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  Help with wood color choice
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Just bought a new home. The previous owners did a remodel in the kitchen and family room but I feel like they did a poor job with the floors. The house was built in the 1920s and the older part has oak floors in a blonde finish. In the kitchen / family room they did maple with a metallic pecan finish. The issue is the floors directly butt up from the entryway/hallway and dining room to kitchen. The colors are just close enough that it looks like they attempted to match and failed.

The other issue is from the entry way you can see the in straight line the entryway, kitchen and family room.

Also you can't see a dangerous drop down from the kitchen to the family room because it appears like a continuous floor until you are on your butt

See other photos:

How would you suggest I fix this issue?

Some of my thoughts on different options:
Refinish the old oak floor to match the new maple floors? For a uniform look with a modern edge

Refinish all floors and pick a uniform finish? For a traditional uniform look

Decorative boarder / transition piece at the hallway / dining room entry ? To create a better transition and make the two different floors looked planned

Replace the kitchen floor with a period correct tile like carra marble? To create defined spaces and remove the correct invisible step down from the kitchen to the family room

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Your link does not work anymore.

As I recall from looking at the px online it is a very shallow step. If you add tile on top of that it will make it a taller step but still not tall enough to feel like a regular step. To stop the mis-step you need to have a difference in color(quite distinctive) to draw attention to it.

As far as the floor, I would not try to match anything. Matching is hard and you do not like "close". Personally, I find tile floors too hard on my back but that is a personal preference. A different flooring in the kitchen would work or a design detail outlining the mismatched room. Whatever you like better.
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Picture of Grapefruit
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I would not ever put tile in there. Your hardwood is beautiful! I cannot see the other pics...but could a decorative rug be placed below the step? Would it show that there is a step down?

As suggested, perhaps you could paint/or have someone paint a pretty design on the floor right at the step.
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Both of the floors are beautiful that is not the problem. It's hard to tell in pictures but the colors are so close but not - it looks like a really bad attempt to match.

A rug might work but you are going to need a pretty big contrast because the step down is literally only about 2 inches - just small enough where it's very hard to see but just big enough where someone could get very hurt.

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Betsy Krech

View to show how you can't see the step as you walk from the front of the house to the step down
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