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  Don't Know Where To Start!
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My problem with any remodeling is finances, and where I live. It's a single wide trailer for me, my fiancee, his 5 year old son, my soon to be child and two cats. So, easy to say we've got a full house! And sadly, not enough storage for anything, especially the kitchen and bedrooms. I just don't know where to start to utilize the little bit of space we have for storage, without making it look cluttered and just messy. Any suggestions?

It's better to burn out than to fade away.
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Can you use risers on your bed and put storage containers under there? Use a storage ottoman for a coffee table...check with Goodwill or a another thrift store for something cheap. I think the real thing you want to think about is to keep your things to a minimum. With a new baby and a little boy you are bound to have a lot of toys, etc. I really feel storage containers with lids are your best option for keeping things uncluttered and looking messy. Sometimes these containers can be found at thrift stores also. Good luck!

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Yeah, been looking into getting some of the storage type furniture, problem is fiancee doesn't want to get rid of the stuff he has now (sentimental values) so it's a pain trying to get what I want and need out of the place, while keeping as much of his furniture as possible. Thinking on maybe taking some and doing makeovers to where it can be turned into storage stuff?

It's better to burn out than to fade away.
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Seriously, you and your DH have to bite the bullet and reevaluate what is necessity and what amounts to clutter, which btw, is sure to grow. Relinquishing sentimental items is an emotional process, but focusing on what is of upmost importance in order to live a comfortable life should take precedence. Material things do not last nor diminish the memories. Your family is growing and there is obviously functioning and possibly health concerns to address. your approach should be gentle, but firm. In other words, exercise compromise and take the process slowly till you've reached your goal.

If you can't afford a storage locker, then stash what you can and gift, sell or donate what is nonessential. Utilize dead space, invest in storage containers that are functioning and attractive if they are to remain in full view. Furniture pieces that store, fold, roll, stack, nest, flip down are your best options.
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