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  Ideas for redoing this small galley kitchen?
Ideas for redoing this small galley kitchen? Sign In/Join 
Thanks to water damage from upstairs, we need to redo the ceiling on this kitchen. Our budget is limited, so the tiles most likely have to stay.
We plan to reface the cabinets, add granite counters, and maybe a backsplash.
The range is new, so that needs to stay too.
Any ideas for cabinets/counters to bring this kitchen out of 1985?

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The floor really brings the space down a lot .Not sure where you live but when i built my house I put heated floors in the bathrooms and kitchen .I like your stove and just bought a stainless steel lg double oven and have to say the second oven is always great .If you are getting a new fridge make sure you measure as you have a wall there and it may stop your fridge from opening all the way .I chose recycled counter tops and love them .I have a glass back splash and with the glass pieces in the counter top it really looks great .
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So... any ideas to get around the floor?
Any ideas for (preferably inexpensive) ways to change the floor? Suppose I were to change the grout color or something like that?
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If you are on a limited budget consider a different countertop and spend the money elsewhere like on a different floor, adding a cabinet to the right of the stove.
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Well, the problem is that the ugly floor extends to a large dining room behind the kitchen: probably 200-250 square feet in all. On the other hand, there's only about 12 square feet of counter. So we don't save much money by skimping on counters, but it would take a pretty penny to have someone redo those floors.
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Overthinkit, would personally love to see add'l photos to determine how this kitchen flows into the rest of your space.

Do you intend to sell the property? Why the reno? Other than yes, it's stuck in the 80's and you're apparently having work done already to deal with the water damage?

Based on the photo you provided, no offense but it appears so small as to be an apartment or condo/townhouse kitchen. Not sure it's worth a large investment, although I certainly agree it needs an update.

Agree with everyone about the floor. If you absolutely can't do it, then, yes, you could try matching the grout to the tiles with the hopes that will diminish its presence and essentially make it disappear. That would tend to enlarge the space, too.

Have you thought about trying butcher block counters? Could be your most inexpensive option, although cheaper granite's definitely available these days. Or, have you considered trying one of the faux plaster diy products to cover the laminate? Alternatively, a combination of the two might work well. (Butcher block for a chopping/prep surface, remainder in the faux stone.)

Any chance you could move the fridge away from that corner? Probably not - can't see any space for it. Don't know how many people in your household but could you go to a counter-depth (possibly smaller) fridge? Or, is it possible to shift everything down to the right, utilizing both a wider (counter depth) fridge in that space and filling in the gap on the right? Yes, you'd probably need to fill in a small gap on the upper, left-hand side, by the door, if a shift to the right was possible. (BTW, you could probably fill in an upper, left-hand side gap with a dummy panel or dummmy cabinet.) I believe the counter-depth fridge would also tend to enlarge your space.

If you're thinking about resale, doubt you'd get the granite/appliance **$ back. Have you considered possibly pulling off the 80's top and bottom trim, substituting some trim molding on top of the cabinets - maybe in a simple Shaker type style and then having them professionally spray-painted? Or, you could possibly accomplish this by turning the top/bottom trim into part of a picture frame, if it'd leave a major gap to yank it off. Finishing them off with nice hardware would also update your space.

I would definitely try to prioritize the floor over almost everything else. Have you priced out cork, say cheaper cork tiles? They come in numerous colors. Don't know what other floor's past your dining room to address the flow -

Small item but I would definitely remove the chalkboard. The space may feel larger, if you only had the white door there plus the white (minimizing) grout on the floor. In addition, doesn't it interfere with your fridge? You might hang a small one on the wall space where a broom appears to be resting or use some chalkboard paint there.

Yes, I realize the trash can/coat rack/broom space is probably very functional but it'd be nice to relocate those items in order to utilize more of that space. (Sorry, I'm sure you already know that.) If you end up building that out, you can obviously stow the trash can plus the other items, too, if it's possible to add a tall, narrow cabinet.

Would love to see some add'l photos plus your results upon completion of the project. Good luck with everything! All, JMHO.

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Thanks for the advice, everyone!
I know it's been months and months, but we're finally finished... I'll post two messages since for some reason I can only upload one photo at a time.
At any rate, we couldn't afford the contractor's obscene estimate and did the work ourselves. We raised the ceiling a foot (paid someone to do that), put in a shelf with a pot rack to open up the space over the stove, replaced all the cabinets, went with a marble counter, and put in a blue glass backsplash and an apron front sink (that will be in the next post).
We had to leave the floor alone but I think we did improve the space otherwise. We did add cabinets to get rid of the broom space.
Total cost including raised ceiling ended up being about 9k (5k for raising the ceiling and water damage repair, 2k for marble, 2k for cupboards, paint, etc). But if we'd had a contractor do it it would have been well upwards of 15k. Expensive, I know, but we live in DC.
Blueday, to answer your question, yep its a condo and yes the goal is to sell eventually...
Thanks for the ideas!

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Picture of PatV82
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Impressive! Amazing what that backsplash does for the space.
The microwave on the fridge is a hoot! At 5'3", I rarely even see the top of my fridge Smile
Love it.
Posts: 417 | Location: Aurora, Illinois | Registered: Jan 03, 2013Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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And the backsplash was only $3/sq ft!
I know the microwave is cheesy; that will have to change before we sell. We hardly ever use it, so I actually like having it up there...
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I wasn't around when you first posted... it was so nice to see these updates.You all have really done a nice job... so yes please keep posting pictures .Everyone loves to be inspired.
Posts: 4454 | Location: Texas | Registered: Mar 29, 2007Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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Stunning job on the kitchen. I really like the open shelving idea. I would have to say you really nailed it.

Christopher R. Johnson
Journeyman Carpenter &
Home Remodeling Expert
Posts: 30 | Location: Westmont, Il | Registered: May 08, 2013Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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Hey, thanks!
That means a lot coming from an expert like you!
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