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  To replace or not replace windows
To replace or not replace windows Sign In/Join 
I live in Ohio in a big farm house that was built from oak off of the property in the 1800's. It is solid but needs some help. The windows are original and allow enough air in to move the curtains. I watch Rehab Addict & love that Nicole Curtis prefers to keep the original windows in tact, but I haven't figured out how she seals up the drafts. I put plastic on all windows in order to keep half way warm in the winter but there are still drafts. I would love to know what she does to make old windows somewhat air tight. Any suggestions?
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To be honest I doubt she does. Most of the windows are generally single pane non-insulated. Yes you can seal around the window frames but do nothing to the window itself other than cosmetic. If you ever notice she does not live in the property that she renovates but flips them for a profit. Although appealing from an asthetic standpoint it does sell. But to make it energy efficent they should be replaced.
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If you check in Old House Journal, there are lots of interior storms, etc. that can be used to preserve the old windows. The glass is sometimes the problem but if air is infiltrating around the old the wood frames you need to address that. If the glass is not securely glazed to the wood frames you'll also have drafts (and noise).
I have a 1937 Colonial with replacement windows, I would LOVE the old windows back. The PO retrofitted the replacement windows and even with insulated glass, air comes in around the frames and the windows are still extremely cold. The 1952 wood windows in my previous home let much less cold in once I re-glazed.
The vinyl is colder than wood.
Replacement windows just break my heart, see what you can do to keep them.
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Many people decide to replace their windows when they see a great sale at a local home center store. Generally, the bargain prices are for the bottom-of-the-line windows, which even some well-known manufacturers produce. You're better off avoiding the so-called bargain line. In fact, it can be difficult to find someone to install them because most professionals don't want to be associated with second-rate products.
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Window casings can be pulled off and injectable foam applied between the windows and the framing to seal those areas before the casings are reinstalled. I remember seeing on This Old House about ten years ago a process where the original window sashes were removed and altered to hold thermal pane units then reinstalled with new jambs to improve the insulating characteristics without a major change in appearance. The entire process was done on site in a trailer mounted shop.
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Thanks for the info. I will look into the foam. Might be a little less expensive. I definitely have "This Old House"!
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We thought about getting new windows for our is over 60 years old. We talked to a few people who seemed to know and decided it would be years before we saved enough money on fuel to even break even for the cost of the windows.

love life
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