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All available product information for the HGTV Smart Home 2013 can be found within the online tour or under the Shop tab. This will take you to the featured products. From the complete list of products, you can then narrow those results to the left by section, show, episode, price, and store.

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HGTV Admin
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I just checked and could not find the panel interior white doors used on product listing, think Linda used same in Dreamhome 2013...can you tell me the maker?!? THANKS! Big Grin

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I have a suggestion. I think it's awesome that HGTV gives away a beautiful Dream Home each year. However, to my understanding most people that win the homes/cash and cars prizes end up having to sell their house to cover the taxes that they get after winning this huge prize. I'm sure most people that register to win and who win these sweepstakes are average American's who are looking for a great home, One they can afford to keep and continue to enjoy and someday give to their kids to enjoy. A suggestion I'd like to make. Instead of building ONE HUGE house that most average American's can't afford to pay the insurance and property tax and up keep on such an elaborate house. Why not build 10 houses each year that cost's $100,000-130,000 each and give them away..!! Most people would be able to either keep them as a second home/vacation home or their primary residence and be able afford the insurance and taxes on the Average Awesome home. For me as an Average Middle Class American. I'd love to have a 3 bed 2 bath cottage style house under 1,000 sq ft. NO fancy bells and whistles. Just a nice place close to the beach to use for a vacation home. And for all the sponsors of these homes, wouldn't they relate to more Average American's when representing their "goods"?? I don't need or would I pay for fancy faucets, custom made blinds or top of the line appliances etc.. ! Anyways, just a suggestion. But, I do hope you consider these ideas when developing and building the "REAL" Dream House.! What is our "REAL" DREAM HOUSE? A nice affordable second home or vacation home we can afford to keep!!! Thanks for reading!!
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welcome DJ,
Enjoyed reading your very well written post.
HGTV responds each year with the idea that the home is a venue, and the winner isn't expected to keep it. Most sweepstakes also include a cash option. The CASH OPTION total is $741,615.00 and should certainly cover your idea of a Dream, shouldn't it?
In addition, you can build the dream anywhere you want.
There were many Message Board post comments on the subject, probably a hundred comments in the past decade: The gist of them: VENUE IMPACT, SPONSORSHIP PARTICIPATION, SCOPE, DESIGN CONCEPTS, NUMBER OF ENTRIES
These make up the goose that lays the golden egg. A small home would short-cut these goals.

---kind regards and good luck, and have fun here.

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I cannot find a resource for the powder-coated aluminum stair rail system.

Where may I purchase this?

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Originally posted by HLR:
I cannot find a resource for the powder-coated aluminum stair rail system.

Where may I purchase this?

although your question is a bit off thread...

Railing Pro is one of many on the internet google search. Look for one in Wisconsin area and have it backed up by a factory rep and/or contractor might be best?
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Hi HGTV Admin

I can't find the outdoor wall sconces and pendant lighting in the products listing. Could you please tell me the brand and, if possible, the stockist of these light fixtures.

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I love the wonderful homes and features you supply us. Recently you added some new features on your 360 tours and the new tour of the dreamhome. I downloaded the new flash driver as required but still can no longer view the 360 which is one of my favorite HGTV options.

Please help me with any new suggestions to make this happen

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