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Hi. I watch HGTV all the time and last night I finally got a chance to watch Fixer Upper. Great show but I am confused. Maybe it's the location and things are just cheaper in Texas but I was kind of surprised when they would be going through the house and listing all the stuff that needed to be fixed and then give the estimates. The whole time I was sitting there watching I was like what? How can the costs be so low?

For example the one that was on last night, they gave an estimate to redo the bathroom. Not only were they going to move walls around but they were going to be putting in a full glass huge shower, a tub, a gorgeous vanity, etc and the estimate was a little over $5000.00 Just the shower alone was $2700.00.

Am I missing something here? What about labor costs? One of the houses they pretty much re-did the entire house for less than $40,000.00

If that's the case I would pay for them to come to Maine and re-do my entire house for $40,000.00 If I use the math they use my house should only cost about $30 to 35k to redo. Smile

I guess I just found it unrealistic so I am hoping it's just the area they are in and I wish I lived there. I have a tiny tiny bathroom shared with the whole house - just big enough for a small tub, a toilet and a vanity and Lowes gave me an estimate of $12,000.00 It's not like I picked a lot of custom stuff. 3/4 of that price was demo and labor.

You watch the show love it or list it, which is even farther North than where I live and they are talking dollar amounts of $75,000 to $150,000 and they still cannot fix up the whole house. Sometimes they are not even close.

For love it or list it 12k to redo a bathroom would be a steal compared to some of the costs I've seen on that show.

I cannot put $12k into my tiny bathroom - it's not worth it. So then you end up doing it yourself.

Apparently I need to ship my house to Texas and then I could afford to remodel it top to bottom. Smile

They need to have more HGTV shows that tackle stuff in Maine. I'll sign up. You can do whatever you want to my house.
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To generalize, the northeast is expensive to do home remodeling. But every state, indeed even regions within every state, can be very different. I know our rural area is half the cost than the larger city area in the same state. Not that the material is that different but the labor makes the most difference.

You want cheaper prices? Move. But since a lot of hgtv shows are from the east coast, California or Toronto you should be able to relate. Smile
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I was always of the understanding that labor was not included in the cost of remodeling on those shows....but it does depend on the area you live also.

love life
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Picture of Grapefruit
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It is television......ENTERTAINMENT !

This is exactly why I no longer watch any fact I don't watch TV at all.

I used to enjoy HGTV when I felt that I was learning something from it. That was a long time ago.
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Oh I know it's entertainment and I still like watching HGTV - some of the shows are quite hilarious. I wouldn't mind if someone wanted to come to my house and tear it apart and remodel it and do a show out of it. It would be quite entertaining. I'm not sure a single thing is level, spaced correctly and it's just one surprise after another. Everything is expensive in the Northeast - I'm not ready to move yet. Smile
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