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I have just had hardwood floors installed and some issues have come to light but have been confused as to the manufacture of said floors. the box the floors came in are labeled differently than the floors chosen at the store where purchased. When looked up on the internet they come up as a totally different brand/name. I have contacted each company (the one in which the floors should be and also the one that the web directs me to when label info is typed in) by email with no responses back. has the store where i purchased these floors duped me? Is this commonplace? The floors seem to me as poor quality and i worry for my children's safety! Please HELP!
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Why contact the manufacturers? You had a contract with a store to sell you a certain product; they installed something else. Why did you allow them to install a different product? Why have you not questioned them? Assuming you made the purchase on a credit card, you may need to dispute the charge if the store does not provide a satisfactory explanation.
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You are correct and I did contact them first thing this morning and said they will be fixing the issues. Know hopefully they will follow through. The floors look like what we expected to be installed so I was not sure that the info on the box is a common situation one floor multiple names/design names.
Thank you
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In my experience, (in retail) if a customer has a question about a product they bought it gets answered. If you feel you were bait and switched with the material your questions should be answered. Standard customer follow up usually includes contact throughout the installation. I would pursue the situation further as sometimes products are private labeled and changed for inventory control. It sounds like will need to pursue this through the store you bought the hardwood flooring from. If you are unable to get any solid answers or explanation, then I would pursue some legal advice. Sounds to me like a lack of communication.
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