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hi everyone,

we've just purchased a new home from a builder and are trying to decide on the color scheme for great room (where the living room and kitchen are combined into one huge open space). we have super dark wood floors, white cabinets and want to do light grey walls... we love the modern look so wanted to do black/dark grey countertops BUT the standard color of the kitchen countertops are a light beige color. do you guys think that it will be weird?? how do you think it will make the room look? thanks for your input!
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This is a decorating problem and you would be better posting it in the General Decorating board. You will get lots of opinions there.
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do a search for hgtv's "Sarah's House" -season , she upgraded an entire new home, the kitchen color scheme was similar to your new home, various shades of gray, black & white.
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choose colors that will reflect your personality. as to kitchen countertops, ask expertise of Cumar. when i remodeled my kitchen, Cumar did all the works and im satisfied with their work.
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I would choose to save $ money somewhere in the construction to off set the upcharge to change the counters. You can always go back and upgrade trim or doors or something minorlater on. You'll never get around to replacing your counters and you'll be stuck with a color you don't like as long as you own the home. That would bum me out, especially since I hate beige.
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I would go with a more neutral color and add different accents throughout the space. I have found that adding borders or
Living room wall decals is an awesome addition to the décor. These are cost efficient ways to add flair to the room and are easy to take down or change if you decide to at a later time. Definitely something to look into while you decorate, good luck!!!
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Ignore laurastewart threads as they violate board rules.
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