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  Changing a door from a left hand swing to a right hand
Changing a door from a left hand swing to a right hand Sign In/Join 
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Easy way to do this???
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That just depends. Is this an exterior or interior door? You will have to completely reverse the sides. Meaning what is now the interior will be the exterior. That is providing that the lock set hole is already drilled. The hinges will have to be mortised on the opposite jamb side of the door. You will have to finish off the side which was once the hinge side so that you will not have the unsightly mortise space which once occupied the hinges. I have done a few exteriors steel doors. Interior's no matter how hard you try to repair the previous hinge side you will always see the repair. To answer your original question. NO

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What kind of door? Interior, exterior? Prehung?

If this is a typical prehung interior 6 panel door sold at your local home center the easiest way to do it would be to buy a matching prehung door at your local home center. Same with a prehung exterior door.

Reversing the swing will present a number of challenges. First just flipping the door around will have the beveled edge on the latch size going the wrong way. The hinge mortises will be cut through to the wrong face of the door. You'd need to fill in the mortises in the door frame for the hinges and the latch. I recently did this on a door in our house that I just wanted an opening without a door. I used water putty to fill it in and the end result is a seamless repair once I sanded and painted the door frame. Ideally I was going to pull the door frame and replace it with just a cased opening but I didn't do it before the floors were refinished so leaving the existing door frame in place seemed like the best solution. I do have unneeded door stops but at least the hinges or the holes from the hinges and latch plate are gone.

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Any advice given here is general in nature and is not necessarily valid for your given area. If in doubt check with your local codes enforcement department for what is required when doing electrical, plumbing or structural work on your house. Permits may or may not be required in your area and home owners may not be able to DIY some tasks. I have no way of knowing if you have the skills needed to complete the tasks you are asking about, when in doubt seek professional assistance.

I am not an employee of HGTV, nor is anyone else that posts here.

My advice may be worth exactly what you pay me for it. :-) For the record I did not stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

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Buy a new door.

Christopher R. Johnson
Journeyman Carpenter &
Home Remodeling Expert
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LENARDO.......go away one will look at your posts!!! Read the rules!!
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Just like a car with left or right hand drive ha.. anyway, the standard is right hand, but depends on how do you plan everything for your home. If you believe in Fengsui they mostly right hand openers. or try this for bi-fold doors where you can use both your hands instead.
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Wesley, didn't you read the post above you?

Advertising is NOT allowed.
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