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Hi all,

My friend’s house is a disaster! I'm trying to stress the importance of getting help to fix things first, then he can maintain it after that, but he wants to fix it all himself. How do I find someone to identify what needs to be done and the best order to do them in? This post is probably too long and has too much information...apologies up front!

In 2010, he bought a house built in 1917; he knew it had some problems but, like many others, looked at them as fun projects to complete. Fast forward three years and there are many things in the works but nothing done because he's short on time and money.

He took apart most of the porch to get under the house to fix the insulation, but the space is too small for him to crawl under - so no insulation and porch still torn up. The previous owner added two small rooms along the first floor, neither done correctly, believe these are the reasons the electricity bill is too high. One of these rooms contains the second bathroom, with a shower; incidentally, it's the only one working. Also, the light/fan switch went out so he put a lamp on the toilet with an extension cord pulled into another room. The kitchen appliances are great; the kitchen floor and counter tops are not. The floor is linoleum and has rips/tears in several places. The counters are old tiles with big pieces of something glued on top (by previous owners); these pieces are coming unglued and bubbling. The cabinets aren't bad, but in need of a good sanding and lighter color.

His has an HVAC issue so in the winter he has a fan blow the heat from a portable fireplace throughout the first floor. Because of his poor use of the space he does have, the house looks overcrowded and cluttered. Oh and there are ceiling issues throughout. And this is just what I think about the downstairs.... Besides the bathroom that doesn't work, and the poor access to the master bedroom (through the bathroom or 2nd bedroom), the upstairs isn't too bad.

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First off, how old is your friend? Is he capable of fixing what needs to be fixed in this house....general stuff? Personally, I feel he should start on one project and finish it but maybe that is not his way. Maybe he likes to have a lot of projects going at once. Not sure I know the solution to the problem, other than help him when he needs it.

love life
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just for his own safety he MUST have access to the house in case of emergency or worse i'd start on tha asap..

next is the awful bathroom mess...that light situation is next to impossible...bathrooms aren't cheap but can be done within reason...i'd stay with known brands...

can he do his own plumbing?? if it was straight forward replacement maybe.. but with the age of the home and present wiring problem he must get help...

finally he can take break for the kitchen...
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The first thing he needs to do is commit some time every week, even if it's only an hour. Start small - to replace a wall switch is about ten bucks and a half hour at the most. If the light/fan unit needs replacing, he can get one for fifty bucks and get it done in the same time as the switch.

He really needs to diagnose the problems first then decide what is the best choice for him now.
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Thankd to all who've posted. My friend is in his 30s and is very capable of doing most of the tepairs, but he doesn't seem to stick with one at a time.
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