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Hi: I am new to quilting so to speak. My mother was a hand quilter and I had helped her on occasions. She has passed and I was given her quilt tops she was working on for the family to finish. I want to finish them but I am horrible at hand quilting and machine quilting is my style. I feel guilty machine quilting these quilt that I know she would have hand quilted.
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Picture of Fleur55
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Hi Glasshack,

What a treasure to have your mom's quilt tops! While hand quilting is beautiful and that is what your mom did, I'm sure she would just want you to finish them in your own way and put them to use. Whatever you decide to do she will be smiling Smile.
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Picture of Will Quilt for Chocolate
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Welcome! I agree with Fleur...I think a finished quilt is so much better than a folded up top! My machine has a stitch that mimics hand quilting. Maybe something like that would be a nice compromise for you!

Again, welcome to the board!
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Picture of Florida Farm Girl
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Welcome, glasshack! I agree with the other girls. Just quilt them as you can and know she'd be proud of you for doing so. We'll look forward to seeing PICTURES of them, okay? Again, welcome.

Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.
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Picture of SheriV
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I'm a hand quilter but I would love to have something of my mom's finished any way it could be. I bet they will love it and not know the difference.
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Glasshack, a big Wisconsin welcome from Patty J and Sue. I am sure your Mom would want you to finish them any way you wish to use. Most of us do machine quilting and attempt hand quilting on small projects. Just enjoy completing your Mom's pieced quilts. We love pics of projects. Sue
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Picture of needlecrazy
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Here's a huge Howdy from Texas! Please finish those tops in your own best way and share them. The family will treasure them, and your mom will be smiling at you for taking such good care of her legacy.

"Laughter is timeless; imagination has no age, and dreams are forever." Walt Disney
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Picture of nlk
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Howdy from Texas...Wave & welcome to the boards. I agree with everyone else. Finish them off the way you want & then sit back & enjoy that fact that the quilts have a little of you & a little of your mom in each one. Can we see pictures when they are done?


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Welcome to the boards. Ditto to the other posts.

Yes, we do love pix!

Enjoy your treasures.


Friends divide our sorrows and multiply our joys.
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Picture of SeeingStars
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So glad you found us. Those quilt tops have special memories of your mom and you'll love using them once they're quilted. We love photos (hint) so take a few when you finish each of them. Also, if you need suggestions or inspiration, there are lots of creative quilters here. Just ask if/when you need help.
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Picture of NICUnurse
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Hey Glasshack! A big welcome from Arkansas!

First-Welcome to the boards!

Second-please accept my condolences on your Moms passing. I know how difficult it is.

Third-oh such a treasure you have! Something your Mom loved and worked on and part of her heart is in it. It's so cool your going to finish them for family!! I agree with everyone else-although she hand quilted, you can finish any way you like!

Please show picture We all love eye candySmile

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Picture of quilting wifey
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Welcome, how nice for you to be able to finish the quilts that your mom wasn't able to get to. As for hand vs. machine quilting, do you really think your mom wanted you to wear the same kind of clothes that she did?? NOT! She wanted you to be yourself and do what fits you. Do the machine quilting and know that these quilts will be well loved and will hold up well with the work you have done.

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Picture of nancyc20
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Good for you! Welcome to the board! I have several vintage quilts with both stitching on them. At least one looks as if several generations worked on it. I love's a delightful treasure. And since it has tears in it...I'll be maybe the 4th person to work on it. It's a really happy feeling. You'll feel so close to your mom when you're working on it. Go for it!!!

"It's bad to supress laughter. It goes back down and spreads to your hips."
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Picture of KeepYouInStitches
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Another big Texas HOWDY! Wave

Do what you need to do to be able to use the quilts!

I have one of 1st DHs DGMs (1st Dear Husband's Dear GrandMother's) quilts. She appliqued the top with her treadle sewing machine then hand quilted it. There's no difference in machine quilting and hand stitched top.
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Picture of MountainLaurel
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Welcome from Pennsylvania!! I am so sorry for the loss of your Mom. I am sure she would be happy to have you work on her quilts anyway that you choose. It will be a treasure. Think of all of the good memories.


Our lives are like quilts - bits and pieces, joy and sorrow, stitched with love.
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Picture of warm buns
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Welcome to the boards from Mississippi. If you try to do something that you are not comfortable with such as hand quilting, you probably will never finish it.

Do what is right for you to finish it and I am sure your mom would not want you to stress yourself over it.

Hope to see more of you around here and hope to see plenty of pictures of whatever it is you work on. WE love eye candy!


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Picture of mw8930
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Welcome from TENNESSEE! I'm chiming in with all the other girls...finish them the way that works best for you and I am sure your mom will be looking down on you with much pride just seeing your efforts. Lots of pictures please...eye candy is always appreciated here.

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Picture of lakequilter
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Welcome - how nice for you to be able to work on your mom's quilts. She would be so pleased for them to be finished in any way best for you and then enjoyed!
Again, welcome.

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Picture of Joyce
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That's the same way I got into quilting. Mom and I were finishing a quilt top when she passed. Dh and I moved soon after and the house was too small to set up the quilt frame. It was just 1X4s held together with c-clamps. I finally cut it down so it would fit in our living room and finished that quilt.

I had a dozen or so quilt tops laying around unfinished. We remodeled and I have a huge quilt room and a quilt frame with a mid-arm for machine quilting. I encouraged several of my nieces to take some of the tops to finish, taught them the basics and several have finished them. I still have one to finish. I know Mom would have handquilted them, but I also know that she would have been happy having them finished.

One of the quilts was wool, my niece tied it with big buttons and backed it with flannel. I
thought that way was just what it needed. I am sure Mom would have loved it.

I guess what I am trying to say is finished is something Mom would like and I think yours would too.
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Picture of cksvett
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Welcome to the board from Florida!

I agree with what everyone said.
Do what ever you feel comfortable doing. I rescue unfinished tops from many an estate sale or rummage sale and have machine sewn together hand pieced squares just to get the top finished. The one thing I learned with hand pieced blocks is tha you need to stay stitch before you trim anything or the block starts coming apart... Chris
Posts: 5854 | Location: Tampa Bay | Registered: Jan 10, 2003Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of iluv2quilttoo
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Welcome! Sorry about the loss of your Mom. I know that hurt. My Mom didnt quilt so how lucky you are to have ones that your Mom made! Finish them however you can, she will be happy they get done.
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Picture of paus4quilts
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Hi, and another Welcome to the board.

As you can tell we are all supportive of your ideas and think you will be happier doing it your way.

The neat thing about quilting, whether you draw your own design, buy a pattern or copy from someone else, it is always yours to do with as you please. Seldom, if ever, is there a right or wrong way to do something. The only thing that counts is if you are comfortable with what you are doing and if you like it.

You do what you think is best.

Come back and see us again, soon.
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Picture of AmyJo
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Welcome, Welcome

This is a great board, everyone is so friendly, helpful and supportive ( quilting and other subjects that come along in life )

I agree with everyone's comments, how awesome to have her quilts finished and being loved. Your moms style was hand quilting, its ok that its not yours.

We love eye candy, please post pictures !
Posts: 295 | Location: OH, USA | Registered: Feb 26, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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