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Cute Little Kids to Responsible Young Adults

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Jul 13, 2013, 03:22 AM
Cute Little Kids to Responsible Young Adults
I just thought it was a perfect way to depict--all on one nice sized canvas-- two different stages of my kids lives, and how they changed from "cute little kids" to responsible young adults. (You certainly would not get even close to the same effect if you were to put these 4 different framed 8 X 10 photo's all next to each other on an office wall ! ) I gave it to my husband for Christmas and he loved it. It's hanging in his office and he gets many compliments on it! I've given out your website to some friends who've asked.

You could use the same concept for a wonderful wedding gift as well. Put the smaller childhood photos of the bride and groom on the upper outsides, and obviously, the painted wedding portrait in the middle! It would make a truly special,yet affordable keepsake for the bride and groom! My niece is getting married in 2009 and I may just do this for her!! Thanks for all your help, and the ease and quickness in completing the whole process from the email confirmations to the finished portrait. To know more visit "yourartnow"