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  Fleas in sewing room
Fleas in sewing room Sign In/Join 
Picture of glassnquilts
I have 3 dogs that sleep in the unfinished part of my basement. My sewing room backs up to this area. My dogs had fleas and have been treated. Their area is now flea free. My sewing room is infested. I have sprayed the concrete floor and dusted the area with flea powder.
I am now sewing in my dining room. Is is safe to use a bug b*mb? I do not want my fabric to have residue on it. Has anyone solved this problem?
Any ideas?
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Picture of Annon
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I would call an exterminator fast!
Posts: 3607 | Location: Ohio | Registered: Sep 18, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of PatriciaAnne
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Just keep spraying morning and night. Trust me if you think their area is free of fleas, it's not. We had them really bad last summer on two indoor cats and we did eventually did have to b_ _ m. It did not seem to leave a residue, but keep you fabric clear of the spray zone, I think it was 3ft.
Good Luck!
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Picture of StarrySky
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In 30+ years of having indoor cats, I've only had to deal with this problem twice. Once was when my SIL/BIL who had a dog came here (minus the dog), and the kids brought all kinds of sleeping bags & stuffed animals & suitcases. The vet & I had a feeling the fleas hitched a ride on those things.

The second time, the vet thinks we managed to get squirrel fleas, which will prey on cats. The fleas must have come in on the cats via the screen porch -- that's the only access to "outdoors" my cats ever have.

Both times, I got rid of the fleas without using any chemicals at all. First thing I did was vacuum THOROUGHLY. Every room (and even the patio carpet) got a huge going-over both with the vacuum and with the attachments. I left no corner & no upholstered surface undone. It took ages to finish, but I did it, then sealed & threw out the vacuum bag.

Second thing I did was remove all throw rugs, bedding, pillows, etc. I washed what could be washed and tossed the rest in the dryer for 10-15 minutes. Some rugs & pillows got wrapped & put in storage for awhile.

I repeated the vacuuming and the dryer tumbling every day for about 3 weeks. I didn't spend all day vacuuming -- I gave each room at least a going-over daily, making sure I spent longer on places where the cats were likely to have been.

I started with a fresh vacuum bag, and each time I got done vacuuming, the bag got sealed in a big Ziploc & put in the freezer until the next day.

Meanwhile, I flea-combed the cats every day, usually several times a day, and I crushed any live fleas I found.

After a week, I saw fewer fleas on the cats, and after 3 weeks, I never saw a flea again on them or in the house. The vet was pleased, and so was I. I refuse to use sprays or b*mbs -- I'm far too sensitive to those things & my lungs could not have taken it. Nor am I willing to put any sort of flea treatment on my cats. Just picky that way about chemicals around them.

So you can eradicate fleas in an indoor environment if you control who has access to it (no untreated outdoor pets re-entering it) & if you vacuum constantly, removing the bag between cleanings and freezing it.

The vet told me that fleas only spend 10% of their time on the animal to feed. The rest is spent in the environment, where they lay eggs. I forget what the time frame is for eggs hatching. But if you're vigilant with the cleaning, you can remove the live fleas & the eggs.

If you have any doubt whether a pet is still carrying fleas, put them on a white sheet (or in a dry tub), and run your hands backwards through their fur. If you see the little black flecks of flea "dirt," then you still have a problem. If you're not sure what's flea dirt & what's not, wet it. Flea dirt runs red, because it has blood in it.

Good luck! You may end up with the cleanest sewing room anywhere!
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Picture of warm buns
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You can not treat for fleas just once. You have to do it for a couple of times at different intervals.

I had a flea infestation one time and I treated the area for fleas and a few weeks later I had fleas again. I found out that the eggs they lay hatch like in 21 days. I got rid of the fleas the first time but not the eggs. As the eggs hatched, I had another flea problem

Good luck with getting rid of them. I am not sure about your fabric. I think I would hang a piece of plastic over the front of my fabric shelves if I had that happen to me. I would probably seal it off with some duct tape and b88b away.
Posts: 3629 | Location: Elvis, birthplace | Registered: Nov 08, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of KeepYouInStitches
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No severe infestation, but twice I've had fleas in the house - no inside pets either so I assume they road in on our clothes.

I put a baking dish on the floor. Poured in 1 inch of water then a good squirt of dish detergent (you do not need bubbles so put the detergent in after the water). Put a lamp over the water...I had a gooseneck desk lamp at the time. Overnight, the fleas come to the light, jump in the water. The detergent makes the water heavy. The fleas drown. Do this several until you have no fleas in the water.

Be sure to shut the door to keep the pets from drinking the soapy water.
Posts: 17071 | Location: Daingerfield, TX | Registered: Feb 07, 2003Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Quiltzilla
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Fleas can't survive if there's no host. If there's no living animal for them to feed on, they'll die.
So the vacuuming & treating should work - just stay out & keep the animals out for a while.
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I had to flea-B 0#B my Jeep once. I left the back hatch open during a July 4th family get together downstate and got sand fleas.I did it 2 x 2 weeks apart and no more fleas,they bite.Red Face

"In Michigan"
Posts: 10075 | Location: Michigan,up North,the west side of Perfect | Registered: Sep 14, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Quilts"R"Fun
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I would sprinkle the area with sevin dust...including the dog's area. It shouldn't hurt the animals. After all, you use it in the garden to keep the bugs from eating your food. Call the vet to make sure if you want reassuurance...we've always used it for outside dogs and they've been fine.

A friend of mine did the water with soap and the lamp that someone above mentioned and it actually works. Keep the dogs out of the area because they may drink the soapy water.

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Picture of glassnquilts
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I am continuing to spray frequently and sprayed the dog's area again today. It has been very frustrating.I will try the water thing when I get back in town after the holidays.
Posts: 1197 | Location: West of Atlanta, GA | Registered: Feb 14, 2007Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Shogun
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I would be cautious using Sevin indoors. Read the MSDS. It is harmful to skin and eyes and the lungs, so if you have any breathing issues I wouldn't use it. The MSDS shows how to properly use it and any safety hazards.
Posts: 3701 | Location: Michigan | Registered: Jan 18, 2008Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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