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  need help with backsplash- typhoon bordeaux granite
need help with backsplash- typhoon bordeaux granite Sign In/Join 
I'm stumped on this BS. I *LOVE* my granite and want a backsplash that won't compete with it. Anyone have any suggestions? My cabinets are a medium cherry, tan travertine tile floor, SS appliances and grey silgranite sink. Walls are BM Revere Pewter, but I'm not taking them too much into account as that color will probably change in a few years.
I love the look of subway tiles (smaller, brick set) and love glass mosaic. I'm wondering if I could combine the two. Maybe cream subway on the top and bottom with about 4 inches of a beautiful glass mosaic in the middle? Sound weird? Any suggestions?

overview of kitchen
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Picture of Grapefruit
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Your kitchen is beautiful! I have never had a backsplash....just the painted wall. I personally think that some tiles look too busy and can limit your decor choices. I do not like to feel compelled to always "match" a backsplash.

There are others who will surely offer great advice. You might want to post this on 'General Decorating".
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Great kitchen! Good idea for the backsplash, too -

When you say "mosaic", I'm assuming you mean the mesh tile with a glass tile plus stone. Because you love your granite, I would make it the star and go with a basic subway tile plus a glass tile stripe - no stone.

In addition, the glass tile may enhance light. Your kitchen's reading dark, although it could be the photo and/or my screen. BTW, I'm not sure if I'd go as much as 4" - depends on the proportion.

Overall, IMHO, the next step for your kitchen would be to select an accent color or colors. If it were my kitchen, I would use the granite as a color inspiration. For example, if it has warm green hues (can't see it that well in the photo), you could play off that when selecting your glass tile.

I would then use the accent color(s) to finish decorating the kitchen. Anyway, your idea sounds terrific. Good luck with everything!
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Nice kitchen, Bianca.

I agree with Agua's suggestion to highlight your granite's underlying tones.

If you can, pls share a few after pics!
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A cream colored travertine type tile would look nice and wouldn't compete the granite.

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Tile choices can be very personal. Simple style and a blending color would probably be my choice.

Just a suggestion: Before you begin, do any electrical changes like additional outlets/switches or wiring for under cabinet lighting that you may be considering. Once the tile is installed, the back splash walls are covered and not accessible.
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Keep it simple. You have a lot going on there already with the low backsplash which I assume you'll keep so one type of tile will be plenty. Also with the stainless pieces and the glass front cabinets there is already a lot to look at. Find something solid color and light to match the granite's background and bigger tile, maybe 3x6 would be better than smaller with a lot of grout lines.
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