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  Improving to sell
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My wife and I are just outside of DC within a mile of metro rail but in the less than spectacular school district of Prince George's County. We are likely going to sell in a couple of years and are looking at improvements. Our house is a 1936 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath with a 1994 addition that created an open kitchen/dining room and master suite above. The fourth "bedroom" is only a bedroom in the sense that it meets the closet and window criteria. It's barely 60 square feet and would barely accomodate a twin bed and a dresser and the closet is tiny. Since it is adjacent to the master suite we are looking at a few ideas for this "bedroom."
1. Improve the less than spectacular master bath to overtake the "walk-in" closet that is not really walkable except sideways while swimming through hanging shirts. We would likely do a large shower with a block glass window. We would then bust the wall to the 4th "bedroom" and make that a large walk-in with natural light.
2. Keep the room as is and add a door from the master suite and call it a nursery. (Obviously the cheapest route) ...Ideal for a young family looking to have more than two kids.
3. Turning the room into an upstairs laundry as laundry is currently in the (nicely finished) basement which interrupts the ability to turn that basement space into an entertainment space.
All three have some advantages and disadvantages.

Sorry it took so long to get to the question! Which one do any of you think would be the best way to help us sell the house and earn a little extra equity?
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Picture of conrad
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I think each geographic area will have different needs for an "average" buyer for the neighborhood?

Might be best to start with questioning a few local realtors whom can offer their opinions? They may differ in views, between them, but a general idea may come through also. They may be happy to look the situation over, because one never knows when one may need to sell, even two years is not that long down the line.
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Here's a link to find great high quality interior doors at wholesale price. They are adding an augmented reality app for Apple iOS and for the Android. This app will allow you to view how these different doors look in your home with the push of a button. Just go to
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I'm leaning toward option 2 since it's the cheapest choice and it would give the next homeowner some flexibility regarding the use of that tiny bedroom. They could use it as a nursery as you suggest or turn it into another closet since you've connected it with the addition of a door. I'm guessing a lot of people might like an office or work-out room adjacent to the master, too.

But that's just my opinion. As Conrad said, it would really depend on where you are. I'd go online and search for homes for sale in your zip code and price range. That will give you an idea of what your competition is offering and what potential buyers expect.

Have you considered posting this question in the Real Estate section of this board?

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If you are looking to sell in the next couple of years I'd avoid any major remodeling.

I'd start with a real estate agent and get a current market analysis on the house. Unchanged what is it worth? Part of this exercise is doing "comps" comparable listings in your immediate area. If you're on the low end of the range you have more options to improve then if you're on the high end of the neighborhood.

Ask the realtor what changes would add the most value in their opinion.

Converting this into a home office would be relatively cheap and would be useful to you without spending a lot of money. Moving plumbing, redoing a master bathroom, tearing out walls all will quickly add up.

If your time frame is longer, improve it to what suits you best. You may not get 100% of the value back at resale but you will have had several years of enjoyment in your renovated space.

General Disclaimer

Any advice given here is general in nature and is not necessarily valid for your given area. If in doubt check with your local codes enforcement department for what is required when doing electrical, plumbing or structural work on your house. Permits may or may not be required in your area and home owners may not be able to DIY some tasks. I have no way of knowing if you have the skills needed to complete the tasks you are asking about, when in doubt seek professional assistance.

I am not an employee of HGTV, nor is anyone else that posts here.

My advice may be worth exactly what you pay me for it. :-) For the record I did not stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

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Picture of Froo Froo
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Seeking the advice of a real estate agent or two is sound. They have access to comps and know what their clients expect. To plunge forward and at great expense would be fool hearty. BTW, a large walk-in closet is frequently desired in a master suite. If they recommend some changes or upgrades such as in the MB, keep things neutral and maximize storage. Some budget friendly changes include new paint, new hardware, framed mirror(s), new faucet(s).

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If this is just to make the house more sellable, definitely consult an agent or two and compare notes. Don't invest too much, most buyers want to make their own changes anyway.
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I would go with option 1. Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses while tiny bedrooms are seen as just a way of listing it as something it isnt. At 60 sq ft, there isnt much you can do with it as you have found, and it just makes for wasted space. It will be a larger investment up front to remove the wall and redo the shower, but it will make your time there more enjoyable and help sell the space later on.
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