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  wooden base board cover up
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Recently I watched an episode of income property and Scott mentioned a product I am very interested in but can not find. The home he was remodeling had the same problem I have in my home. The original owners had the hard wood installed after the base molding so a gap can be seen at at the base of the molding. Scott showed a product that is a hollowed out base molding designed to be cut an installed over the old base molding to cover the gap. I would appreciate any help in locating where I can purchase this product. Thanks!
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I must be misunderstanding. Why can't you just put on a quarter round.? Or is there one there? How large is the gap?

Know nothing about the product but there should be another way to solve it.
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Maybe " shown on the 3.28.13 edition of I Want That..."
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I really dont like the look of the quarter round. The gaps can run up to a quarter inch in spots. The product was on an episode of Income Property I watched today and the base looked like speed base with the back cut out to fit over the old base and give you a nice clean look while hiding the gap. He mentioned it was a new product he purchased online.
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There are many different moldings one can use to cover a quarter inch gap. One I've used is actually a colonial style door stop that is 3/8" by about 1 1/2". There is also plain flat stock in many sizes from 1/4"x1" and up. The only drawback is that these are sometimes special order in sizes longer than about seven or eight feet so you wait for the order or have a lot of seams to deal with.
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Picture of Annett
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I remember that episode. Scott was able to install the new baseboard over the old so he didn't have to disturb the flooring.

I don't know the exact product he was using, but I've known of people who've used a router to carve-out the back of wide baseboards to make space for phone/cable/computer cords. I know there are pre-fab products for this purpose but they're quite expensive since they don't sell a lot.

You might try contacting a lumber yard near you (or even a big box home improvement store) to see if they'll router the new molding to your specs.

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It sounds like a product made by a company called "RapidFit". They make several mouldings that are designed to go over existing mouldings.
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Quarter round is the traditional method of marrying the baseboard to the hardwood floor for just this purpose. Heck, I had our contractor add it after retiling our master bathroom floor since grout lines often leave gaps under the baseboard. The wooden baseboard and trim are white, but I have other rooms where both are stained. If done correctly, you can barely detect a joint in the wood and the ends are finished in what is known as a "return".
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did we ever get an answer for this? I just saw Scott covering some baseboards in a Victorian Income Property - I am sure it was an old episode. I am interested in finding these coverings. Today is 3/15/2014 - 11:00am Episode of Income Property. The property was 820000.00 with the reno cost of $70000.00. Can some one please help me find these coverings, painted our house and our baseboards are still awful.
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Researching Jim978's info about RapidFit Moulding led me to Lowe's website. In my area it's a special order item at about $21.80 per 8 feet of MDF base moulding. Lowes seems to have an exclusive on it.
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