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  What is the Best Way to Store Countertop Appliances
What is the Best Way to Store Countertop Appliances Sign In/Join 
We have quite a few:

Food Processor
Bread Machine
KitchenAid Mixer
Electric Grill
Pasta Maker
Ricer Maker
Espresso/Cappuccino Machine
Vacuum Sealer
Electric slow cooker

What is the best way to store them? They are too big for the draws. Too heavy for the lazy susans. To many and too big to leave on the countertop.

All ideas are welcome.


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I have a few of the large items you listed, KitchenAid Mixer, Icemaker, 14cup Cuisinart, Large Microwave, Juicer, Crockpots, Chafing dishes etc. I knew we were going to need a lot of kitchen storage when we built this house so instead of having the washer and dryer indoors, we stuck them in the garage. Now the laundry room is my walk in pantry. I store all of my small appliances in there.

You may not have this option, but a large sideboard or server could hold these items too if you have room close to your kitchen.

Life is a great big canvas...throw all the paint on it you can.
Danny Kaye
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DavidNJ, we have the same situation. We purchased a stainless steel worktable (typically used for workshops/garage). It came with only an upper surface and a lower shelf with a lot of space on the lower shelf. We need to get an additional shelf to manage the items below; since it adjusts, we can control the space. I need to make curtains to cover. It's overwhelming at times. Kitchen Aid mixer, wheat grinder (with a cover I have sewn for it), food processor, glass carrier, sits atop this space since we use these often. Some items are seasonal (canning items come out in the fall, slow cooker in the fall & winter, ice cream maker - summer, the waffle maker comes out when company request them) Our Kitchen Aid has all the attachments, my husband put up a pegboard for me. It keeps many of the attachments at hand and in view. (Julia did the pegboards in one of her kitchens.) Our other mixer is on the maple cabinet. I like this because it is lower and I can see into this one when I make bread. We have put other occasionally used items in the linen closet, basement pantry, bedroom closets. It's a nice problem to have. Since we aren't using the dining space for our dining table (it wouldn't fit), we have added other items to store most of my baking items. The other food processor is on the other side of the kitchen for hub's use. He works one half the kitchen, I can work in the other half. Before the flat panel tvs, there were many huge entertainment centers. Families have been getting rid of the them; they DO work for kitchen storage. The microwave fits in the space that had been for the tv. The shelves can adjust for those bulky items. We have oak, maple, stainless steel storage, and the kitchen cabinets that were previously there. Someday, our kitchen will look like it was designed by a professional. Right now, it's put together by me out of necessity. Again, I's a wonderful problem to have. My hub raised his eyebrows when I requested them; however, he has seen the convenience our items have had. I admit, I use Excel for keeping those items organized to know where they are. It works well for knowing where can goods & baking goods are, too. Hope some of these ideas help.
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Picture of Froo Froo
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A countertop "garage" will store those most frequently used such as the toaster and coffee maker. There are pull out and up shelves on the market made for heavy standing mixers. Check the box stores for one. I am fortunate too to have a pantry for storage tho there is lifting and carrying involved.
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Similar to the rolling cart idea, another option could be a tiered corner shelving unit or baker's rack to house other small appliances close to prep areas.
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