosemary disappeared when we went visiting for a few days December 2013...we haven't seen her since. I think she found a home that feeds better Smile and that doesn't have a Betsy!

Sassy NeedlePusher
Posts: 4382 | Registered: Dec 30, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of motqltr
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great topic!! I love this along w/ what does your (board) name mean.
I've been around for abt 10 years (I guess) found this place while snooping out internet quilt swaps. Was pretty active until abt 5 or 6 yrs ago when I found facebook. They didn't monitor us like the mb's do. Then several ppl passed away and I felt I needed to reconnect here. I try to do the scraps to treasure every year. Almost missed it one time and now Jayardi babysits me. Thank you, Jean Smile
I also do the ugly challenge.
Haven't been doing many swaps, except the 12 Day of Christmas, because I have many swaps still in ziplocs and feels I should complete those before making more projects to store in ziplocs.
I have twins who are 23 y/o and in college. I'm working on the 1st marriage (24 yrs later this month). We have 2 cats, live in rural WA state.
Don't know what else to say.
~Don't assume people have a plan; they might be waiting for you to tell them the plan!~
Posts: 3674 | Location: southeast, Washington, USA | Registered: May 27, 2003Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of quilting wifey
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I'm one of the half quiet ones. I read the topics that interest me, respond if I think I have something worthwhile to say that will be beneficial and check in frequently--some because I don't feel like doing the other jobs I should!

I machine piece and quilt, do machine and hand embroidery, crochet and know just enough tatting to make rings and chains but putting them in a pattern design boggles my mind. I piece and embroider with my Pfaff machines and quilt with George who shares my bedroom with myself and hubby. I have been here however long the date at the bottom of this post says. I found it through checking out quilt patterns and designs from the show Simply Quilts.

If I don't feel like quilting, reading on my IPad is one of the first choices. When hubby and I go places, he drives, I read, and he stops at quilt shops for me that I didn't even know were on the road! I think I will keep him for another 37 years!

Posts: 6215 | Location: SE MN | Registered: Jan 02, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of StarrySky
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Been here since our cable system got HGTV about 1997 or 8. Back then there was a "craft" message board, just a list of topics, no graphics, no features. I was dealing with a DS still in school & 2 aging parents then, so I was pulled pretty thin. My sewing room was my escape.

Been sewing since I could reach the knee pedal. Hated sewing in jr. high, though. Turned me off of it til I got married. Quilting was making a comeback then with the Bicentennial & all. But gosh -- the tools & supplies were so rudimentary! No wonder my first quilt looked like a pre-schooler made it. Red Face I got up to speed once I got a new machine & I could retire from active motherhood & parental care.

My quilting preferences now are, in this order:

Shopping for fabric

Shopping for trims & notions

Organizing my purchases

Going to my quilt/sewing meetings

Looking at blogs online

Thinking about projects

Maybe actually starting those projects

Paper piecing, even if something's not supposed to be paper pieced

Sewing all sorts of small "crafty" things, often with my own pattern or design (give me an idea & I run with it)

Trying to figure out what went wrong with my own patterns & designs Frown

Sewing things for others...I have a huge circle of friends who don't sew but yet want a copy of everything I make!! I have trouble saying n...nnn...nnnnn...oh, what is that word that means I'm not going to be able to help you???

And last, I make quilts. I like SMALL. If it has to be wrestled thru the machine and thrown over my shoulder as I sew, forget it! I'll do it as a labor of love, but grumble to myself the whole time. And then cleanse my palate with a small project. Which I will show to a friend, and then she'll want one, too. Roll Eyes

My board name comes from my love of astronomy. My previous work that got put aside as soon as I got a ring on my finger. Smile

And my beverage of choice is seltzer water with something added to it...a splash of grape juice, a little OJ, some cut up fresh fruit, some cucumber slices, some herbs from the garden...not all at the same time, but whatever strikes my fancy & is in season. Yum! Yummy
Posts: 6125 | Location: About 28,000 Light Years From Galactic Center | Registered: Jul 23, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of KBlue
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I've been on the board since 2004 - found it while searching the internet for a pattern. I had to register to see the pictures. Then every name I tried to register with was taken (argh!) so I used my first initial and my favorite color, I became Kblue! I've mostly been a lurker. I did participate in Secret Sister for several years and several swaps. After years of drooling over the retreats and hearing how much fun everyone had, I finally was able to attend in 2013. Even though my luggage was lost - I had so much fun. Everyone was so sweet, offering me supplies and clothing. I had an amazing time! I taught my first class here for the pajama parties last year. That was a lot of fun. I'm mostly a collector of ideas, patterns and fabric. I prefer small projects that I can give away and will bring a smile to someone's face. I do want to make a quilt for my bed...but how do I decide which one??? It seems like such a committment when there are so many wonderful designs to choose from. When I'm not crafting/sewing/quilting I have 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren that keep me very busy. I love that they all still live near me. I also work full time, I'm in leadership at my church, and have a local quilt group that I do a lot for. Life is crazy busy but I love it! This board has been a constant during the ups and downs of life. I love checking in, seeing what everyone is up to, and checking out all of the new ideas - I have several notebooks filled with "someday projects" as well as several more saved to my computer. Mostly I love this board because of all of the positive energy. No matter what is going on there is always someone who offers words of comfort, support and love.
Posts: 790 | Location: Oregon | Registered: Aug 19, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of fishingwidow
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I have been here about 10 years. I too used to watch Simple Quilts and found this board when I used to look for some of the patterns, tips, etc. on the Alex Anderson show. I was a lurker.

Then... I broke 2 bones in an ankle and was in a cast a long, long time. So I was here all the time since I couldnn't do much else. Had to sign up in order to see the pictures.

So my broken ankle led me here. I have loved this thread, made lots of friends, joined in the swaps (just love the Secret Santa Stocking), learned how to cq, and everyone is so ready to help with a problem you might have.
I have attended all the COF get together's and just love the friendship and sharing.

I talked my DD Angelinamor into joining because I wanted to go to the first COF in MN and had reservations about sending $125 to a person I never laid eyes, to meet a group of people I never met and figured they couldn't take down two of us (ax Mrdrs) and abscound with our quilting fabrics and supplies we brought. When I think about it now, if I had kids who wanted to do that, I would be giving them whatfor to even think of considering it. AND - it turned out to be one very good decision. Because LADIES, YOU ARE THE GREATEST HERE!

Sorry I got carried away, but the people here have become good friends all.


PS - And I picked my name because everthing I selected was picked and what difference did the name make. As I never thought I would be here a very long time. Just goes to show you how much I know.
Posts: 4071 | Location: On the north coast | Registered: Sep 30, 2005Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of cksvett
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cksvett is my license plate for my 1988 corvette. Was as good as anything when I started many years ago. In PA they came up with "chicksvett" as a pronunciation for it. Actually I go by Chris.

Guess my favorite part is shopping for fabric, books, magazines, thread, buttons, patterns, etc. that is on sale or resale somewhere, so inexpensive. Also watching quilting shows which our fantastic PBS station has tons of.

Made many quilt tops, a few quilts and hundreds of pillowcases for Quilts With Love, which grew out of this board. Been a Secret Sister and a birthday one and a Christmas one. Still do the birthday fat quarter exchange which I love. Great way to build a stash of a certain fabric. Make doll quilts and joined the Sunshine Quilters and BOM Chicks this year for the first time. Am hosting the 2015 COF retreat in March of 2015.

Started watching HGTV when we moved to Florida in June 1999 and had cable! Lurked for a long time as I didn't feel experienced enough to post. Would check every post back then! Signed up when you had to so you could see the pictures.

Have 3 daughters and 3 granddaughters and a great grand son in Colorado & Texas.

Any more I am a water person. Was a Diet Rite Cola, Tab, Diet Coke and now water... Chris

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Picture of jeepdarla
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It would really be nice if everyone added a photo of themselves too. We could put a name with a face!
Posts: 3131 | Location: kentucky | Registered: Sep 27, 2003Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of needlecrazy
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So, Miss Sassy, what do you want to know about yourself? Oh, you meant me.

Well, I found this board when watching Simply Quilts. Got kicked off for some reason and had to re-register, so whatever date is on this post is my second time around.

Screen name is because I'm crazy for anything with a needle.


Hand applique
Machine piecing
Drooling over fabric
Machine quilting with my HQ
Doll making
Clothing sewing
Actually buying the fabric that I drooled over!

I've been to all of the retreats, and I was extremely fortunate that Miss Sassy needed a roomie that first year. Well, other than she threatened to throw me in the shower fully clothed since half of my luggage did not arrive in a timely fashion.

Love all of the friends I've made here; love all of the things I've learned and life moments I've been privileged to be a part of. Even the sad moments have had their comforts of knowing that I am part of a hugely caring group of people.

I'm in the green jacket.

"Laughter is timeless; imagination has no age, and dreams are forever." Walt Disney

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I've been quilting since the 70's when a friend was having a baby, and my mother had made a cute quilt for my nephew. My Grandma showed me how to quilt when I was a young'un, but I lost interest when I was not around her! Started watching HGTV when it started about 1990 or 91. We lived in Memphis then, and Tennessee got the channel first. I went through a few years when I cross stitched mostly, but still watched Simply Quilts. Got back into quilting when my grandchildren were in high school and going to college. Joined the board after we moved east.

As for me I am a Navy Wife, and stay at home mom, now retired. DH spent 23 years in and we lived all over, including Japan and England. Moved east when DH retired a second time and here we are. I've been married to that man for almost 59 years. We have 3 children, 4 grandchildren (all married), and 3 great grandchildren. They are scattered from Iowa City to Atlanta. We love to travel in our motorhome, but we are getting too old to drive around the way we used to. Still go south in winter and north in summer. Have machine, will travel!

I drink water and coffee, sweet tea when we're out. And I love my wine at 5 P.M.!

Posts: 1070 | Location: Smoky Mountains TN | Registered: Oct 01, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of AliceTX
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I found this board when it was the Craft Board in 1998. I have been here almost every day since. I don't post a lot but stay up on what is going on. My name says a lot about me, I guess. It's just "plain ole me in Texas".... what you see is what you get.

My husband and I have been married 38 years and have a blended family. He has 3 kids and so do I. We are blessed because they all get along (usually) and we have so much fun. we have 6 kids, 10 grands, 9 greats and another on the way.

I crochet, knit a little bit, cross stitch, needlepoint, and make quilt tops. I can quilt by hand and enjoy it on very small projects but I am so slow it is a losing battle. I usually send my large quilts out to be quilted. Q quilted 2 tops for me and they are works of art. I have found a lady now that is almost as good so I'm happy.

I love to read, garden, cook and especially love to bake. I am involved at church and in this VERY small community.

We have one dog, Happy. She is a mini silver Schnauzer and spoiled rotten.

I have seen so many changes on this board and have received so much help many, many times. This is the best place to be on the entire computer scene. AliceTX

A clean house is the sign of a broken sewing machine.
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Picture of Kay-lin
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I was late getting cable and late getting a personal computer. When I entered the 20th century, I found Simply Quilts. I came to the website looking for patterns and tips, and after several visits, found the message board button. I was afraid I'd never be able to find it again, but the next day it was still here.

I knew all about the dangerous internet and the suspicious characters just waiting to take advantage of the unwary, so I wasn't going to say a word. That lasted for two weeks, when CBQ started a swap of CW fq's. I signed up for the board and the swap and never looked back. I've learned so much here.

Favorites in order for now, but ask me again tomorrow:
quick and easy machine piecing
reading about quick and easy quilts
watching tutorials and online classes (Craftsy) about quick and easy techniques
not so quick and easy hand embroidery, hand quilting, hexie English paper piecing,applique, and a few other things.

Not on my list of favorites:
cleaning the strings from the back of the quilt top
pre-washing until the color catcher sheets are clear
making decisions about what to do next
cleaning off the cutting table - before and after

Coke - no sugar, no caffeine - hardly worth the trouble
Iced tea in summer
Posts: 4489 | Location: Maryland | Registered: Jun 14, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of NICUnurse
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I have been here awhile too. I also watched Simply Quilts and was searching the web and came across this message board. I hadn't been on long when I found out about the COF Retreat in Houston. I talked it over with DH and decided to go. I didn't know a soul and was scared to death-no problem-everyone was soo friendly and nice. I fell in love with everyone! I've been to each retreat since except for this past year because my youngest daughter got married at the same time.

I'm retired from nursing finally! Trying to get use to retirement. Some days I don't know where the time went and I've got nothing accomplished. I hate housework! I do like to cook and bake but finding it hard to cook for two people. I just celebrated my 35th wedding anniversary. We have 5 kids-a college professor, 2 nurses, a schoolteacher and a car salesman. We have 4 grandchildren.

I love unsweetened ice tea with lemon, Skinny Caramel Latte from Starbucks and Coke Zero on occasion. I like alcoholic beverages once in awhile.

I have a quilting studio upstairs that is a hot mess. I don't do as much quilting as I would like too. I spend way too much time looking at patterns and finding new projects to do. I like hand quilting but I am super slow with hand sewing. I love to do crazy quilting when I have the time.

That's enough about me!

Posts: 5905 | Location: Arkansas | Registered: Jan 18, 2007Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of bluesnail
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I've been sewing since I was 10 yrs old - thanks to 4-H. I've done many crafty things from cross stitch to leather work to wood work...but that all fell to the wayside once I found quilting.
My first (and only) quilting class, which I took in the mid 90's once my youngest graduated from high school, is where I learned to hand piece and hand quilt. Yes, everything was cut out with scissors!
I found this message board in 2007 when I was searching for a unicorn pattern. And once I saw that swaps were a big thing, I jumped right in.
I am a confirmed shop-a-holic for fabric... and have way more than I'll ever get to use.
My favorites are:
fabric shopping
sampler quilts
paper piecing
machine quilting (on my little home sewing machine)
For me make it hot tea, even when the temp hits the upper 90's.
I've been to 3 of the large retreats - New Hampshire, North Carolina and Missouri - and am a regular at the little retreats in Alabama.
I lived most of my life in western PA but DH and I made the move to Florida 3 years ago. Now I'm only about 6 blocks away from the best quilt shop on the east coast of Florida.

(And I was old before dirt was created!)

Sometimes I laugh so hard tears run down my leg! Lois
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Picture of paus4quilts
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My Mom was a seamstress so I've been sewing for a very long time. Mostly clothes and home decor. Quilting was not a big thing in our house.

Then I became quite ill and needed a new hobby. I do most every craft there is so I needed something new to challenge my mind and quilting was the answer. I learned what little I know by watching Eleanor Burns, Alex Anderson, Fons and Porter on the tv. At that time, I could turn the TV on and there was bound to be a quilt show on one of the channels.

I found the board in 2004, don't even remember how but I knew it was a place for me. People that have been here that long and longer know I like to help others, I can be ornery, I'm loyal, I like to share what I find, I try to be impartial about most things and only take what I read as someone's word...not reading anything into their words, and I'm inquisitive. And, I, also. love to talk.

I've been on something like a hiatus, firstly because after lotsa years there was a man in my life. The best-est man I'd ever known. After too short a time, I lost him and I just kinda needed to go into a pause mode. Now I'm doing a little bit at a time, coming back.

I enjoy sewing which includes quilting but mostly I love to draw so I spend a lot of time playing with my drawing software, tweaking patterns I see or helping others solve problems they might have.

After a very short period of time, when I first found this board, I knew this was the absolute best quilting board on the Internet. Nine and a half years later, I say the exact same thing. The Ladies on here are nothing but the best. Creative, talented, funny, soooooo very helpful and generous to a fault. And their compassion knows no bounds.

I feel honored that they let me come and play with them.

Outside of here, I garden with the world's largest brown thumb. So my gardens flourish only because of what they can do for themselves. I'm a cat person that spends her days taking care of a dog. My last cat died a little over a year ago. And with Annie, that's all the pet I need right now.

I have sons, grandkids and great grandkids. I don't watch much TV, love to read mysteries, and just kinda hang out enjoying my retirement.

I'm a Pepsi kind of person, the real stuff. Love hot tea and iced tea and drink lots of water.

That's me.

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Picture of paus4quilts
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BTW....nice to meet you all.
Posts: 6072 | Registered: Aug 20, 2007Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Shirlwin
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I have been here for exactly one year today [today is also the birthday of my youngest son ... he has three brothers and a sister], and I have five grandchildren and one great grandsonSmile When checking who was looking at my blog I noticed HGTV kept turning up, so being curious [well, nosey perhaps] I Googled HGTV, couldn't see all that was there, so joined. I have joined in mug rug swaps and a couple of challenges and thoroughly enjoy the beautiful work you ladies achieve.
I am a Kiwi [New Zealander] who arrived in Australia after a long story about a smoking chimney on my coal range, my main cooking and water heating appliance, in mid 2006. I was widowed 16 years before leaving NZ. While working in the Outback I met my present Other Half.
I have always sewn ... made my own clothes from teenage years, made all my daughter's clothes, and many for the boys. I made curtains and cushions and promised myself that when I grew old I would learn to patchwork and quiltSmile
I think I am old now!
Not long after coming to my present home I bought a sewing machine; the best purchase ever! I am not too sure if I need to buy so much fabric; but it might come in handySmileSmile
I have always knitted, can crochet granny squares but hate sewing them together.
After several attempts foundation piecing is not quite the challenge it once was.
And most of all ... this place is the best! Friendly, informative, and no quilt policeSmile

Almost forgot ... my name is a combination of my name and where I live. I feel my parents must have gone to Shirley Temple movies often.

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Picture of glassnquilts
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I have been on here for years but don't post a lot. I like to do art quilts and do pieced quilts too. I was a hand quilter but now have a Tin Lizzie longarm that my husband bought me hoping that I could make some money. I am pretty good but cannot compete with the machines that quilt all by themselves.
I have 2 grown daughters. I have quilted off and on since I was a teenager. My sister, mom and Dad now quilt too.
I love coming on this board to see what everyone is making.
My board name is because when I started on here I made stained glass and quilts, but decided I like fabric better.
Posts: 1197 | Location: West of Atlanta, GA | Registered: Feb 14, 2007Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of sewlove2quilt
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I 1st want to say: "Sassy we all love you & this mb wouldn't be the same w/o you!!" I think of you often & you'll always be my BSS!!!!" Big Grin

I joined this mb after my friend told me about this quilt she saw & "I just had to see it"! That was many yrs ago...2004 I think. I've attended ALL the COF retreats & really bummed that no 1 is hosting this yr
Frown can't wait til FL 2015!! Big Grin When I decided to attend the 1st one, I became a nervous wreck...never went anywhere all by myself, let alone fly somewhere to be w/ "strangers"! As soon as I walked in the room I felt like I was at a family reunion! Quilting SISTER'S are simply the B~E~S~T ever!!! Big Grin

I've been sewing/crafting since 'forever' & fell madly in love w/ mini quilts. I'm currently working on a mini gfg for the past couple of yrs. {It gets put on the back burner when something else comes}.

I work at Joann Fabrics & my sewing room is over flowing & such a mess that I just close the door & sew/craft in the dining room {hubby doesn't mind} cause I get so overwhelmed when I try to organize it....really need someone to come in to help!!!!

I've taught a few classes {& fri night pj parties} cause I love sharing what I learn from here & at my 2 quilt guilds. I've hosted a few swaps, too & am thinking about hosting another 'ABC' be watching for sign ups!

Married for 30yrs & have a married daughter & a son {who lives about 6 hrs away, just west of Chicago}, no grand babies but keep praying for some!

I only drink 'root beer' when we go to A & W {have to drive about 45 min N but it's a nice drive along the lake}, I just drink water, a bit of tea & occasional juice.

I just opened an etsy shop about a month ago & really need to work on getting more things made & added to it.

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Take time for kindness & for giving. Take time for friends & happy living!


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I'm so glad you all joined in on the party! It's my own personal quilt retreat and I can still do the laundry and get supper ready and pet Betsy!
Whether the BIG COF retreat, or the littler ones that sprout up all over the USA, I hope you all get the chance to meet some of your HGTV friends in person. These folks are the very best!

Sassy NeedlePusher
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This is fun. I have just been here about a year and can't remember how I came across this forum but it probably had something to do with EPP since I signed up for MANY of the swaps and now have a ton of hexies. Thank you newbie KC_1930.

I sewed clothes in my teens and still have an old Kenmore tucked away somewhere. One Christmas I made everyone clothes and burned out and turned to cross stitch. I am pretty new to quilting. I have only made a few of any size and gave all of them away. Well, my second one went to my Border Terrier so I still see it. Made one for my dad's 96th birthday. I took a year long class on Sue Spargo's Primitive Primer and now have all the blocks waiting to be hand quilted. They'd best be patient.

I feel very fortunate to have found this group. You are such caring folks. I hope one day to go to a COF. My DH gets lonely and I spend two weeks with my childhood friends and cousins in Oregon each year so it might take me awhile. He decried I have to get 9 year-old Scruffy to stop barking so much before I leave. Hmmph!

I live with DH, my 28 year old son, Scruffy, and two long suffering cats - Ace the mostly Maine Coon and Kitten, the 5 year old Turkish Van.

This is one long post. I do talk.
I like:
Looking at, fondling, and collecting fabric
Finding new projects to make my to do list out of control
Little quilts
Foundation Paper piecing
Hand Embroidery
Hand Appliqué.

For sodas, I like Mexican Coke and drink at least four a year. Coffee in the morning and tea in the PM and lots of water

This is a pic of me last fall at the Celtic Fair. I had just bought some wings and was headed for the pointy ears. Smile I'm usually flightless with jeans and a t-shirt.

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While we were in PA for the Retreat last June, DH went to the Celtic Fair TWO times-he loved it!

So I too have been sewing (garment) since 12 so that's 50 years ago. WOW. I had a children's sewing school for a few years during which time I took a Quilt in a Day class that a friend taught. I got hooked. I also did alterations for a store that sold jeans and khakis so lots of hems did in my neck and shoulder area giving me "repetitive stress syndrome." I struggle with that all the time so it reduces the time I can strain my neck sewing.

I've been on here for a while and have had the privilege of going to four (4) retreats in MN, NH, NC, and PA. Also my son is a miss*ionary in Indonesia so I have been THERE a few times and just recently returned with a small suitcase full of batik bought VERY reasonably. Hint: it's in Bali. Here is a picture of some ladies painting batik-not the kind we use for quilts.

Also I love the board and favor the following,

easy piecing, art quilts, machine embroidery, paper piecing and some swaps when the UFO's are caught up.

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It's nice to read about everyone. I really don't remember exactly how I found this mb, probably was looking for something I saw on TV on HGTV. I just read the posts for a long time before joining in 2006. I had never done any quilting in my life and didn't know anybody that did. But my mom taught me to sew when I was in high school. I married a few months after graduation and after almost three years and with a 7 month old, I divorced and found myself making all my clothes to wear to work. After 5 years I remarried and in 6 years we added 2 girls to the family. I made a lot of their clothes until they became teens and wanted to wear jeans most of the time.

DH and I just celebrated our 48th anniversary and it's just the 2 of us with our 14 yr old black lab, 19 yr old black cat and the baby, a 13 yr old black cat. We have the 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Our oldest granddaughter is a senior in college, her brother will be going to the same college in the fall. Our other daughter has a son 6 months younger than his cousin and will also be entering college in the fall. His younger sister is still in high school. I haven't sewn any clothes for myself in several years, but do small home dec sewing and have made a few baby quilts for relatives.

I love looking at and buying fabric, as well as magazines for ideas and wish lists.
I used to do some cross stitching and loved it but I can't see as well as I used to so have stopped.
I like Coke, hot tea and iced sweet tea, and I do drink coffee but don't really like it much.
I have never, and have decided I will never make a bed sized quilt, it's all I can do to make a baby quilt.
I like making yo-yo's but have not made anything with them.
I just learned a new way to make a Hexie, but have only made a few.
I also like to do appliqué and would like to do more embroidery.
I have never been able to follow the directions to either knit or crochet anything.
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Hi Everyone. I have been on here for a few years but more of a lurker. I started quilting back in the 60's. My mother-in-law taught me how to quilt and knit. My mother taught me embroidery. I also crochet, make greeting cards, counted cross stitch, ceramic painting, stain glass, Hardanger. I did do a lot of sewing when our kids were small but not anymore. The only thing I sew now is quilts. Married going on 58 years, 3 children, 5 grandkids. I do read a lot. Sometimes have 2 books going at the same time. When I go into a craft store or fabric shop I lose all sense of time. Happy Spring to all of you. Thanks for the ideas and help.
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I've been visiting the board for about 9 years now. I have met in person quite a few of you ladies but I have made some great friendships with three special ladies here on the board (you know who you are!) we meet when we can, laugh, cry and enjoy each others company - we're four completely different people with almost identical goals in life for our families and ourselves. We have grown to form a special bond.
Sadly I'm moving from Ohio to Florida, but I'm not letting it stop me from staying in touch.
Love coming here to see the eye candy and get inspiration. Such wonderful talent here.

my etsy shop

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I have been on the boards now for about 10 years. Gosh it don't seem possible. I met a lot of you girls and have had many wonderful times, talking, swapping and lots of other stuff with a lot of you.

I came here looking for some help to quilt a T-shirt quilt that kept breaking thread. I posted for some help and with the help of some of the replies, I got my quilt quilted.

I lurked for a while and then decided to try one of the swaps. I had always stayed with the old traditional quilt patterns until you all brought me out of my shell and out of the not so creative box I was in.
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I just had my 9yr board anniversary. I think I found the MB from an article in a magazine about free stuff for quilters on the internet.

I started garment sewing at 11 using fabric that was in my GM's stash...we inherited it when she died. I made a wrap-around skirt with a little triangle headscarf to match. Over the years I've done various crafts including embroidery, cross stitch, crochet & some knitting...I don't do much of them anymore. My fabric collecting began when I was making fabric covered photo albums, then I started quilting in the late '80s & haven't look back!
I used to record Eleanor Burns QIAD on my local PBS station - never saw an episode of Simply Quilts.

I like making mini quilts & lap-sized snuggly quilts and tend to do traditional piecing. Not a fan of paper-piecing or crazy quilting...I appreciate the finished products, but don't have it in me to actually do it! I started out hand quilting, but do more machine quilting now.

I've been to 2 COF retreats & loved them. I can see myself going to more. Big Grin

Ice water & Chick-fil-A lemonade drinker Smile

Here's a pic of my early stash busting efforts. I'm on the left in the red/white polka dot dress that I made. 1970 - I was 12

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Sherry, rofl when I saw your pic that you swear is you right now! Lol

Anyway, I think I found this through Simply Quilts. I just missed the first retreat, but went to Houston and have only missed Oregon, (which I deeply regret). So I have got to meet a lot of you, and it has been wonderful. Found Bluesnail on here and she lived less the 15 miles from me, so we formed a lasting friendship right away. I love learning different things that you can do with fabric. I like art quilts most because there are no rules, and that is me for sure!
I like
Hand work of any kind
Paper piecing
And taking classes this year in dyeing fabrics and screen printing! Love this!

I have lots of small projects done, lots of WIP, and my youngest has the only full size quilt I made and it is a string quilt.

Can't wait for Florida in 2015, it is awful close to bike week, so DH May tag along!
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Today is my 10 year aniv for joining the mb. I came on board to ask a question and got hooked. I love to do all kinds of quilting, embroidery/applique, cq (beginner), mainly art type wall hangings. I am not a fan of scrappy usually, but am slowly working on a string quilt of all colors and love it. I like trying new techniques.

I got my quilting buddy Ambher to join couple years ago, she doesn't post too much. We do a lot of quilting projects outside of the board and attend the guild and weekly quilting bee. Ambher goes to several bees. People say we were twins separated at birth we were born on the same day - um - she's older Smile we did the same things growing up, like the same things. etc. We have even bought each other a present and it was the same thing. We both collect butterflies and love the color yellow.

I have been married for 32 years to a really awesome guy who puts up with my quilting taking over the house. He even gave up his man cave so I could buy a longarm. The other bedroom is my studio. We have one son and family lives in Rhode Island - first gd, Layla, and expecting my first grandson end of August. My daughter lives a couple blocks away with her family, second GD, Olivia. I spend a lot of my free time hanging with her, she is 3 and just a joy to be around.

I purchased a long arm with great aspirations to be a master quilter Smile and it's been a frustrating time so far! I am struggling and hope to conquer it. I also don't get to spend a lot of time playing with it like I want to. I am not giving up!

I love to read when I am not quilting or hanging with the gd; in the spring I love to be out working in my yard.

I am a water and diet dr. pepper kind of girl. Hot chocolate in the winter.
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Congratulations on your tenth anniversary!
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I joined this message board 9 years ago. I found out about it because I was watching Simpy Quilts. When I first joined it was just to get some advice on some pillows I was making for Christmas that year. Soon the gals here talked me into making a quilt. And the rest as they say is history. In the beginning I was on here everyday. Recent years my health is up and down so I am posting for awhile and then disappear for months at a time. I have some major health issues that keep me from working.

I have been ble**ed with a love of quilting, crazy quilting and some apparel sewing. I make pieced quilts. Sometimes I will do some fusible applique. With crazy quilting I do a lot of bead work, use plenty of lace and do some plain embroidery and silk ribbon embroidery.

Joining swaps was a fun way to learn new techniques, discover different fabrics and get to know the fine ladies ( and some gents).

I have been married for 16 years. Our son is 21 and in the Marine Corps. Yes the math doesn't add up. He is my step-son and I have been is primary mother since he was 5 years old.

Butterflies float around my hillside
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Diet coke and cold Earl Grey tea (in refrigerator). Brownies and chocolate. There were so many NancyC's on the boards, that in desperation I threw in 20 as a last resort. I didn't think I could remember my name(s) on different boards and had very few computer skills (not much has changed). Married 38 years, Cat person (used to be dog). Hubbs is getting worried about all the strays that come visit. I have plenty of love for all of them, many old and I give them a good send off with good food and places to sleep. The vet doesn't know what I look like with makeup, since I'm usually crying when I go in. I watched Simply Quilts for years before deciding I was going to make ONE quilt. THE end-all-be-all quilt. I got some cute pink paperdoll fabric at e-quilter (they still sell it!) to make a shirt and then decided I could keep it longer if I made a quilt out of it (still haven't) and I was a goner because I discovered I could make a gazzilion quilts with all the fabulous fabric out there. Learned to buy on line (recovering from a broken back) and now I maintain that it keep our house safe from's under beds, lines the walls. Helps on insulation also. I read mysteries and in pots and sometimes cook. On my headstone it might say, "She TRIED to keep a tidy house." (not successful). I have yet to get off my pinwheel kick, though encouraged by many to "get out of my box" and "try something new". I do redwork, make dolls, calligraphy, sew vintage patterns, collect buttons and Raggedy Anns. Love hamburgers and fries.

"It's bad to supress laughter. It goes back down and spreads to your hips."
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I think I've been here around 8 years. Seems I had to re-register at one point. Love the positive can-do attitude on the board, everyone has encouraging comments. Thanks to y'all I've made a strip quilt, as well as a QAYG, and I've stretched a bit with Jayardi's scraps to treasure challenge. I like regular piecing, foundation paper piecing, and embroidery. Have done some appliqué and would like to do more. Really like the mug rug swaps, though I don't participate every month.
I've been retired 4 years now, and don't ever want to darken the doorway of a job again. My boss now is my 4 yo GD, I watch her during the week. She's a good helper and would love to learn to embroider. I imagine we will be attempting that one of these days.
I guess I'm a Dr Pepper fan, though I try not to drink a lot of sodas. Not a big fan of cooking since it's just me, but I try to cook once or twice a week. Smile.
I met several of you at a little retreat here in Texas about 3 1/2 years ago, everyone is so much fun. Maybe someday I can make it to another one.
I'll see if I can get on my laptop in a little while and add a picture.
Thanks for being here, everyone!
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I registered in 2004 but lurked for several years. I retired from work in 2009 but went back as part time in 2010 & work 3 days a week. DH & I were High School sweethearts & will celebrate our 50th anniversary this May. We have 1 DD & DSIL (no grandchildren). We live on 4 acres outside the city limits & have 2 dogs, 18 hens, 1 rooster, & 2 sheep. I generally make quilts, etc to give away & have only kept 2 for myself (one of them I don't like...go figure!) I love doing & making for other people.

Quilting things I like best:
Putting on binding
Machine quilting

Things I want to learn:
Paper piecing (I've tried a few)
Free Motion quilting (I'm trying to learn)

Selecting colors for quilts, block, etc. is the hardest part for me so that' why I love kits so much...the hard part is done for me.

I love Mexican & Italian food & if & when I drink a soda it's a Dr. Pepper....water mostly for me. My favorite candy is Toffee & I love a bagel in the morning.

Here's a pic of me on a birthday a couple of years ago.

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● ● ● I thought this post was what do we know about YOU. I know that it's ALL because of you we have the COF retreats, for which I am forever grateful. I've been to EVERY one and have met so many beautiful people, including a lot of my challengers.

After reading everything, I see you actually want to know about me. Hmmmm, I started quilting in 2000 after finding a 'work at home' job on line by sewing blocks for a lady in ND. Until then, I didn't know a thing about or ever heard of quilting. ?!?! I took home ec, but never really got into sewing much. Wasn't very good with garments. Oh, I can fix things, but start to finish - not so good. I learned to knit when young, did crewel and embroidery as a child, but pretty much detest hand work now. I've been a do-it-yourselfer my whole life. Am self taught in just about everything. Quilting opened up my creative juices and the rest is history.

DEW, please.

Nikki, nice to finally meet you. Wink

Sassy, nice to see you back on the boards.

Life without quilting is not an option! • • • • • MY Photos • • • • • • ENJOY!

Have you met my Circle of Friends? • • • • • • • PJ Party Tutorials

• • • Please! Support OUR Troops: Gratitude Campaign • • •

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It's been like reading a quilting novel with these wonderful posts. I've been here ten years and am not that active. I comment when I can share to the topic. I can't remember for sure but it was probably Alex Anderson that led me here. That's when the ragtime quilts were the big thing and perhaps I needed help.

Fortunately, I was able to retire early and stumbled upon my old Kenmore sewing machine purchased in the early 70s. I've since found a better machine, but won't give up that sturdy machine.

I have conquered most of the quilting fads and types. The computer has given me a wide range of information about quilting and had several magazine subscriptions. I never do the same pattern twice. Give me bright colors to work with at all times.

For about 8 years I belonged to a quilt guild and was fortunate to take classes from "big name" quilters and feel I've perfected my skills. Currently I am involved with my local Quilts of Valor and do machine quilting for Project Linus.

I like hand work but my hands are getting old so just do a little bit everyday.

My family hates to see me coming with yet another quilt for them, so I just make them little projects I see.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, stories and eye candy for all these years.
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So many of us have been encouraged to do this because of Alex Anderson and Simply Quilts!!!!

"My family hates to see me coming with yet another quilt for them, so I just make them little projects I see."

Waving hand wildly to become family! I wouldn't hate it!!!!!

"It's bad to supress laughter. It goes back down and spreads to your hips."
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Great thread!
I've been hanging around here about 8 years. I lurked for months before I actually joined in.
I found this Board after my kids went away to college & I had more time on my hands to sew & play on the computer. I love traditional machine piecing & hand quilting.
I lurked during a pincushion swap & I was so impressed with this group's organization & commitment, I couldn't wait to be part of you.
My Board name is Quiltzilla, because that's what my family would always call me when I was deep into making a quilt - focused only on finishing - forgetful about making meals or doing anything else around the house.
This group has been very inspirational & helpful to me. I love that there's always someone here to answer questions & share experience. This is a very generous group.
Since being involved here I have opened a quilt shop, hoping to have a successful business ready for me when I retire from teaching elementary school. We've been open 3 years this month, & it's been a wild ride. I hope to retire from teaching next year & work in the shop full time.

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This is a great thread and thanks for posting it. It has been most enjoyable and I am going to add my 2 cents worth asap. Right now its storming here and I have to be sure nothing floats away!
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Alex Anderson & Simply Quilts brought me here years ago. I have 4 kids, 2 have moved back home temporarily which has been for a number of years. One son is a pharmacist in Oregon-likes the Ducks. He was a raised a Husker Fan from Nebraska. He's married with 2 girls. Made a wall hanging and knitted a hooded sweater for the first one. Never used. I've sent other quilted stuff, who knows if it has been used. One daughter, married, 3 kids, RN - have given her tons of quilted stuff-has loved it. 2 other kids at home. One son is an army vet, spent 1 1/2 years in Irag. Now at UNL in engineering. Other daughter has endometriosis issues and has a kindergartner who I help with.

I love all quilting-any kind and any type and want to try all kinds. I've been quilting since Simply Quilts. Used to work outside the home but have been babysitting now. That's how the one daughter became a RN and now the little 6 year old while her mom is in school.

Have loved reading everyone's stories. Thanks!!
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