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  storage of papers
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Picture of lady of shallot
DGS and his family are visiting and he wants to have a copy he gave me of the story he wrote when he was 10! (he is now 17)

I think I have my paper things organized but I can not find this (of course having a house full of guests and it being hot sort of impacted my search!)

We have looked everywhere I can think of, I definitely have it, but where? I also thought I was organized but evidently not that well.

They are making such a big deal out of my inability to find this that DH & I are joking about labeling a space here his "archives" and making people wear white gloves to handle his papers!

BTW they of course do have a copy on a computer at their home.

Do you all have a surefire way of storing papers that you could lay your hands on anything you want immediately?
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Heck no! I just went thru the same thing looking for the shoulder exercises my physical therapist had worked up for me. My daughter wanted a copy because she is having problems. I panicked because I couldn't find them and I certainly don't ever want to have to go back to PT for another frozen shoulder. All I can suggest is that you give it a day or two and then start another methodical search of every place you might logically have put the story. It will eventually turn up. I found what I was looking for in the second place I had originally searched--just much further down than I would ever have guessed! Smile
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I'm to the point that I put all important papers on the computer to save. Works really well if you have cloud storage, or else to just remember to back up your documents on a disc.
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Picture of Georgia Peach
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I think I'm organized too LOS but sometimes have the same problem you are having. Seems I remember awhile back you sharing a story your DGS wrote to you when he was younger. Perhaps it's saved in your documents on your computer?
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Picture of lady of shallot
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GP, I did post a story on here but it was shorter and a more recent one. I could have scanned it into my old computer but I doubt it and anyway that one crashed!

I will do as Sm suggested and wait a few days till the house is more empty . . . actually I will wait till after they leave next week. I know I have it! But where?
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Picture of Waverider ;)
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Nooooooooooo! It would probably take me a while to search in a few places where it would have to be. But if I had a roomful of people visiting and I got this request at the LAST MINUTE (no advance notice?) then forgetaboutit!!!! Let him find it in his computer (see how long it takes him to find it on his 'puter!!!) Wink
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Picture of CJO
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I worked in an office many years and HAD to be efficiently organized...guess when I retired, my 'skills' fell away as well. I have a nice file cabinet which is fairly organized; the prob is that I have mounds of stuff to file and just don'tttttt wanttttt toooooo....ha!

Editing to add: we have moved sooooooo much that I often blame 'missing things' on that Big Grin
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