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Picture of Dianec619
I am having a house built and would like to get opinions on what color cabinets to install. I like both dark and light but want to pick a cabinet that is not here today and gone tomorrow.
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Do not go too dark or too light. Pick a mid tone or go with white. JMHO.
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Picture of KBTrendsMag
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Hello Dianec619,

A timeless kitchen is one that takes into consideration both function and flair and blends with the design of the home and the personal taste of the homeowner.

White is always a timeless color. It goes with anything and can complement any kitchen style. If you do decide on white, remember that the cabinets will be a supporting role to some other design element such as a countertop or textured backsplash. They are not as bold in making a strong statement compared to other colors.

Cabinets have the largest impact when walking into a kitchen because it is the thing people see the most of in the room. The harder part with cabinets in creating a timeless look is the design of the door. Depending on which one you choose will also determine the style of the kitchen. For example, a flat door style is popular for a contemporary or modern kitchen. A distressed style is popular for farmhouse or French themed kitchens. I would say the style that has proven to stand the test of time is inset. A classic look that tends to be a little more expensive, but it works well with most kitchen designs.

Hope this helps,

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Kitchen Bath Trends
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I like kitchens that relate to the exterior architectural style of the house.For me I consider that the kitchen has the most fixed elements of any room and are very expensive to redo. If your cabinets and material choices reflect the type of home you have it will always be suitable.Consider repeating some of the exterior motifs like stacked stone or slate and wrought iron for Country/Craftsman style.Maybe strong horizontal elements and teak or zebrawood in a Mid Century.Perhaps some fluted detail and lantern style lighting in a Georgian/ Colonial.Let the style of the house tell a story through cohesive design choices.And remember to mix small scale with large, dark with light and geometric lines with some organic curves.
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