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  Help with Island Stools (pics)
Help with Island Stools (pics) Sign In/Join 
I have installed a kitchen island 54x38" and I am trying to find 4 stools. We love these stools (pictured) but I am not sure if they may be a little too big. The top picture seems to show that they are well proportioned for the table top size, but the lower picture shows that the two chairs extend beyond the base cabinet - is this "visually" a problem? The island is 54" wide so two 20" wide chairs fit, but the base is only 30" wide so pretty much any stool we get will extend past the base

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Looks OK to me....but I think stolls that could go under the island top when no in use might be better.
I think this is reaslly up to you, it's your kitchen, so whatever you like!
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If you like the chairs, don't do anything until you have bodies in the chairs. If everyone can be seated with enough room around...keep your chairs.

(I prefer the backs. I detest backless stools. Feels as if I'm a buzzard perched on a roost awaiting its next meal. They are also tiring to perch on for a meal - even a quick breakfast.)
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Every time I see the title of this thread...I think of a digestive problem one might get traveling to the tropics.
AND with pictures no less!
Big Grin Big Grin Wink
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Picture of CJO
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I think they look gorgeous...I was wondering why you wanted to replace LOL!
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LOL conrad!

I love the chairs too...I would keep them.

If you really don't like them, they have a great selection at these sites:
and I think they are have sales right now.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can't..... You're Right - Henry Ford
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Like them, too. In the photo, it appears you have them arranged to leave an opening for the cook to utilize the island for prep work. If you were dining, wouldn't the 4th chair be placed on that side? How often do you cook with either family members or guests already seated?

Seems like they'd look fine, if/when they were rearranged. Overall, if they're comfortable for diners with ample legroom, I would continue using them.


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I like them they look comfy but look bulky when you look below the counter top they sort of make the bottom look even smaller than it is .Almost reminds you of a mushroom and the bottom falls over the whole top goes down too .Makes the top look huge compared .Bulky .Reminds me of a pedestal table when you leaned on one side it would tilt up and almost topple off .
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