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Door not aligned Sign In/Join 
I had a basement room remodeled and the door isn't plum. Hopefully I can describe the issue. When the door is closed I can see the gap at the top starts to diminish as you look down towards the floor. The contractor came over (while I was gone) and placed a screw in the door frame on the bottom where the hinges are. I assume he did this to pull the fram in and resolve the problem. It worked for almost a year and now it's rubbing again. What can I do besides taking the door off along with the trim and plumb the frame? An pointers? Thank yo in advance.
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Unfortuneately that will only work for minor adjustment. To remedy the problem the door frame needs to be plumb which should be the same reveal on the horizontal and verticle gaps. There is a possibility that he drew the frame in but the screw might have worked out. Even if retightened it will eventually work loose again. I would remove the trim, square the frame and be done with the problem.
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One side of the door leads to an unfinished area of the basement. There is not trim on that side. Could I just remove some nails and reshim one side to resolve the issue? Removing the entire door may lead to some unwanted damage.
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You can possibly align it this way. Is this a split jamb door? Where the trim is pre-attached on both sides of the jamb, and the jamb itself is split at the doorstop? I've had success in driving the trim nails through the trim with a nail set and then readjusting the door, this works especially well when the framing has settled and the door rubs at the top.

If you want you could attach several pictures for us to take a look at and suggest solutions.

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