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Removing Wallpaper :( Sign In/Join 
Picture of Spanish Revival
We have a lot of wallpaper to remove. The guys that initially placed the paper did not size it, it's stuck to the wall like glue. We removed two walls and it was horrendous. We used fabric softener (didn't work), the tool that works as a rotary and places little holes, didn't work either.

Do you have any ideas how to remove wallpaper?
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Picture of conrad
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When the paper has been applied directly to drywall (especially unpainted/unsized drywall) it is really a tough removal without wall damage.

I am thinking you are going to need a skim coat of drywall mud to cover over any that is not removed or walls that are damaged attempting removal. Not an easy job either way. If it seems too much, there may be local company that can do it for you (with lots of experience).

Our first home had a living room/dining room combo that had 12 layers! of paper on the walls. We attempted, but soon gave up on total removal. Ended up hiring a sheet rocker to put a thin drywall over the walls and tape and finish for us to paint. They also lowered the existing (papered) ceiling for us and textured it, so we could put recessed lighting in. It was SO worth the cost!
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Some people have good luck with a steamer. (It can be rented). I also read to put the solution on with a roller and then least 3-5 minutes. Now I am not that patient so I don't know if it works.

After working all daynon an 8 foot wide wall that was only papered above the wainscoting and only getting off a few pieces as big as my thumb nail we did as Conrad and had a coat of drywall compound to cover it.
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Picture of Jo-CT
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I so feel your frustration. We had the same ordeal and ended up painting over the paper. Not an ideal solution but I could live with it in that particular room.

Here's a helpful tip: When applying the soaking solution (I use vinegar and hot water) use a large pump sprayer that you would use outdoors to kill weeds. Saves a lot of mixing time and saves your finger from using a spray bottle, you can also reach the high areas and adjust the mist.
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We had lots of wallpaper. We've painted over some of it, and used a clothes steamer on some of it. For the steamer, we soaked the walls by wiping them down with soaking wet rags over and over, and then used the steamer. Steam it long enough, and the paper peels right off. Granted, most of our wallpaper was glued over paneling, so that may have made the job easier.
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